Tane, the miracle boar

You will remember that for almost a year now Tane has not been able to walk very well. During last winter he slowed down so badly, that I was asked on a number of occasions whether it would not be kinder to put him down.  He could not use his back legs at all.  He was literally balancing on his front legs to eat.  I was getting him up to go to the toilet but he often ate lying down. 

He kept up his turmeric with food and pain relief, both given to him with his breakfast for the whole winter.  Well, last month he discovered that he could still run, he could not walk very well still, peddling his back legs in the air trying to get traction, laying down to eat, sitting, giving up. But sometimes if he did not think about it he could run. 

Well in the last week or so Tane has begun to walk – just like a real pig. Now he can walk AND run. All four of his legs working in unison. The only change I can think of is that the grass is growing so he is no longer eating grain, maybe lost a little weight. The change is incredible.

But whatever has caused this I am so happy for the wee boar. He can walk far now, and cruises the garden with a smile on his crooked wee face. Makes me feel tearful. I know it may not last for long with his congenital spinal  issues but this little miracle is welcome.

Some of the gardens need a good weeding already!

Mr Flowers’s tail is so long it is like a curtain.

The tractors have arrived and after spraying round-up and tilling at the same time, now they are preparing to plant maize (field corn) in the fields that surround our house. It is very late going in and I am not even sure they will have time to plant our sweetcorn this year. The endless rain has made the tractor drivers frantic with worry.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

PS. The Weather Report – wonderful weather for tomorrow.

Wednesday 05/31 10% / 0 in
Mainly sunny. High 73F. Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph.

Wednesday Night 05/31 10% / 0 in
Clear. Low around 50F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph.


43 Comments on “Tane, the miracle boar

  1. Soooo exciting to hear the news about Tane!!! What a wonderful turn of events!!! Yeah!!!! xo

      • Are you sure it is Round Up? Round Up would not be tilled into the soil immediately. It works on the foliage to kill the roots of the weeds. Maybe a pre emergence to kill weed seeds?

        • Well they planted round up ready corn seed straight into it – that same day. It smelt like round up for sure. The farmer told me that they would be spraying round up – not exactly when though. So you may be right.

  2. I am so glad for Tane’s new mobility. I hope he will enjoy himself, have fun exploring the environs & getting good exercise in this break-through. Are you all wearing masks during the mad spraying?

  3. Ahhh, sweet Tane, what a great recovery! Yes, it would make sense that keeping the weight down on a congenital spinal problem would make a heap of difference. Here’s hoping he can maintain this status. And the colour in Mr Flowers’ tail is wonderful. Hope you have a lovely day too! ~ Mame 🙂

  4. Yay Tane 🙂 Beautiful medley of colours in Mr Flowers tail. Laura

  5. That is wonderful news..however short it maybe.. Surely using roundup kills the bees. Or am l wrong?

    • It is a herbicide not a pesticide so it will not kill a bee outright but will contribute to a decrease in the health of the hive because the bee takes the chemical home with it. Insidious really. No honey bees here though now – not since my hives died.. c

  6. Great news about your little boar. I hate that they are spraying RoundUp around your farm , gardens, and animals. When will they learn?

  7. wonderful news. clapclapclap. and i love the tane close-up – looks as if he came over to say, “thanks, mom.”

  8. That is wonderful news. I hope he contimues as mobile as he is now. Maybe the rest he got over the winter helped. Whatever ismaking things better for Tane it most welcome and he does have the nicest smile. Mr. Flowers tail is lovely. Pity about the spraying of round up. Isn’t the field corn usually planted a month earlier?

    • Yes – it is – but remember we had rain -0 a lot of rain – and we live on drained swamp land, – this is their first chance to get in and they are very late. c

      • I know how wet it’s been, we have a periodic “stream” that bubbles up under a concrete retaining wall in the back on the hill and another in the front that’s actually eroding the concrete sidewalk going down hill. Lots and lots of water. Here’s hoping the corn crop grows well and quickly since it’s so late starting. Drained swamp land always seems to want to return to undrained swamp.

  9. Me too–so astonishing that Tane can walk. We can all understand why you’re teary. In the Trib today there’s an article about the big benefits of essential oils. Certain ones seem to relieve pain, nausea, anxiety. Boy I’m going to look into. And maybe little Tane would find pain relief.
    Me Flowers has an extraordinarily beautiful tail. So many colors!!

  10. Sweet Tane! I’m happy for him. Come winter – I wonder if you could add green sprouts from the hot house for him? A friend at church is breeding a 1/2 pot belly and 1/2 kuk pigs. Adorable things and seem to hearty for our heat.

  11. Aghast to read glyphosate [Roundup] used around your farm. Have read up the latest in Australia: some Councils still use it but organizations like our Consumer Watchdog CHOICE are making a huge fuss and there have been a lot of successful applications by local consumer groups to have that wicked poison banned. As far as individual gardening is concerned we were warned off more than a decade ago never to use it and most of the local nurseries refuse to carry it – people power!!! Well if Tane can run and now seems to make short shrift of walking . . . . wonder what else he may be able to manage 🙂 !!

  12. So glad to hear about Tane, it truly hurts my heart when one of my ‘critters’ is hurting. I didn’t see them but I’m pretty sure the cornfield I pass on my walk was sprayed recently, can’t miss that stink. They’ve finally admitted that glyphosate is a carcinogen too, nasty stuff and the scary part is the corn that is growing doesn’t die from it! I just sprinkled the gravel path with heated vinegar and the weeds and grass all died.

  13. Tane sports the old guy look — “long in the tooth,” overgrown brows, squinty eyes that bore in, all around shaggy but happy (maybe even a bit surprised) to be here. But could his resurgence really be a matter of food? Greens over grains, I’ll keep that in mind as I get more and more creaky. Great pictures today, as almost always!

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