I am off to California today. To visit another branch of my family.sunrise-003My third son and his family. If I had been able to get out  to Canada as well this winter, to see my Eldest son, I would have seen all five of my children this year.

But poor Eldest Son –   I think I may have run out of winter.   Though, you never know, we may yet get him and his wife and their avalanche dogs out HERE for a holiday in 2015.  Families are all so international now. Is this the same for you?  I know many of you have children or parents in different parts of the world or the country. America is a very big country.  The world? Well what can I say.  But today I am off to the Central Valley in California, where there are orchards and there is warm sun. sunrise-007

So tomorrow begins another  series  of our Fellowship Guest Posts.  I am thrilled with the line up. It IS INternational. (Though we lost the Australian connection to internet woes and bush fires -not necessarily in that order).  But tomorrow to begin one of our Fellows will show us her family’s German farm.  {[(Viv and co:  is that apostrophe right and for the record if we put a full stop outside of a bracket and it looks complete  – why does a question mark outside of a bracket look silly)?  (well?) ]}. Anyway for the next five days I become a comment-er! Wonderful.

See you in the Lounge of Comments. sunrise-005

Jake is ready to take over in my absence  and The Cadet and I worked yesterday afternoon to  get everything in order. She will have responsibilities as well while I am away. I am hoping for no surprises. I am away seven days.  I worry. I know you worry too.  But we must not worry.

I have good people. Things happen when they happen.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Tara! Love your friend – once more travelling.




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  1. The grammar police are on strike, Celie, so you go right ahead putting question marks and full stops etc wherever looks good to you!

    I have my daughter and her family coming today, to Grannysit while Jock’s in England for a week, so I know how excited you must be. Chicken soup is simmering on the stove, and cakes and things await them (Jock only likes vegetable soup).

    Have a lovely time in California, and I bet Jake and the cadet are very proud to be in charge again.

  2. oh this sounds exciting….have a great time in sunny California. Yes it is ages since I have seen my children,,,nobody has the time or the money anymore…we do have one step daughter coming to BG at the end of April..she has never been here before.
    Jake managed perfectly well before and he will do again , and with Cadet ready to help..no problems….lots of love xxxx

  3. Celi have a wonderful time and soak up as much sun as possible. The cold in those photos is palpable even with the beautiful colors fading (or are they intensifying) in the wintry sky. I am so happy you are having all this time with your children. I know that this will be my fate too!

  4. John, Jake and the Cadet managed just fine for 10 (?) days while we were in NZ, everything will be fine 🙂 Enjoy your children and Grandchildren in sunny California. I too am looking forward to guest posts. Laura

  5. Travel safely, and stoke your internal fires in the sunshine of California. Come home safely to the Farmy, filled to the brim with shineshine, warm air and relaxation. I do know your travel issues. For years, my father lived in Spain, I had two sisters and a brother in the Netherlands, a sister in France and a brother in the UK, as well as the sister here in Australia. Living in Oz does at least give you a reason for not doing the rounds every year, as if we could afford such tremendous travelling!

  6. I love the way you write, like you’re talking to an old friend…all 2644 of us. So very sweet. And of course, your photos are always marvelous. 🙂
    Very safe travels!

  7. The west coast of the US is such a lovely area, even if you are traveling inland a bit. Try to live in the moment, enjoying this time with family. Everything will be fine as frogs hair at home… let your worries go!

  8. I saw photos from someone’s trip to California just this past week,and they have blue skies out there! Blue, deep blue skies the likes of which we used to have in Ohio. Ours are always now a washed-out blue at best, and criss-crossed with white. I don’t remember the last time I saw a true blue sky. Check that out for us, will you please? Safe travels and a lovely time with your family!

  9. Just love the beautiful picture of the tree! Magnificent!!! Have a fabulous time in CA!!! I just got back from a week with my sister there, in southern Ca, and it was warm and wonderful! See you in the comments lounge!!! xo

  10. Safe travels into the warmth of the Central Valley. Jake, the Cadet and John will keep the home fires going for you while you are gone. Enjoy meeting the new addition to your family. It is sunny here today in central Texas. Looks like it is going to be a nice day.

  11. It is warm and sunny here in California. Celi, maybe you get a chance to drive to the coast near Cambria where the elephant seals are. I think they already had their big fat babies. The Central Valley was my home for 10 years. Have a great visit and a safe trip.

  12. Have a safe trip and a wonderful time with your family, also looking forward to the guest posts. X

  13. Yay, once more into the sunshine! 😀 Looking forward to the guest posts and looking forward to California photos on your return…hint, hint. Next time you make it up to Alberta to see eldest son, I’m so sneaking a trip over to see you. 😀

  14. My eldest and her husband are in California as I wrote, enjoying a break from the snow and cold of Minnesota to visit family and friends. Have a wonderful sunny trip.

  15. Beautiful skies to frame your departure 🙂 I agree with Viv re the blogging grammar police. I prefer conversational tone for blogs and comments, and although I try my best I couldn’t really give a rats about particularities of grammar. As for typos, we’re all at the mercy of various keyboards and spellchecker with crazy vocabularies.
    All our family are in Australia but none our immediate vicinity… thank goodness for phones, email and Facebook 🙂 Enjoy your family time, holiday and the sun 🙂

  16. John, Jake and the Cadet will be so farmy-proud there won’t be a stick out of place on your return! Good practice for next month’s trip to Oregon!! So, in no particular order [ ;!] enjoy bot the Ca weather and your second Ca grandchild!!! And we can’t wait for the other farmy stories!!!!

  17. Enjoy your family visit and the time away from the Farmy, it is in good hands. I am home once more from a very difficult visit with family and friends. I am ready once more for blog visiting and reading. I love that sunset, it is something we are lacking right now.

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