Walkabout the FARMY

I do love our walkabouts. Come along then. I shall name everyone as we go along for the newer members of the Farmy Clan. First into the barn and here is Pania and Tui, hiding out in the dimness.  It was still a little windy yesterday and they do not like inclement weather. 

They came out a wee bit over exposed, well never mind. They are not much for exposure anyway, shy wee girls. And if you click on the one of both of them – their eyes are so startling.

Remember that on these pages everything you see has happened in the last 24 hours. I do not store images or make pages ahead of time. I load my pictures the night before and write the words at dawn. Shortly I will press publish and go out and milk the cow. Ain’t life grand when you can write your own rules!

But first here is Kupa, also known as the Duke of Kupa due to his strong bass hornish (I don’t want to write horny) call. He has no such problem with the weather.  

In fact it looks like he is having a dust bath, after checking for hawks. 

Here comes trouble. From the left: Charlotte (fat pig), Minty, Meadow and Sheila (my special pig).  The pigs are called the Shush Sisters because when i call Shush Shush they come running. Every animal or group of animals has their own call so I can bring them in individually.

Shadow Sheep.

There are four guineas but the last one is hiding out in the chook house. Much to the despair of the others. They spent hours calling to each other yesterday. They hate to be apart. 

I have no idea how many chooks I actually have, some of the old ones have been here for years.  The eggs are fed to the young animals, the pigs and of course my kitchen. We sell a few too, to pay for their feed.  Like the bees, they pay for themselves. 

Li’l Puss has finally found the barn and is having a grand old time terrorising everyone in there.

That is enough for today.  I know that is only half the farmy family but you all have work to do! Tomorrow we will check the sheep and cows. Mama is getting a surprise. Mama the sheep that is.


Good morning. It was a bright cloudless day yesterday. Almost pleasant.

I am still working on getting the barn ready for the cold weather. Each group of animals will have their own pen with a door to the outside which will only be shut in the worst winter weather.  This little sustainable farm will not sustain animals being locked into pens for long periods of time. It is not healthy. So we have a noisy jig saw puzzle. And I need more gates!

You all have a lovely day. It is still dark outside. I guess I start work before dawn now. but it is 6 am. Time to get busy.



49 Comments on “Walkabout the FARMY

  1. What lovely weather you’re having, and warmer than here. I love your farmy walkabouts. Once again, I have saved one of your pictures (guess which) to write a Haiga. If I post it, I will, of course, give you credit.

  2. Lovely pictures, especially the shadow one. The guineas make me smile; they remind me of those old, R.A.F. types with their handlebar moustaches!!!

  3. Saint Tim made 4 sets of hinged wooden “gates” that we use all over the farm wherever we need them. Love them. I meant to do a “how to” post, but sigh…what a busy summer. Mama will be in the mail to you today :-).

  4. Celi, in case it matters at some point…you know…when you get a fantastic book deal, an overexposed photo can be toned down and richened really simply in Photoshop. (Open photo-duplicate layer- background copy ok – multiply – merge down.) Simple trick…you never know when you might need that startling eye photo. 🙂

    • OO excellent thank you, i do use photo shop, at a very rudimentary level, i will practice on this shot this afternoon.. thank you again, I love learning new stuff.. c

  5. Morning! Playing catch up and I see you have a new Lisa cat , adorable!

  6. I do not like being locked in my pen for long periods either! Good day C 🙂

  7. I’m glad that you’ve re-introduced the farmy population again because they grow and change so much that I often can’t recognise one lambie from another. 😀 Blue sky here, quite breezy, leaves are blowing their way eastward toward Viv in France (I hope she makes good use of them: compost or something equally earthy). Danish rye bread on a slow rise in the kitchen, husband still layed-up with dickie back, dog sleeping after a walk, and I still have rye dough stuck up my thumb nail. Hmmmm. Time for the nail brush.

  8. Lovely walk. Your Lil’ Puss is much like our Mimzy who loves to scare the chickens. At 4 months old she has already killed her 1st mouse! Good kitty! Maybe you could do a post sometime about the size of your pastures, the grass mixes and your rotation of your animals. We’re still trying to come up with a plan for the best use of our fields. Have a great day!

    • we need to get together, sowing the right mix makes an enormous difference to your animals.. but what i sow will be different to what you need to sow depending on your climate.. c

  9. What a huge difference the sun can make! It’s rather sunny but chilly here too but I’m DO MUCH happier. The farmy clan look lovely and happy too.

  10. Where have I been? I thought you only had the two guineas. Good thing for your walkabouts! Loved the pictures this morning. I just cannot get over how gorgeous Kupa is in the sunlight. And how smart that he looks for hawks!! The picture of your buddies following you cracked me up. 🙂

  11. Yes the peahens do have startling eyes that compliment their emerald necks .and I love Kupa’s royal blue. And Lil Puss looks right at home.

  12. Looks like a lovely day on the prairie. I like the shadow picture,,,ah, your hydrangea have been bit by frost too…old man winter is on his way. Have a good day.

  13. Celi I love the fact that Farmy animals have names. Not simple plain Jane names, but names that evoke images of their personalities. Your Farmy animals with their wonderful names and their head mistress are a world were are fortunate to share. Virginia

  14. I found the refresher course helpful, Celi! I love the animals, and reminding me of each of their names was very nice! It just pleases me to no end that they each have such distinct personalities. I hope you ALL have a most wonderful day. Debra

  15. Well, even tho’ I seem to ‘have been around’ awhile now am really appreciating ‘the summary lesson’. Have kind’of fallen in love with Li’l Puss, I’m afraid, even if she is the last one in 🙂 !

  16. Loving following along on your walk abouts. I am glad you make your own publishing rules at it these simple ones that makes life a lot easier and fun.

  17. I also enjoy the walkabout the farmy. Your blue sky was lovely that day. Love the picture of the pigs and lambs.

  18. That Kupa has become such a magnificent bird…so regal, and definitely a Duke. Beautiful colors and definition, that peacock! Loved this walkabout and seeing that everyone is doing well and that Lil pus is settling right in.

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