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Chicks and Calves

Today is going to be a busy one. Soon the girls and I will drive over and pick up fifty more chicks from Jake’s brooder house.  These are the last of the ones for the family freezers.  The Chicken  Caravan is in a new field… Continue Reading “Chicks and Calves”

Chick Therapy

It was hot yesterday. Breathtakingly hot. But more rain is on the way so we are not complaining. The Cadet needed a little extra loving yesterday so she came over to the farm for some chick therapy. (Above is a little peachick they are… Continue Reading “Chick Therapy”

Back to the Country

Travelling back from Portland to Chicago I found myself in a melancholy mood. My voice packed away with my makeup. My city face dissolving back into relief. Dragging my bag like a heavy weary dog with leaden feet on a short leash. Bumping at my… Continue Reading “Back to the Country”

Dirty Windows

Dirtier windows. Do your pigs make a mess of your windows? And how about your kittens? Do they sleep in your feed bags? Does your cow have a fringe? (They call them bangs in America). Elsie is about to go Bang if I take… Continue Reading “Dirty Windows”

The camera sees all

I may have discovered the source of Godot’s strange behaviour.  What do you think this is? One leg is black. Here is a close up.  Is that dirt, from when he was stuck under the bush the other day? or something more sinister.  He was… Continue Reading “The camera sees all”

Mum said …

When I was a very young mother (and I was very young indeed.. I married ridiculously young to a perfectly nice boy ) My  mother  said to me.. OK, you have proved you are a really good housekeeper, now you have a baby – so  just… Continue Reading “Mum said …”


The still has begun its work of turning vegetable matter into essential oils. Yesterday was peppermint.  As well as the gorgeous oils there is the by-product of scented water. I love the scented water just as much as the oil! Timatanga Moana the little Kunekune piglet… Continue Reading “freedom”

Sheila the Pig carrying her Bowl

I had just taken this shot of Queenie Wineti standing knee deep in snow enjoying the sun when I was almost run down by Sheila carrying her lunch inside.  We were on a pause, Sheila was standing in the snow eating her medicine mixed… Continue Reading “Sheila the Pig carrying her Bowl”

Ploughed out – again

I still love the snow. But I am always grateful when I see the snow-plough rushing down our little gravel road clearing a path for me. Sunday yesterday. A quiet day. Look at this naughty big fat pig following me around bossing everybody about.… Continue Reading “Ploughed out – again”

Promises in Pictures

With the bridesmaids in their boots … and  the search and rescue dog turned ring bearer… under the tallest of pine trees.. in the forest up above Canmore. Pledges were made. Promises were kept. Friendships restored and Families united. A marriage was begun. Good… Continue Reading “Promises in Pictures”