Ya Wanna Bet?

I do NOT want to discuss the snow.


I do not want to discuss how snow that is driven by wind flings itself like white mud at everything and sticks.again-with-the-snow-029

I do not want to discuss gates frozen shut. And sit-upons that cannot be Sat Upon.again-with-the-snow-023

I don’t even want to discuss that these shots are  not black and whites.again-with-the-snow-019

They are searching for colour.



So as that leaves us with very little to talk about in regards to yesterday’s snow and then last nights cold that proceeded to freeze everything BACK UP!  How about you see if you can guess when Daisy’s calf will arrive. 

For all of you who know about these things. Her udder is full but there is no milk leaking. No softness or swelling you know where.  She is swanning about in a lazy and laid back fashion and eating like the proverbial horse.  She is no longer carrying out to the side and looks thinner.

Just for fun. Cast your vote.

Thank you. All the calendars have been sold and I have a respectable list for Calender Number two, which will  go from May to May.  I will be in touch with you via email sometime today.  The next series after that will be  October when I will make the Christmas calender for all the antipodeans and any other takers.  I will be working on our Summer T shirts shortly. I certainly need a few new t shirts.  Sheila is very grateful for your contributions and encouragement.  She thanks you and so do I.

Have a lovely day

your friend on the farmy


49 Comments on “Ya Wanna Bet?

  1. I do not want to talk about that S word that leaves you shivering. I’d rather talk about the S word that means I can sit outside and sew without putting on umpteen layers. And the W word for warm to greet Daisy’s baby.

    • You stole my thunder, Grannymar! I voted for St. Patrick’s Day too, and I would love for her to have a little Patricia. And by the way, my maternal grandparents were from Tyrone.

      • I was born and raised in Dublin in the South of ireland but for the past thirty seven years, home is County Antrim, Northern Ireland about 60 odd miles from Tyrone!

        • Well hey, my great grands were from Austria and Prussia and I still voted for St. Pat’s day!

          • Looks like we have a little Irish colony going at the farmy, but heck, we Irish turn up everywhere even in the White house! 😉

  2. Your images match my mood – grey – cold – bitter. I don’t like being this way, but someday’s you just wake up that way.

    When I did the vote – in my head I was quoting Shakespeare – “Beware the ides of March” so I could not choose the 14th. I am glad to see only 1 vote for that date. Pet the Boo for me, give the Old Dog a nice scratch behind the ears, and Ton, he is a good boy so belly rubs.

  3. Absolutely love all the beach shots! So warm & inviting & green… I can just feel the warmth of the sand between my toes… but darn those bugs. Enjoy this fabulous weather with a yummy drink with a little tiny umbrella (so much fun, those drinks!) & swing in the balmy breeze on that beautiful hammock.

  4. Aw, darn it anyway! I’m so hoping for a bit of warmth your way. Anyway, I was born on the 13th and it’s always been my lucky day so am hoping for the 13th wonderful luck for you with Daisy. Keeping my fingers crossed while we’re all on baby alert. 🙂

  5. Celi, regardless of how you feel about that s – – w, it makes for outstanding photography. The second in your series looks almost zen, and your sheep… oh my, that is a great one too!

  6. I tapped into my inner “feeler” and I kept coming back to the 13th. I’m sending positive energy that Daisy does well. I so wish I could send you some of our warmth in the south. I would share, really I would. I saw a lizard the other day, moving fast along the woodland floor. Spry as he was, I’m sure the darned snakes are just about to spring to life as well. Oh, how I do not relish the snakes! I’d share those with you too, if I could!

    Be patient Celi… blissful days of warmth are not far off now.

  7. Good morning. I wrote a comment and then my computer shut down to update, without my permission! Arghh

    Your images are beautifully bleak or bleakly beautiful, whichever is most complimentary. 🙂 After doing the chores, hang out in the barn for a bit to absorb the restorative creature aura that is in the air on such a cold day. Hard for me to describe, but hopefully, you know what I mean. Winter’s grip is surely loosening. Hang in there.

    p.s. I’ll take a May calendar if they aren’t already ordered and accounted for.

  8. Can’t believe you are dealing with the snow and ice and cold yet again! 😦 I’m thinking this will be the last of it for you and you’ll be warming up soon! I must admit the pictures are beautiful though! xo

  9. Sorry about the snow, but the shots are gorgeous. The first one looks like a drawing with a quick glance. And I voted for the full moon, because that’s what it took to get my stubborn daughter, past her due date, out.

  10. For once we did not get any of that dreaded 4 letter word but it looks as if you got slammed with it. Keep calm and snowshoe on. Hugs and warmth coming across the miles to you.

  11. Amen. I thought we were so close to spring but we got dumped on yesterday, too, with about four inches, which isn’t much in the big scheme of things but it was enough to send my optimism down the tubes. Thankfully, a new calf seems like just the thing to lift spirits! I’m with the majority thinking it’ll be Saturday.

