A Watchful Stillness


There has been a curious watchful stillness about the air these last few days. Waiting. “Captive wild animal watching the open door.” – kind of waiting.  This was our sunrise yesterday.


In a moment it will spring forth leaving winter in its wake but for the moment there is this warm stillness. A Wait.

We did get a couple of stormy moments yesterday afternoon with rain and wind but I know the warm air was just watching the storm push past below it.


It is still here this morning out there in the dark, this curious stillness. All eyes and held breaths.


I am not waiting.


I am loving this last warmness, and moving fast, the barn is the cleanest and tidiest it has ever been, so now I am beginning work on the rat house – today I hope to get more cattle panels to make an inside shelter for the black and white herd in the Rat House. This plan has been in the works all year and I will be  delighted if i can  it completed in warm weather.

It depends on John driving in the posts though – with his post hole digger. And he is laid off for the winter now so hopefully he will find time to do this job today. Though he is giddy with the excitement of the Cubs win last night and might take a few days to come down to earth.


Above. The last of the sunset.

I also hope to have the ruined West wall of the barn patched with some old corrugated iron we have salvaged from a friends pile of tin before the cold comes. That wall is full of holes which is nice in the summer but not so good in the winter. The boards are quite rotton so we will see.

I have found a way to show you the images that I am posting on instagram daily even if you are not a part of instagram. If you scroll down from here and right past all the comments and all the business of the blog you will see my latest instagram image.  Now you can see the images my phone takes too!

I hope you have a good day.

Love celi



48 Comments on “A Watchful Stillness

  1. Beautiful sunrise, enjoy your Indian Summer 🙂 The Cubs win even made news here. Laura

  2. I, too, do not mind the warm weather watching stillness at all, as inevitably winter will arrive. I’m not at all opposed to waiting a bit longer for it! 🙂

  3. My husband is a native of Chicago and he’s still floating. What a game! I could barely watch the last bit of it.

  4. You are so fortunate to have wide-open spaces to photograph beautiful landscape and sky images. I am surrounded by buildings and trees so I do not get those lovely opportunities. I am a Cubbies fan from way back… I fell asleep at 10:30 so I missed the last two innings. I’m a terrible cuticle nibbler when I’m anxious and I know my fingers couldn’t take any more by the time we turned the TV off. Isn’t this warm autumn weather wonderful? I too am getting so much done around here BUT the darned buffalo gnats are horrible right now. I cut my hair really short this summer and the gnats are attacking my neck and ears!! So… I’m ready for a good freeze any time now!!

  5. When I see a red sky in the morning I think of the old rhyme “red sky in the morning, sailor take warning, red sky in the evening, sailors are relieving.” I expect a storm when I see a morning red sky. I hope the weather continues to give you the time you need to get everything done. We are having above average temps here again which brings out the swarms of stink bugs. They get worse every year from lack of freezing temps. Thanks for the heads up on how to see your Instagram photos here.

  6. Laid off for the winter? Is that normal? No wonder you’re in a worry about keeping all your livestock.

  7. what a lovely sunrise – we held our breath a lot during the Cubs game- whew! Have a wonderful day!

  8. “It is still here this morning out there in the dark, this curious stillness. All eyes and held breaths.” What a beautiful image you paint with this sentence. As beautiful as one of your photos.

  9. So nice! It’s been raining nonstop here in Van so I’m loving the glimpse of sun, even if only in the sunsets.

  10. The Cubs played last night? They won? Imagine that! Ha!
    Your John is not alone. I went to bed at 4:00 am and they were still setting off fireworks. The morning shows interviewed plenty o people that hadn’t been to bed yet, Wonder what the absentee rates are in the schools and businesses.
    Beautiful captures of the sunrise, Celi. Have a good one!

        • I am not a sportif person as you know and only follow i’national road cycling, cricket and swimming – but that was the most exciting game I have seen [ and from Australia!]!!! Every TV station here had long and explicit segments afterwards on evening news – it was such an incredible story!!! Did not mind losing half a day’s work tho’ will have to be up to all hours tonight 🙂 ! And Celi: those photos are just beautiful . . . .

            • *huge laughter* Oh Celi: how could you, especially with both Johns and Kristi etc all clapping and shouting – I had to do some awfully fast Googling to learn about some rules, scoring etc I did not know but it was SO SO SO exciting !!! I guess you would not stay up until 3am and be pie-eyed all next day for about 80 days a year following road cycling in the Pyrenees, Alps, the spring classics etc either . . .

  11. Yeah I’m with Sundog. What a game!! But at 15 to 11 we had to shut down, but of course, were wide awake for the rockets going off–what a hard-won game.

  12. Love the pictures and the stillness they covey. Even those chubby little piglets are still. Beautiful. Hope your projects go off without a hitch. Have a great day.

  13. Stunning skies. Happy you found a way to share your Instagram pics with the non Instagrammers of the Fellowship.

  14. That is a spectacular sunrise! Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. 🙂 Winter will come all too soon… I changed my duvet to my winter-thickness wool duvet today. It’s getting cold!

  15. I have that Instagram widget on my blog too, but I probably should tell people about it, like you did. Love today’s photo of the sardine piggies. That top photo of the sunrise is stunning.

  16. Beautiful photos, almost still life images; life holding still for a moment. Thanks for the Instagram share, I don’t use it and this way I can see what you have up.

  17. So glad you posted the dawn and then the same photo of it during daylight! So delightful! Much love, Your Gayle

  18. Dawn to dusk sights, lights, and insights — all delivered fresh, warm
    and often with humor — every day! A farmer/artist/poet: are you
    real? And not a plant (the other kind) from beyond? Wondrous!

    (Pardon my effusions. But I really feel blessed to visit here, a rare
    place . Do you vote? I need some advice from the earth and the sky.)

  19. Waiting. That pause between the seasons. And when the pause is extended, everything is a bonus. How satisfying it must be to have the barn prepared. Preparation has its own special flavour.

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