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Pre-Warp Speed

How we reached pre-warp speed so fast I have no idea. (What was pre warp speed called anyway – cruise? But Warp speed is on its way!)  But yesterday had everything happening at once. Thankfully I had Gracie and the Cadet to help out.… Continue Reading “Pre-Warp Speed”

It was not the 6th…

When I loaded all these shots I wrote the 6th of November as their label.  But it was not the 6th.  It was the 7th and another dreary day. Today will be better. Look at this fat Charlotte.  Standing solidly on all four feet… Continue Reading “It was not the 6th…”

Someone left the Calf out in the Rain

Early, early morning just after the milking and Queenie and I were slogging through the mud to get to the gate to open it for Daisy.  The rain is very welcome. The muck and mud; not so welcome. Mia was not feeling photogenic when… Continue Reading “Someone left the Calf out in the Rain”

Walkabout the FARMY with the Big Animals

Day Two of the Farmy Round up. Wow. It takes two days to walkabout the farmy now.  So much to see. Here is a grubby Paisley Daisy… ..with her good friend Queenie Wineti.  We tried to breed daisy twice this season but both times… Continue Reading “Walkabout the FARMY with the Big Animals”

Kupa woos the ladies! A must see!

Yesterday I emptied and cleaned the pig’s paddling pool and gave their whole pen a hose out. They were very helpful the entire time in a pushy piggy kind of way.  It was such a lovely sunny day that I felt bad for the… Continue Reading “Kupa woos the ladies! A must see!”

How to Make Puppy Pillows for your Pooch!

It was cold yesterday. The frost hung on the trees all day. No wind.  The world stayed frozen white  with a cover of cloud like a stainless steel lid.   On these still cold sepia days, it is hard not to succumb to malaise.… Continue Reading “How to Make Puppy Pillows for your Pooch!”