I was out kicking cowpats yesterday afternoon – as you do.  As you would – if you had seasoned cowpats to kick. But they need to be properly seasoned.  If you kick them when they are too wet they stick to your gumboots. if you kick them when they are too dry they fly like a frisbee. But if they are just right when you give them a good kick, in exactly the right spot, then they fly up and explode when they hit the ground,  seeding themselves all over the pasture. Spreading the fertiliser love. 

And then I always quickly look for any activity where the cowpats were.  And there they are. The worms.  I love seeing the worms wriggling as fast as they can back into the black topsoil. Amongst other things the worms signal that spring is coming and the soil is warming.



Can you see little pig number SIX?


The chooks having a dust bath.


Did you see Boo? Usually, it is Ton in the background bombing my pictures.

Where is Ton anyway?


There he is. While Boo and I checked the fences Ton had stayed in the corridor paddock with Tane. Who knows why Ton makes these decisions. The mind of that dog is a mystery.

The pastures are slowly emerging. Though the cold is coming back tomorrow for a few days.  Last year at this time we were eating asparagus. There is no sign yet so far this year.  This is the farm exactly one year ago.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: Blowing. Raining. Overcast.  Above freezing.

Saturday 04/14 50% / 0.14 in
Scattered showers and thunderstorms. High 51F. Winds NE at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

Saturday Night 04/14 100% / 0.37 in
Windy with showers and thundershowers early … overcast overnight with occasional rain likely. Low 39F. Winds ENE at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of rain 100%.

6:15 am 7:31 pm

Waning Crescent, 3% visible 5:51 am 6:08 pm


  1. Amazing how things can be different one year to the next. We have our first warm day without rain today. Feels so good.

  2. #6 is on the wrong side of the milk bar!
    Winter weather advisory here until Sunday night – thunderstorms last night turning to ice/snow. Happy I can stay home today!

  3. Never tried kicking cowpat…when l was young l trod on one and got poo all over my shoes…it did stink.. It looks like summer is slowly arriving…and a good thing too as that very wee piglet squashed in the middle will enjoy wallowing in the sunshine…. Does Wai stay in the shade? I would think he is likely to burn in the sun? Keep kicking those cowpats that spin like frisbies….

    Lots of love me in bg

    • We have not had much sun yet but when there is any he is Laying out in it like a real pig. I will put suntan lotion on him when the real summer comes.. c

  4. I see the milk bar has gone mobile and is now serving warm milk with a side of mother love in the yard. And dat Boo? He da (photo) bomb!

  5. My cousins and I kicked compacts at my grandparents farm. It’s amazing how entertaining it was to us. Hope the weather improves soon. Love the photobomber!!

  6. Your daily temps have been warmer than ours for three of the last four days! Is that a horn that is growing back? Your worms are huge, must be feeding on good stuff 😆. Laura

  7. talking about cow pies (or pats) – images and smells, yep, smells, rushing back. the farm across the street from my childhood home. working on a ranch, particularly after a spring rain…. Good memories!!! thanks for all the great stories and images.

  8. I love all the hide’n’seeks in these pictures. It took me ages to find Pig no. 6. I thought surely you’d made a mistake, and then I found him. Darling. And Boo behind them cow’s –ahem–ass, is very funny. He looks quite happy to be right there. As you would.

  9. Little Pig No. 6
    lol, sounds almost like a parfume… and I did see it cleverly hiding. Warm days are coming!

  10. Ton is such a reader of all things. He must have thought Ton might need some help or something more than you. Worms!!! I would love to be putting a nice long juicy worm on a hook to catch a big ole catfish today. Fishing always soothes the soul.

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