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Porcine Excitement

Poppy (the Hereford sow) has been re-located to the house of sinful pleasures also known as the West Barn. She leapt into the trailer without any enticement and the red truck towed her chariot around the corner.   If there had been a sunroof she would… Continue Reading “Porcine Excitement”

Be a Dog

Imagine if we were like a dog. Not an actual dog but Like a dog in that whenever we felt even a little tired we just lay down on the floor wherever we were and slept.  Angling our bottoms onto the boards with our bellies following suit,… Continue Reading “Be a Dog”

FREE Screen Saver

Free screensaver. Marcel. You all know that I do not mind at all if you nick any of my pictures from the blog.  You may have my words too, since they were yours in the first place. This image of Marcel is sure to… Continue Reading “FREE Screen Saver”

a calm busy day before another calm busy day

Boo and Marcel. Wee Marcel is still slowly improving. he is even gaining weight. He sleeps well and took two little walks outside and around inside the barn yesterday. Tonight he will go to tiny feeds every three hours. Altogether he drinks a little… Continue Reading “a calm busy day before another calm busy day”

The Firewood, the Ark, and Sheila Bites the Boar

Out on The Matriarch’s old farm, where John grew up, is an old mulberry tree planted by his Grandfather.  Last winter this branch fell. This winter this dead branch will keep his grandson (and his good wife)  warm. On the way home we dropped… Continue Reading “The Firewood, the Ark, and Sheila Bites the Boar”

Tentative First Steps

Our wee fella, the tiniest of the little orphans, bless his little heart, rose up yesterday afternoon and very, very slowly –  took himself for a tiny walk.  He is trying to suck on the bottle now. I am calling this an improvement. He… Continue Reading “Tentative First Steps”

Pigs will be Pigs

Sheila loves her bath.  I do apologise for the angle but she made me laugh out loud! Raising a pig is loaded with fun. Charlotte loves water too. They wriggle and mud-about then stand and shake like dogs, their ears clapping against their heads,… Continue Reading “Pigs will be Pigs”

Meet the boyfriend.

Yesterday was the day to take Charlotte the Hereford gilt to visit The Swineherd’s Boar for breeding purposes.  Charlotte loaded herself up and we hitched the trailer to the red truck and trundled away to his little farm for her Valentines Day Week date… Continue Reading “Meet the boyfriend.”

We need to talk about Charlotte

But first.. what is wrong with this picture.  Yes!  Do you see it, too? It is not often that we have a steer grazing in the drive.  And a dog paying no attention AT ALL.  He had broken out of his pen (well we… Continue Reading “We need to talk about Charlotte”