Change coming

‘Tis but a banging of the door behind you, a blithesome step forward, and you are out of the old life and into the new!

Wind in the Willows.

I am sending this book out to my children. I need to read it again too.

Looks like we are going back to the masked days again. So disappointing, though personally I don’t care. I did not mind wearing a mask. It’s a matter of plodding through it. Though I seldom went anywhere but the mill; I had begun to grocery shop on the weekend again and up to Chicago selling flour. Being vaccinated gives one a certain amount of protection but I am incredibly worried about the other members of my American family who won’t even take this simple precaution. It is isolating to be the only one.

We all knew that the virus was here to stay. It’s just the level of infection and the severity of those infections we could have mitigated. Ah well. I just hope and pray they continue to keep it out of New Zealand.

The trees and gardens are growing wild. Which I kind of like.

This is the first year that our young apple trees are producing. The apples are small but ripening nicely. The tomatoes are ripening too and we have begun to make sauce. John grew a good crop of sweet corn. Today I will see if I have everything for corn relish.

Recipe for Corn Relish

Plus I am making loaves of bread with our Black Emmer flour. I will use This Recipe from my Bread Blog. Once I have baked with the Emmer a few more times I will have a recipe to share. It is pretty low in protein so in the end I will blend it I think.

And pasta with the new semolina. I will probably blend the semolina with the sifted Durum flour. I am having such fun watching the occasional Pasta Grannies on UTube. That is the best education! Thank you Char I always use the 100/1/1 specs – 100g flour, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon water. We have piles of eggs! (The water depends on the size of your eggs and whether you are using stone ground semolina. The stone ground seems to need a little more water and time).

Better get going then!!

Lots to do.

miss c

38 Comments on “Change coming

  1. It looks so beautiful there. I have part of my family that is dense to the severity of this virus as well. Breaks my heart. Going for a walk in a few minutes but the mask will be in place as the AQ is bad again today. Must be from fires somewhere.

  2. Good morning Miss C! Caught this post just as it popped up. So much could be said about the virus, but much anymore falls on deaf ears and it is difficult to understand why as we watch so many sicken and die…for what reason. Thank you for posting so many pictures. The farm is an oasis of green and it brings calm and peace to see it.

    • Like Deb says, it is an oasis of green in the flat land! So beautiful! Hi Deb! And I just love the picture of the smoker! And could that possibly be the remains of the old tree house peeking out among the branches with the ladder going up to it? Is it possible to still get up there and look about?

  3. I kind of love when gardens go wild, and back to the mask it is. I’m okay with that to keep everyone safe –

  4. Sadly i don’t think New Zealand can keep the virus out, unless it closes it’s borders permanently. The best way forward is for everyone, everywhere to be vaccinated.

  5. My favourite WitW quote is: “It’s a goodly life that you lead, friends; no doubt the best in the world, if only you are strong enough to lead it!’, which seems to rather well express your life and the Farmy. You’re doing something really worthwhile there, and I do believe you have the strength to lead that life.
    We’re watching the case numbers rise and rise and rise down south; NSW hasn’t seemed to be taking it entirely seriously, and now it’s running away from them. Up here, we *feel* safer, but it’s an illusion. My masks are ready, but we’re both vaccinated so hopefully we will not contribute to the figures. I can’t quite understand why anyone hesitates to be vaccinated; why would you not want to protect yourself and others? It seems bizarrely self-destructive…
    I hope you and yours all stay safe, Miss C.

    • Yes. My daughter tells me they are all shut back down in NSW. And when I spoke to her last it is much harder to get vaccinated there than here. The US has a surplus. It is easy to get the jab here.

  6. Your garden is a real delight. I also enjoy watching the pasta grannies. I don’t make my own pasta anymore because it’s just my husband and myself. I’m a carb addict and diabetic so I’ve had to sign off on bread and pasta. Being Italian that was our mainstay.
    The vaccination issues makes me want to tear my hair out.
    Australia is going through a spike right now and their borders have been sealed tight since this pandemic started. However, they let Kaitlyn Jenner in for her reality show and David Furnish to frolic on Bondi Beach. In the meantime I don’t know if or when I’ll meet my only grandchild who is 4 months old. I better stop. I’m starting to foam at the mouth with cuss words.

    • It will eventually wear itself out or change into something else but we are going to have to bear with it a while longer. Pulling together to beat it is the most important thing. I think anyway. I do understand not seeing grandchildren – that sits with me like a low grade ever present anxiety. I try not to look it in the face.

