HUNKERING down. Closing one’s eyes and accepting that the weather has turned rotton seems to work for the animals. The rain has come with my least favourite wind.  The Nor’East. Strong. And back in they went the animals. Two by two and three by three and even six.  Into their beds and corners. Out they come to eat and back in they went to wait.  I felt myself following suit. Inside-all-day-003

No protests or moaning about the weather. Just resignation.

I shut Poppy’s door because the wind was blowing straight in. She didn’t care this time.  Then I shut my door and washed the floors.


The animals ate and slept and I yawned as I fed them and me. The wind and rain drifting, drugging us all down into complacency.


Just like the babies. Sleepy.


The rain will bring up this grass though.

Otherwise it is all quiet.  More rain today and then it will turn to snow as the temperatures drift back down again.  Down we go again. I read that two-thirds of the country is caught in the grip of this stormy cold pattern at least for the next 24 hours.

And so I wait too. But I hate to WAIT my life away like one of the animals lying in a straw bed all day waiting for sun.  How often, as humans, do we fall into this dumb waiter, waiting pattern.  Waiting to feel better. Waiting to have enough money. Waiting for the right moment. Waiting for the weather to clear. Waiting to see what they will say. Waiting to see what they will do next. Waiting to wake up. Waiting for dawn. Waiting for someone to fill me up and push me up to the next level.

OK, enough waiting. I am getting going early this morning.  Even though the weather is deeply awful I have guests to show around the farm this morning so while I wait for them I can clean in the barn, then finish the turkey house. Even tidy in the shed if I run out of things to do.  Rainy day jobs – keep busy as I wait for sun.

Beat that waiting drug.

There – that IS better.

I hope you have a lovely day.



Sunday 04/15 80% / 0.13 in
Rain early…then remaining cloudy with showers in the afternoon. Snow may mix in. High 44F. Winds NNW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 80%.

Sunday Night 04/15 50% / < 1 in
Rain and snow showers this evening transitioning to snow showers overnight. Low 26F. Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of precip 50%. Snow accumulations less than one inch.

6:13 am 7:32 pm

Waning Crescent, 1% visible 6:22 am 7:14 pm




  1. Waiting here too. For the rain to stop, the Low to pass, the humidity to drop and the weather to get cooler. But I have only myself and the Husband to care for, rather than a parcel of animals, a farm, guests and a huge blogging community. Waiting mindlessly is for the cows. I love how you pull yourself up by the bootstraps and just get going…

  2. you do seem to be having a very rough time with the weather….and from the sound of it..another wait…… I wish I could send you some sunshine and blue skies to brighten up your day or even a picture but I am useless at these things…so instead I will send warm hugs to you and the animals….LOTS of Hugs

  3. We are supposed to have snow, sleet and freezing rain later today. I have my daughter’s birthday party this morning so I hope is stays away until that is over! Can spring just come!

      • Ours has been falling since around noon and we don’t have any ice melt or salt. I used the parakeet grit to sand the back step so I could carry the dog to safety to do his business. That might sound strange but he is old and already has leg problems so I do not want home to slip and get injured. It is supposed to go all night here and my daughter is hoping not to have to go to school tomorrow!

  4. We had hail last night, pea sized. Very loud, but harmless to vehicles, thank goodness.

  5. This just has to be your last bad spell, enough already. We are waiting for our winter and I think it will be here soon, just as soon as you release it 🙂 Laura

  6. That waiting game is a habit, and not a good one I think. I find myself playing it all too often and it’s not always easy to break. I think I need more of your drive Miss C.

  7. This weather is ridiculous. It was well above 80 degrees here yesterday. So warm that I could carry my smaller tortoises out for some natural sunlight. I saw LOTS of breeding activity. Sun is good for everyone! But tonight the lows will be at freezing. Ridiculous.

  8. Posts are once again not showing up in my e-mail so I had to go to my reader to find yours. I didn’t think you would go so long without one. I’ll spend some time not waiting to find out why. I am so sorry you are all having such a miserable spring. Those cold storms are hard to deal with on a farm. I’m lucky I can sit inside toasty warm and do handwork, not worrying about anything outside other than a few weeds. Thinking of you here. M

    • That happens to me all the time. In fact hardly any of the blogs I have signed up to are still in my email anymore. I have had a significant drop in readers in the last few weeks so I think you are not alone in missing out on notifications. Never mind, like you – if people want to find me again they will.

  9. I am working in the house and even in the porch today as the weather is not good for outside working but when I was in the big barn, after freezing in the bitter winds to get there and back.. once inside, I took off my outer coat and my thick leather and lined gloves and did the chores in the warmth of the barn.. listening to the sounds of cud chewing, happy pig grunts, little baby goat and lamb sounds.. there is a peace in the big barn that I love to spend time in.. yes the metal roof told me that cold ice pellets were hitting it, yes the wind howled and banged on the big sheet of metal on the sides and sneaky little bit of wind pushed and flapped my stapled over windows heavy plastic sheeting that we put up winter.. however inside there as a warm an steady.. It was hard to re-gear up and head back out into the wind, which flipped my sled and threw my buckets into the air and had to be run after in the fields LOL

    • You are a stunning writer. Your words take us all on that trip through the nasty winter and into the oasis that is your barn. I have never thought of putting plastic over the barn windows – I have a horror of staples going down the throats of my animals but that aside – what an excellent idea. c

      • We put up the stripes of wood that is screwed as a trim that goes around the window with the plastic as the norm, but the wind had ripped a corner after all these months and storms, so we did staple a extra plastic over that area, it would have been better to redo the whole thing but we are so close to being able take the plastic off. So if its just the staples that is the worry, the trim with screws on average will stop that for you. I use the heaviest thickness plastic I can get, so far I have used the same one for 4 years on my best window frame and others only last a year or two. It lets the light in, keeps the wind out. Thank you for the kind words on my writing 🙂

  10. Waiting! A great topic. I’ve been waiting for something, anything, better to come. Such foolishness. There is a poem by Linda Pastan called “Waiting for my Life to Begin”. I have always loved her poems–simple and profound. No gobbledegook. I think it may be a woman’s thing. Speaking for myself I am so passive–always REact to whatever happens instead of acting. Taking the bull by the horns! Ha-Ha!!

  11. Howling winds here since yesterday, freezing rain, then snow, now freezing rain again, it feels much like trying to shovel sand, so very tiresome. Carrying hay to the horses this morning felt like my face was getting a derma peel. Spring, spring, where art thou spring?

  12. Two days of freezing rain, high winds and ice pellets. Starting to get cabin fever but it’s too treacherous to walk and too dangerous to drive. Should warm up a bit but the rain will persist for the rest of the week. Hunkering down in Toronto.

  13. Mid-April in the Sydney Basin area. Still above the 15C or so mark at nights and mid-to-high 20s’ days; Halfway thru’ our autumn: the first time in over two decades that the central heating is still not on: cost wise magnificent as half of Australian families have to choose between food and heating, I believe! Every all-time record broken . . . loathe the wind but it has blown 120 km/ph for the last three days . . . methinks the crazy weather cries with the crazy us . . . .

  14. Waiting to be filled up and moved to the next level. That is exactly how I feel. Can not wait for warmer weather and only light, occasional winds.

  15. Mine was a different kind of waiting here, but finally I am done with that. This spring I am waking up as from a long sleep and digging in where I am put. It feels wonderful. Your determination and work ethic are admirable. Love the littlest piggies!

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