Eight and Nine

Catching up.

Poppy’s nine are weaned. The fat little savages. The little piglet with the ripped hoof has become un-findable – she is running just as fast as all the rest and doing fine so I have stopped worrying about her. They are all eating well chomping on their greens and slurping madly at their egg and goats milk slurry.

Poppy is now down the back rolling in the mud.

Molly’s Eight are growing just like pigs grow. Yesterday, one of her big ones was seen lying into the bowl, legs spread out behind her,  stolidly,  methodically munching through her food.  They are all eating lots of boiled eggs and home made yogurt with their grain mix and greens. I have let them into the back half of the pig garden so they can start to get to know Poppy’s Nine through the gate. After a few weeks all the pig gates will be opened and they are all going together – then the fun will  start.

The meat chickens are almost grown they are drinking lots of full cream milk and waddling about.

Lady Astor is milking well though being very lazy and while I have her baby locked up for the morning she hangs out in the barn where it is cooler with less flies and watches the Molly’s Eight run in and out.

I spent yesterday planting eggplants, today we will begin to plant the peppers. The weather is mild and dry. A beautiful week of gardening ahead of us.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

Weather Forecast: another lovely mild day.

Tuesday 05/30 20% / 0 inPartly cloudy. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 73F. Winds W at 10 to 20 mph.

Tuesday Night 05/30 10% / 0 inMainly clear. Low 52F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph.







25 Comments on “Eight and Nine

  1. It must be like raising a soccer team… Sounds like they’re getting the breakfast of champions, too! Poor girl, she needs a bit of a rest before the next game.

  2. I can just imagine how busy you must be with all those little babies running around.

  3. Hello world traveler. Your Pig Empire is on the rise! How exciting! I love watching the numbers grow. It is hot here. Baking heat, which is lovely when you emerge from a cool shadow. I am, as ever, envious of your garden…and imagining what I would do if I had eggplants growing in my garden…xx

  4. I hope Poppy is making the most of her Spa holiday, Manu must be missing his wives 🙂 Your vege garden looks wonderful, hoping you will find another wwoofer soon. Laura

  5. Life is grand. Good job raising all those cheeky little plonkers. I hope all continues to thrive in and out of the garden

  6. Poppy’s brood is just as wild as she was/is! Lady A being lazy is worrisome….. This must have been a hard recovery after the milk fever.

  7. We are finally warming up here, also! Such a great feeling not to wear a jacket all the time!!

  8. I wonder how and why the piggies are “slurping madly at their egg and goats milk slurry.” Goats’ milk? When Lady A is producing great amounts of cow’s milk, you are purchasing goats’ milk for the piggies? Sounds as though Poppy is wallowing in luxury down the back… lol Your garden is looking so wonderfully lush and bursting. Hope you have a great day! ~ Mame 🙂

  9. Your garden looks lovely. Ours is just barely beginning so has that slightly barren look. But the sun is out and it’s going to be a gorgeous day! Much to do, much to do! Have a wonderful day Ms C!

  10. oh my so many little piggies running about- and Poppy gets to loll about! Cheers enjoy your lovely week!

  11. Always something going on..it would keep me amused for hours just watching the animals

  12. The gardens are lovely. And I would love to have a “pig in the mud” kind of day.

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  15. It seems there are more garden pictures this year than last year. I love seeing them.

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