POPPY has her doors open wide now and everything is so much calmer in the farrowing pen.  I have the windows open in the house and both of us are losing that claustrophobic feeling. piglets-002

This is what happens when you lay in the mud then come in to feed the kids.


Poppys Six are getting impossible to get a photo of. When they see me they gallop over all mischievous and chewy.


Being outside is so much nicer.


Though we are sticking close to home until the last of the cold is gone. So they are getting clods of earth and food and water in the kitchen corner of their creep. I make it larger every few days as they grow and their needs change.  This is the joy of using bales of straw as their walls. Their hot light was off yesterday.  When the heat is off they are much more active. I turned it back on for the night.  I have the ability to control their environment so I do. piglets-027piglets-028

Below is the picture I usually get as they chew on any part of me they can reach.


Today will be another very pleasant day weather wise, until it devolves into thunderstorms.  I better get the washing on the line before the winds come. Yesterday the windows were wide open for the whole day and all night as I took advantage of the fresh warm air.

Then I will get the Turkey House begun: cleared, washed out and set to dry today in preparation for the two batches of chicks.  (We have a windy day so with the doors and windows open in there it will dry fast).  This year I am going to use the heating mats underneath the tubs to add some warmth to the floor, plus the heat lamps.  Making sure to have them under and above only half of the tub, with half of the tub covered as usual so the chicks and ducklings can go to the cool side if they choose. I have decided to raise them in separate tubs so they have plenty of room and the layer chicks stay dry. There will be twenty ducks and I think I ordered twelve chicks as layer replacements.   The Turkey House makes a good brooder.

AAnd I really cannot stand the smell of chicks in the house.

I still do a few hours a day in the chook house as exercise,  my back gets sore from the same movement over and over so I am slowly training summer muscles in my body.

I have two of the small fields ready for sowing.  Two more to go. After this next cold snap (Sunday and Monday) I will start loading the planter in the day and set John free each evening.  The chooks will have to stay in for a wee while (having a short run at dusk) or they will eat all my seed!  But it is worth it in the end.

The man with the extra hogs has not got back to me, again. I call him he says he has pigs for me – he will deliver them in the next few days, etc,  then I do not hear from him again. I offer to go and pick them up he says not a problem he can bring them, he will be here that week.  All cheerful. Nothing.  This has been going on for over a month.  Their pig house has been set up for weeks. So I give up.  I am not calling again.

It is nice not to have the work anyway. I can focus on other things.

Well, it is time for me to stop chatting and get on with the day before the winds come. (the winds are good – they warm the soil).

I hope you have a lovely day. I am sure I will.

Love celi.

WEATHER: Overcast but mild with winds rising later in the morning.

Friday 04/13 20% / 0 in
Windy with increasing clouds. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 71F. Winds S at 20 to 30 mph.

Friday Night 04/13 80% / 0.48 in
Thunderstorms. Low 49F. Winds S at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 80%.

6:16 am 7:30 pm

Waning Crescent, 8% visible 5:21 am 5:04 pm




  1. We’re supposed to get up into the mid 70’s today before it rains this weekend. I love the little piglet with the brown patch over his eye. Moring miss c… t

  2. FYI: I post a picture as a ‘smile’ on Facebook each morning – and this week I have posted piggies every day. Yesterday was the one with the piggy tooshie in frame. You got many compliments. I do give you credit because I keep trying to get my friends to appreciate more than our city life.

    Looks to be a cloudy day in the 80’s here and tomorrow back down to the 60’s. We can’t catch a break on pretty weekends this spring.

    I think you are getting the run around on the pigs. Time to find a new resource I think. Happy Hog Hunting! 🙂 More Pork!

    • I was being an opportunist in case Poppy did not come through and she has! So all is well really. I need those fields to grow before I start walking pigs through them anyway.. c

  3. It snowed again yesterday and I’ve not had the courage to look at today’s weather forcast. So I will plod along in the basement garden, sowing more food seeds and just THINK about spring. We have closets to clean too. Lots of inside chores. Our piglets don’t come here to live until May. We can’t wait! Animal babies really liven up the farm!

  4. They don’t seem to mind the taste of dirt and they are so cute!
    My friends’ son, who kept chicken in the back garden, hatched all his chicks in his bedroom, but he did only buy 6 eggs at a time. I’m sure it would have been quite stinky if he’d had several dozen.

  5. 40-50 mph wind here with terrible gusts. It’s been blowing for two days and two nights and scheduled to continue for a couple more days. The trash in the water is awful causing lots of mid-night checks. AND it’s cold…freeze warning until Sunday. Hope it doesn’t get to you. Nasty stuff.

  6. There are men in my own house who can’t manage to take the garbage can to the road for pickup on Friday mornings. So it’s such an unexpected joy when I find men who will work on a schedule. A horseshoer who makes regular appointments and always shows up on time, the fellow who helps with my yard, a Ukranian immigrant carpenter, a tree trimming company. And if a schedule needs to change, all of these fine fellows will call or text and let me know. It inspires me to save money for new projects when I have such wonderful people I know I can rely on.

  7. What a busy bee you are..plenty there to keep you on your toes….l reckon that the pig man was telling you porkie-pies, if he wanted to sell the pigs he would have made the effort to deliver them…silly man! It sounds as though better weather is coming your way so hopefully you will find the work evem more enjoyable! Lots of love in bg

    • It is warmer today that is for sure – with rain but warmer – after tomorrow we go down for another round of the cold – sigh – I hope your spring is sprung? c

  8. I envy you your 70*, we had 50* yesterday and the day before, today we had hail – the ground was covered. It’s raining right now and tomorrow and Sunday we should get 6-12″ of snow!!! And 45-50 mph wind, like salt in the wound. More snow before our fifth or sixth mud season even dries up. Spring, where are you?

  9. I just want to pick up and cuddle those squishy little pigs.

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