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The Firewood, the Ark, and Sheila Bites the Boar

Out on The Matriarch’s old farm, where John grew up, is an old mulberry tree planted by his Grandfather.  Last winter this branch fell. This winter this dead branch will keep his grandson (and his good wife)  warm. On the way home we dropped… Continue Reading “The Firewood, the Ark, and Sheila Bites the Boar”

The Bee Hive goes Up a Level

Still wrapped in the gentleness of the summer glide we had a productive day yesterday. Summer sauce went into jars. Dried capsicum into jars. Stuff I am not going to eat came Out of jars and into the mouths of my piglets. I have… Continue Reading “The Bee Hive goes Up a Level”

The Rising of the Ark

Not the 2 x 2 Ark we have had no rain for a while but the 47 Chickens On Grass Ark.  Scrapper is unimpressed. Kupa is just not the bird he used to be.  But my vase of peacock feathers is glorious. Don’t worry… Continue Reading “The Rising of the Ark”