Yesterday Camera House took a rest day. A hiatus. A break in regular transmitting.  And I concentrated on other things.

And this morning I am looking forward to another day and another cup of tea, another bowl of coleslaw, another chat with you, another day working in the barn with my animals and maybe just maybe.. some sun and a little warm. Sounds just right.sunrise-009

I don’t think we will get a calf today.  Daisy does not look quite ready.  It will be interesting to see who guessed her due date right.  I am back on board, Camera House charged and at the ready and will try and do a  visual Round Up of everyone for tomorrow including Marmalade. We have not had a Walkabout for a while! And busy days are on their way.   I will be responding to the first wave of calendar emails today.  The second wave is all collated and at the ready.  Thank you for your wonderful response. There is still time to get on the list for the second wave.  The third wave will be the Christmas Calendar. That will be fun.

Speaking of days.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy


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  1. I voted for Today, her due date & Perfect Weather, & it is not the Ides of March. But Daisy will settle it soon. St Patrick’s Day would bring The Luck. Hope all is pleasant & smooth on The Farmy today, whether or no.

    • I could do with The Luck, though if it is a heifer on st patricks day we might have to look for a suitably irish name. c

    • she did get a little swollen in the night, a definite change, enough for me to shut her into her pen for the night, she seemed relieved but was out like a shot when I opened the doors up again this morning, mainly because she knew her hay was out there, her appetite is still HEARTY!.. c

  2. My country bones say Sunday… There are some lovely Irish names if she hangs on till St Patrick’s Day and it’s a heifer: how about Oonagh? Just stick an M on the front! Have a sunny,peaceful and productive day.

    • oonagh.. what an extraordinary name, i am going to put it in my names list for the piggie too.. I love that name.. thank you kate.. c

    • Though we need to be careful Not to name the baby before there are feet on the ground, I am very superstitious like that. Plus it is already more likely to be a bull,.. c

      • But then it’s meat, and doesn’t really need a name, whereas a little girl is milk, and calves, and personality. Did you know there was an Irish Saint Attracta? I’ve always thought she must have been very useful to farmers…

        • The steers are all called The Bobby.. Attracta, i must look her up, what was she the saint Of? c

          • She was from County Sligo, and a contemporary of St Patrick. Couple of healing miracles under her belt. Nothing too dramatic, but the name is irresistable, isn’t it? I wonder if she was a Kubota or a John Deere…

            • Ah, you made me laugh… you’ve got to say Attracta with an Aussie accent, I think…. 🙂

              • Or indeed an English one! But yes, now I come to try it out in all three accents, the Aussie one does work best!

  3. Sunny and 66 degrees on the way today…whoopee!!
    Have a great day, Celi!
    ps: Daisey baby on Sunday and looking forward to Marmalade pics…have missed seeing him 🙂

  4. I think Monday, St. Patricks Day, we will welcome “Patricia” 🙂 Joy

    • what an interesting thought, I don’t know what the day was when I was born, only the date.. and I never thought to find out.. hmm.. c

      • “Saturday’s child works hard for his living,” so the nursery rhyme goes. If you have a calf tomorrow, maybe it will be a heifer/milker! 🙂

      • type the date into your cel phone calendar, day will pop up 🙂 We are nearly drowning here, still raining and floods everywhere, no more sun here. Laura

  5. I know nought about calves cows and steers so cannot give a guess on birth dates and names but dear C I just have to tell you that my day starts with the Farmy and more than that I read every comment from the Fellowship because it is always interesting. Quite an amazing thing you started here.

  6. C. I guessed Sunday…not sure why, so we shall see! She certainly does look ready now though! I’m so excited to get my calendar! 🙂 Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could get all the Farmy cast together in one photo? That one you could sell for millions, although it would be priceless to us!

  7. Daisy, Daisy give me your answer true. She is inwardly smiling because she knows the day and laughing at all of us trying to guess when her beautiful calf will come into the world.

  8. You and the ‘thought of the day’ email – Ordinary is Awesome – in my in-box are in sync. It counsels, “Everything in life can be nourishing. Everything can bless us, but we’ve got to be there for the blessing to occur. Being present with quality is a decision we are invited to make each day.”– MacRina Wiederkehr. Sometimes appreciating the ordinary is a stretch but as we’ve all experienced in those washing basket moments some days are so bad, the thought of an ordinary day is delightful. Daisy’s body language seems to say, all will be well 🙂

  9. Methinks all of us are ‘feeling’ an hiatus . . . . all the gentle comments flowing in from around the world! Have pinched mother and child’s photo, of course and have always loved the name Oonagh 🙂 ! I had to laugh at Viv’s comment about Daisy hopefully delivering at a ‘civilized hour’ on Saturday – am certain animals behave like humans, and having worked many, many hours in hospital delivery rooms, human babes hardly ever appear at such 🙂 !

  10. You have had a big change on your blog? It looks very large and dramatic on my screen now, like I am falling into your world, love those wide screen filling shots like I am at the movies 🙂 🙂 xxx

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