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HUNKERING down. Closing one’s eyes and accepting that the weather has turned rotton seems to work for the animals. The rain has come with my least favourite wind.  The Nor’East. Strong. And back in they went the animals. Two by two and three by three… Continue Reading “BEAT THE WAITING WITH A STICK”


There was so much light yesterday that we were all squinting in confusion. Even Camera House apparently. Here are some behind shots of Lady Astor for the dairy farmers amongst you. Her udder is hard to see in detail with the light source  being… Continue Reading “Over-exposed”

Nope, still no calf –

Nothing yet.  Same Cow. Same Spot. Different Day. Boo is entranced by the chickens. He just stands like that and stares around. Waiting for them to start line dancing or something. Oh, it was a lovely day yesterday. I worked in and around the… Continue Reading “Nope, still no calf –”

Now, what is going to happen today?!

Tomorrow if you have time to  come and visit me. You might see more of these pictures. Then we will know that Plan A has failed, I am still on the farm and Plan B is being trundled out into the drive. That’s OK though.… Continue Reading “Now, what is going to happen today?!”

I am having a nervous breakdown

The package is still in the hands of DHL in the UK. It was collected from the  Passport office in London only hours after I called. The women there turned it over in record time. But almost 24 hours later it is still in… Continue Reading “I am having a nervous breakdown”

Keep those balls in the air, magic is brewing!

The package (my urgent passport renewal application) has landed in the United Kingdom and at 9.13 London time it was delivered to the New Zealand Passport Office.  Thank you FedEx! So we have gained HALF a day.  I just spoke to a lovely New Zealand… Continue Reading “Keep those balls in the air, magic is brewing!”

Tracking is Hell

Yesterday morning at 9 am I was standing outside the FedEx depot door when it opened, (it is a hundred mile round trip.) I did all that was necessary to have it shipped, including paying with an arm and a leg. I handed my… Continue Reading “Tracking is Hell”


Sorry, did not mean to shout. SUN. Oops there I go again! but we had the most perfect sunny windless day. Naturally I opened all the windows and doors and spent most of the day outside. That is Tilly on the right, well you… Continue Reading “SUN!”

Life in the Fast, oops I mean SLOW, lane!

Early spring is a period of waiting. I make my little seed pots from the seed catalogues. We sow the seeds and wait for the seeds to sprout.  We watch the weather each day and wait for it to be warm enough for all… Continue Reading “Life in the Fast, oops I mean SLOW, lane!”