  7. I have been very disappointed in the human race, although not so very surprised that the vaccine issues became politicized so quickly. One of my sons and his family do not want the vaccine until it is “fully” approved by the FDA. Foolish to wait, in my opinion. It’s wonderful to see all the lush plants in your garden! Thanks for the photos.

  8. Hi Celi your garden is so lovely and lush. Love your hydrangeas! Regarding masks, even though we are meant to be mask free here, most people me included still wear them shopping and in indoor crowded places. My husband and I have been double jabbed and all our daughters and partners too. I’m so relieved that we are all done. I think we will have a booster in the Autumn. I hope you have had a lovely day.

  9. oh my- I find it incomprehensible that some folks refuse to get vacinated- for me it gives me more freedom to travel etc.
    Your bread adventures are fun and continue on! Glad your garden and apple orchard are doing well! xoxo

  10. So lovely to find another post! Cheers my heart to hear your thoughts and see what you are seeing – the gardens are beautiful. I’m sorry that we have another round of COVID outbreaks looming. So much suffering. Good luck with the baking. Being allergic to wheat now I read what you are doing with interest but won’t be trying any of these intriguing varieties of wheat. Hoping you can keep your strength up and that your NZ family is all well.

  11. Lovely, lush photos, Miss C. I feel better wearing a mask but it’s a pain because I have hearing aids, one of which I lost about a year ago, due to the mask. Costly!

  12. All these naysayers completely mystify me. I think it is either ignorance or just plain stubbornness. I think the only thing that will convince them is when someone near and dear to them either gets a really bad case or dies from the virus. Suddenly it will dawn on them that “Well, if Aunt Sally got it and by golly up and died, that could happen to me too”. So off they go to get their shot. I have zero sympathy for those who choose not to get the vaccine—whatever happens to them is their own fault!

    Most aggravating!

  13. It is sadly predictable; this happens in every plague.
    I never stopped wearing my masks for this reason.

  14. I think my last comment was lost; I wrote it is all sadly predictable . I keep wearing my masks.

  15. I think change coming is something we can count like the seasons but what sort of change, what sort of season… However, it pleases me to witness the seasons even if aspects of changes don’t seem comprehensible or absolute… none of us have ventured this way before and we’re all of us variously feeling our way out of the old life and into the new ♡

  16. Miss C, so lovely to hear from the farm.

    I’m in a lockdown area and waiting to move further southwest to a very small village; the biggest problem is getting sufficient food to self-isolate for two weeks. So, I have put off the move for this month.
    I can appreciate your love affair with Shiela more now; it’s in your genetics! Mantuans have kept pigs since the 5th century.
    The recipe for Torta Mantovana I emailed to you is just divine; I know you’re busy bread making when you have a moment for cake making it is lovely.

  17. Beautiful to walk in your gardens which have so grown and blossomed from the first times I found you way back in the middle of Illinois. Regarding the Monster I and many of my doctor friends with whom I went thru’ medical school, have our own viewpoint – none of us are anti-vaxxers but all of those of us who can, without hurting self and/or others, are waiting for a couple of developments in the making. That mostly because of long term effects of the current available anticipated and feared. I have spoken to my doctors and they all agree taking where and how I live into account. I know very, very many such people who genuinely know and understand much and not too little. Over and out on the topic. However I simply cannot understand why people complain about masks. Way back . . . and I mean 50-60 years back . . . when I travelled to the East often multiple times a year, especially to Japan, you would have been regarded as the rudest person in the world if you did not wear a mask in the cold and flu season . . . big deal !!!! . . . meanwhile be well . . . be happy . . .

  18. I love that book!
    Now does provide a bit of time to step back and rediscover thing forgotten.
    It is what it is. Each needs to evaluate their own philosophy and risks – given up trying to talk about pro or con vaccines – personal responsibility. Live your own life, I shall not bully or complain or fret about what you decide about your life. None of my business – even if I care a great deal, I shall only hope for the best for each.
    We evaluated where we live, how little we actually go anywhere, age/health concerns and the three vaccines (which are everywhere you turn here- they even bribe people with all sorts of things to get vaccinated) The one shot best for us and knock on wood, no side effects….but we are old. For the young children? Many in the medical community/MDs in the family have some serious reservations and so do we. Masks for high risk areas for us, but difficult in this extreme/normal heat here. Children in masks? – far too much damage for them considering the risk.
    My parents lived through the Spanish flu. I’ve heard their stories of it. People will live through this also. Hopefully with grace and kindness.
    Take care and may peace and calm settle on you and yours
    (Great pix as always)

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