  12. Ironic that the only touch of colour amidst the snow and ice is a couple of fire hydrant looking thingies. There’s a very atmospheric leaden light in that first shot that makes it look as though someone’s been applying special effects. Tell Daisy to keep her legs crossed as long as possible for a better chance at a cosy calf…

  13. I shall not mention the S*@# but will say that your pictures are exquisite! Absolutely exquisite! I reckon they could be in a calender all by themselves.
    Stay warm dear C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  14. I only “Liked” the post because the photography is so pretty, not for the conditions. I think Saturday is going to be a warm, beautiful and banner day!

  15. These stunning photos must be THE LAST HURRAH of winter. I voted for St. Patricks Day for a Patrick Murphy or Patricia. : )

  16. Our outdoor shots are looking about the same. It’t the bitter in the wind that is getting me down today! Can’t keep our greenhouse covers intact in weather like this! I love the calf watch. It will warm me up for our goat baby watch :*) And truly, this really better be the last white winter blast!

  17. The photo with just a peek at color coming off the hydrants (I think that’s what they are?) is just gorgeous! I won’t mention the “s” word, but I will blow a soft warm wind your way and wish you well.

  18. It was so kind of you to share your weather. After a tantalizing week of mud and songbirds we are back in Narnia with -° temps. But at least there is Sunshine. Winter is losing its treacherous grip. We still have a few drifts under the fresh plastering of snow. Melting in the sun to refreeze when the shadows fall. the cold snaps send the birds scrambling for shelter. Many end up perching on my pipeline making quite a mess and driving the cows to switch their tails wildly. Still the trees bud and my friend tells me of crocus sprouting. Must be a bit more patient.

  19. the storm mostly missed us but the cold din not. it’s about 12 degrees here right now. i have a new idea for raised beds in horse troughs so i am finally ready for winter to leave!

  20. Your pics are beautiful!! You sure had me fooled….I thought for sure they were black and whites!
    As a fellow Illinoisian, I now proclaim “WINTER OVER”!
    Have a great day, Celi 🙂

  21. My vote for the coming birth will be March 15th, 16th or 17th. If Daisy is now looking slim, that means the calf is moving into position, front feet first, then head, followed by the rest of the body. Once a cow starts ‘springing’ you have anywhere from two days to two weeks. What a pain. So since you have not seen any signs in ‘that area’, I’m thinking my 15-17 dates will be off.

    I’ll still stick with my dates of the 15-17th…just to be part of the fun.

    ♬♬♬ Happy Saint Patrick’s Day ♬♬♬

  22. Just a little while longer, Celi. Don’t let the terrible snow get you down now that you are so close to the warm and balmy. We had a few days of false spring, like every year; just enough to yearn for the warm days and then the cold came back. Wrap yourself in the warmth of the farmy fellowship. Anxiously waiting for Daisy and her beautiful calf. Hugs for Sheila, Ton , Marcel the Happy and Boo, and of course Marmalade….whom we have not seen for quite awhile, btw. Put me down for a T shirt, too.

  23. Wow, C. those photographs are amazing. That first one looks like a sketch. They’re beautiful and captured the chill so effectively that I shivered looking at them. Winter be gone!! because I said so! Daisy will wait, she’s a good girl!

  24. Amazing photos but we won, t talk about them.. come on Daisy, we are all waiting for you…lots and lots of ladies in waiting..and gentlmen too

  25. according to an old merck veterinary manual, the gestation time for an ayrshire is 279 days, and herford is 285 days

  26. Darn. I do/did want a calendar. Just didn’t jump in there fast enough. Poo. Next round. I’m in, OK? Your photos, no matter how mad you are at being able to take them, are BEAUTIFUL. Just stunning. Amazing. Cold creeps out of them into my house. I’m betting Daisy will go with the moon. MOOn. It’s a cow kinda word.

  27. The photos are beautiful and even more so because the snow is at yours and not here. Can I whisper (very quietly) that we’ve had a gorgeous sunny spring day today. Hoping that the spring will soon blow in for you.

  28. That you are able to make pictures of your surroundings, which looks like the inside of a freezer where someone’s left the door slightly ajar… that are so fabulous is of some chilly comfort to you, I hope. Otherwise, bah….

  29. I know the snow is a pain in the butt in a practical sense, but it really does look quite beautiful! I’ll be sending “warm weather for the birthing” vibes your way, though. 🙂

  30. I’m definitely in for two shirts. The kids’ birthdays are in the summer and they would love them! Especially Miss A. And yes, let’s not discuss the snow or cold. Hmph.

  31. These photos are priceless – Celi, they just have to end up in a book: love the one with the fire hydrants insisting in telling us they are there and they are red! Seem to have voted with the majority – what a romantic time to become Mom . . . . Daisy, c’mon baby!!!

  32. Oh my…I have been thinking about you so much and you inspired me recently to make a big pot of lentil soup…I felt if I made lentil soup on our only snow fall of the winter that it would make you warmer somehow! Weird, but it did warm me up and I sent lots of warm thought your way. That snow is really amazing and it is time for it, like all long staying guests, to go.

  33. We may not like the snow, but your not-supposed-to-be black & whites are lovely.

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