HAVE you seen that postcard with the enormous sumo-wrestler.  He stands with his feet wide apart to support his girth and the small child holding up his belly? (It is not a very happy image but it has been on stands for years you may have seen it). His feet are planted wide apart to support himself.  I imagine that poor man walking, rocking from side to side as he processes along like an enormous penguin but slower. Well, that is how Tima walks.  She moves ponderously across her field, her body swinging from one side to the other as she plods along.  Widely. Feet up. feet down.  Methodically. Fatly. And quite quickly too when there is food involved. cloudy-007

Her diet is taking quite some time to show results.

Yesterday was stormy and cold.


The sprouts are still growing in my bathroom though I had to abandon the metal shelving as it began to rust very quickly.  Sad.  It doesn’t matter though. My new bag of barley is growing clean and quickly, the sprouts are so firm and deep I have to cut them with a knife into chunks and the pigs love their sprouts.



I throw a few in with the babies food too. They are only just discovering solids and like all babies tend to play with their food rather than eat it.  Soon their nibbling will become eating.



While the Easterly blew, the babies stuck close to their heat lamp bed but the wind swung around to the West in the late afternoon and I opened the East doors again and out they came to play.


They play for a little while then back to bed. They still gather to sleep tucked in together on their dog mat. It has raised overstuffed edges giving them a lovely space to snuggle down into.    Because they have plenty of room their designated toilet is way past their mother and over by the open door so they keep their sleeping space very dry and clean.

Their baby monitor has come down and is all packed away.  Life is relaxing down a notch in there.

It is snowing.  Sigh.  I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER:  Windy and Cold.

Monday 04/16 80% / ~ 1 in
Windy. Snow will taper off and end this morning leading to cloudy conditions this afternoon. High 37F/2C. Winds WNW at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of snow 80%. About one inch of snow expected.

Monday Night 04/16 10% / 0 in
Cloudy skies early, followed by partial clearing. Low 26F/-3C. Winds WNW at 15 to 25 mph.

6:12 am 7:33 pm

New Moon, 0% visible 6:54 am 8:22 pm



43 Comments on “SUMO PIG

  1. I will be working up your way tomorrow thru Friday morning if you need anything.

  2. The Sumos!! Right here on the Farm!!!
    The calendar says mod April — but Mother nature says it’s still winter and more snow to spread!!! Getting white around here again!! Hope all of you stay warm and tucked in!!

  3. Those sprouts look wonderful, so dense. I think the piglets will soon discover that eating them is a load nicer than playing with them… As for Miss Timatanga Moana, I don’t believe that one ever went through a phase of playing with food. It was straight from the milk bar into serious troughing. I think ponderous is the perfect word, not only to describe her appearance, but also her attitude, always pondering where to seize the next bite from!

  4. Have you already trained the babies to their toilet area? Since they imprinted on you so well, it will not be too hard, I bet. Dealing with water on the kitchen floor from leaking ice maker valve at the wall. Ugh. The inside of the freezer was a river too from overflowing water. Had to turn the water main off. That is my assignment today. Replace at least the wall valve.

  5. I can just imagine a wobbly pig strutting her stuff across the field and then full pelt when she senses food on the horizon. Are pigs naturally over eaters?…is that why people are called pigs when they eat too much… The weather is changing here also..we are heading for rain tomorrow and a storm on the moment it is a little sun but still warm.

    Have a lovely day Miss C. Remember to rest now and then Love from me in bg

    • Not to worry, I do rest, Patrecia – when the work day is over – this is my job after all. I am glad you have some warmth out there. It will come here one day – maybe after this latest cold spell. Hopefully. c

  6. Too bad about those shelves rusted. They seemed like such a good idea. I had loved thinking about the sprouts growing in the shower.
    The babies are so adorable. Sorry about the snow. From here in SoCal having any weather sounds lovely, though. Hoping it gives you lovely fields.

    • Yes, they are still growing in the shower too – just on the floor now. once I saw the rust on the shelves i heaved it out. It is way too nice to ruin. Now it is n the big pantry, I can never have enough shelving in there!

  7. Those clouds are low, 2018 winter looks like it might outdo 2014 polar vortex. The piggies looking great. Laura

  8. aaww those little piglets are growing so fast!! And we agree about the weather. Just what season is this?? It’s in the low 40’s here today and windy. I think Mother Nature is being a witch right now. This little oinker wants to run outside for a bit. XOXO – Bacon

      • The weather needs to decide what it wants to do. I’m ready to roam and play a bit. Not too much though. I have a reputation of a spoiled piggy to behold. XOXO – Bacon

  9. Those are some cute babies-but aren’t all babies cute. Trying to see cute and happy as our yard is ready for another round of winter season. Inches out there. Stay warm and cuddly like the wee ones.

  10. They make sturdy plastic shelving…rust proof.
    Lovely photos

  11. My cart is rusted too. I was disappointed because it’s so pretty. Weird how parts of it rusted and other parts not.

  12. My goodness, Poppy got dressed up for dinner . . . Or does she always wear high heels around the barn

  13. I simply cannot believe the weather we have been having! I see Chicago got a bought of snow, as did we yesterday, although today brought freezing rain, it has not put a dent in the snow that fell. In fact, I think the freezing rain is insulating the snow and it will take some massive heat for it to melt. Why oh why did we come back from Arizona so soon?

    • Oh dear. That does not sound good – I hope you get some warm soon. Maybe you can make ice buckets to while away the time until the sun comes back out. c

  14. I had my tortoises outside on Saturday, and today it is SNOWING! So wrong, in so many ways.

    I need to try sprouting some seeds for my tortoises, too. They love fresh grass. My male Giant Tortoise won’t be outside until the grass is up to my waist. It’s going to take that long for the weather to warm up!

    • The barley is doing wonderfully! Everyone loves it! Please some and visit for a retreat and bring me a tortoise. I promise to put them out in the sun when it is warm!

  15. So sorry to hear about the shelf, however I think unless you have entirely stainless steel or aluminum you are going to get rust. Made me think of some shelving I saw that might do the trick – talked it over with my Big Guy (he’s 6’5″) and here is the suggestion. Using the black plastic ABS piping that is generally used for plumbing waste water out – it is tougher than the white PVC stuff – there are tons of different connectors to make corners and such. Wondering if Our John would have access to cast-off pieces from work? Bet you could build something from leftovers (with a few purchases of connectors) that would last a loooong time, would save the bits going to land fill and perhaps that would ease your feelings about plastic? For sure no rusting and it should be quite light weight – easy to move around and could be left outside for other purposes during non-sprouting season.

    Just my little sprout brain thinking here – can you smell the smoke?
    Chris S in Canada

  16. Hi, Ceci! I know, all you need is more advice about racks BUT have you thought about something to arrest the rust on those shelves, even if they are in a dry place now. Rust keeps eating once it sets in (cars, tractors, metal siding, etc.) I think Rustoleum is what’s generally used. Your John would probably know – or else you already knew and have handled it. If that’s the case, it gave me the pleasure of being able to say ‘Hi!’ !

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