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Change coming

‘Tis but a banging of the door behind you, a blithesome step forward, and you are out of the old life and into the new! Wind in the Willows. I am sending this book out to my children. I need to read it again… Continue Reading “Change coming”


The cows on the West side are more than happy with their big round bale. Stupid seldom leaves its side. Tia’s cousin. He is a beautiful animal. I had John place the round bale under the trees.  It is dry under there with not… Continue Reading “THE WEST SIDE”


After John and I had attended to some business in a nearby town we headed home to scoop the poop.



The wild garden

Do you remember the mucky area down the back after the digger came through, that John tilled and sowed in the wild flower seeds? Well, we mixed the wild flowers with oats and alfalfa to give the bed some weight. And look!  Lush. (All… Continue Reading “The wild garden”

Lilacs for scent

In the olden days – I love that expression, ‘olden days’ –  they used to plant Lilacs around the old Long Drop. The outside toilet or the dunny – my favourite name. The lilacs were an olden day air freshener. Our gardens are heaving with the… Continue Reading “Lilacs for scent”

Golden Fall

Autumn has come.  It came on fast actually.  The leaves held their green for as long as they could in this wet warm autumn. Now finally the trees have begun to turn their coats and the leaves to release their tenuous hold on life and… Continue Reading “Golden Fall”

Sheila speaks. (audio)

Last night everything was quiet in the home barn, the wind had dropped, the birds were roosting  and the cows munched quietly in the background so while I put Sheila and the kune-kunes to bed under their respective covers, I recorded the discussion between Sheila (my… Continue Reading “Sheila speaks. (audio)”

A sundoggy day

“I can’t feel my face.” Amanda said to me after we had spent a good deal of the afternoon cleaning downed branches out of the electric fence across at the West Barn. All the little branches were carried to the growing bonfire heap and… Continue Reading “A sundoggy day”

Last Days –

– of the cold. For a week or so anyway. I am feeling desperate for the warm to come.  For just a touch of green. The promise of it makes it seem so much harder to wait. Do you remember that feeling when you… Continue Reading “Last Days –”