FREE Screen Saver

Free screensaver. Marcel.


You all know that I do not mind at all if you nick any of my pictures from the blog.  You may have my words too, since they were yours in the first place. This image of Marcel is sure to become a screensaver on my computer for a while. You can have it if you like.

He is smiling because he is no longer a constipated lambie (For your reference he had a very successful series of soapy water enemas and a drink  of 1/4 cup of olive oil with a teaspoon of molasses and is all better thank you very much.) The crisis is averted for the moment. We will have to keep a close eye on him. Now can you please stop talking about my bottom, says Marcel. Go and talk about Sheila’s bottom instead.  Farms and bottoms. I don’t know.

The piggie midwife and her terribly handsome man came to see Sheila yesterday but she is showing no signs of going into heat at all. I threw brocolli and cabbage (Sheila’s version of the coleslaw diet) into her dish so that she would stand still and eat allowing the handsome man who knows lots about breeding pigs to have a look at her rear end from any signs of heat.

Hmm, he said.  He climbed back out of the pen. Well nothing so far. He tried to look positive.  Not so good really, but watch out for any agitation, pacing, ripping up stiff, messing with her feed bowl.

At the word BOWL, Sheila picked up the now empty bowl  and lifted it up high enough to shove it over the top of her gate.

Oh yes, yes, said the man. Getting excited.

Then he trailed off as I took the bowl, put a bit more broccoli into it and gave it back to Sheila.  The Piggie Midwife and I smiled at each other. No, she said to him. She does that all the time. She wants a refill. I told you she was a special pig.

The consensus is that she may not breed.  But we still have a few more days.  All is not lost. He was also deeply impressed that Sheila will eat alfalfa hay as the major part of her feed and has reached her rather vast weight this way.


My milking parlour.  Reclaimed. Swept out and now waiting for the walls to be scrubbed and lime-washed and the floors cleaned, then the gates will go back in and we will be ready for whatever comes next. Daisy’s udder is starting to fill. Not long now.


Good morning. I hope you have  lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy,


83 Comments on “FREE Screen Saver

    • I think so, but her life is going to get more complicated when I have to buy in a few feeder pigs who will get all the food while she is still eating lettuce and broccoli.. c

      • You can’t do that to Sheila!
        I’ve been watching a hilarious PG Woodhouse comedy on BBC1 called Blandings – IMHO the star is a prize pig called the Empress – a very cute Middle White 😉

    • Thank you marla, my head cleared up once I started working.. They say that when you get over 40 you don’t have hangovers anymore! TRUE! I read that somewhere.. c

  1. Marcel’s photo is simply the cutest thing I’ve seen in years! I cannot stop looking at it and smiling…. those legs folded are just too much!

    • He has to really focus to get those legs folded right, it takes him a whole to lay down to his satisfaction.. c

  2. Done … brilliant photo thanks 🙂 Ok, I had to laugh when the handsome young man got excited when Sheila handed her bowl back over the gate 🙂 🙂 Doesn’t look like your hangover deterred you much yesterday! Meant to ask, can you not source some goats milk for Marcel? Hoping you have a calm, peaceful week. Laura

    • I have not seen any milking goats around here, I am waiting for my very expensive fresh lamb replacer powder to be delivered. Lets hope he does better on that. John said See you should get a goat, to feed the lamb and I am like , well it kind of defeats the purpose, I would not be having both.. c

  3. Marcel sure is smiling! He must be so happy that you and Boo Nanny cared so well for him and saved his life. He is absolutely adorable.
    Oh you must take a photo of your handsome pig man;)!

  4. That picture brought a tear of joy to my eyes. What a handsome little man he is and what a lot of fans he has all over the world. Stay strong, Marcel!

    Sheila is certainly one of a kind, isn’t she? One part of me admires her for taking that path less trodden, but I know that in farming terms she’s probably an unproductive liability. But gosh, she’s so darn cute that I’d forgive her anything. 🙂

  5. Of course I think that I may have to paint Marcel – how can I resist such a gorgeous smile?

  6. Thank you for the lovely pictures: I have stolen Marcel and also the cheeky chicken, as inspiration for haiga. Poor Sheila – I think I would come over all coy with a handsom man peering at my nether portions!
    It’s a beautiful day here, and I took advantage of the sunshine to tidy up the pot garden on the patio. Geraniums have survived, and the osteospermums are in flower! But ten minutes is my maximum endurance, so it’s as well we’re here with this tiny garden and not in the old house.

  7. The terribly handsome man does not know about our Celi’s training programme! Ten minutes x five times a day: “Sheila pick up your empty bowl and hand it to me. Thank you Shiela, you are a good piggy!”

  8. Goodmorning. One of my roosters has that frostbitten comb as well. It’s going to continue to be cold here for a while. I can’t remember if I sent this like already but here is a neat site that gives a global overview of both current weather and climatological trends.

    • I looked at that site, now I am going to have to work out how to get a long range forecast for my area, if it stays this cold we will be having calves born in the barn.. which is not ideal.. many thanks peter.. c

    • I am adding a little molasses. He is still fairly drenched in oil, but maybe this evening I shall start adding a little.. poor fellla, I am sure this is not the end of his troubles.. c

  9. you have the cutest lamb in the world! that is so funny about sheila. just say treat in front of teddy. she is at your foot in a heartbeat.

  10. How can you not just be overcome with happiness looking at that little lamb. What a joy! Brightened my morning C. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

  11. THANK YOU !!!!!! He’ll give the marmalade kitten a rest, who still, peering out of her “common” box, fills up my screen. The kids’ll be thrilled.

  12. Darling photo of Marcel. I printed out the photos of Boo and Marcel on the red designer rug yesterday. I don’t know how to create a screensaver from anything other than the stock ones.
    Just laugh and laugh at Sheila’s antics.

  13. Does it really matter if Sheila does not breed, it would be nice but not that important. You can always purchase a couple of piglets…. Marcel is beautiful..I hope that he will be a permanent resident and never on his way to ‘ that place’…

    • Not to worry dear, if all works out both Sheila and Marcel will be here for a while yet. You can buy a calender to help with her feed! If I ever get them finished!.. c

      • Calendar first I have heard of this…one with all your farm animals would be wonderful

  14. As I read through the comments, I have a few I must make… when one is terribly constipated and something happens, don’t we all leave the loo with a smile on our face?
    You said when you get over forty, one no longer suffer from hangovers…. there is no hangover over 40, we just can’t drink enough to create a hangover…. or we are so well practiced that we are now hangover fit… but what does happen is the liquid rises in the body filling the brain cavity and applies a tad of pressure… so one might get a small headache… us southern hemisphere people just put in sufficient practice, that in later life we can handle anything….

  15. Yes Ive commented already too but can’t help saying that picture of Marcel with that light just so on him–makes me sing, “THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE, I’M GONNA MAKE IT SHINE.”

  16. Marcel is calendar worthy, just as well if Sheila does come to the motherhood party you will need a new pin up, although the is no shortage of cuteness on the Farmy.

  17. You’ve got a whole year’s worth of lovely Farmy photos, both animal and landscape. Why not? I’m pretty sure people would pay for Marcel’s smile, Sheila’s cheeky grin, Boo’s Nanny face and Marmalade’s fluffy cuteness. Might be worth a thought… Help to pay for Sheila’s treatment and Marcel’s milk replacer?

  18. You are an AMAZING photographer. I adore your pics! Wow .. Marcel looks just beautiful. And I like you don’t mind at all if my pics are used by others. Not at all! 🙂

  19. OMG…now I’m going to have to choose between the one of Marcel and Boo that I already have as my screensaver and this new, darling one of just Marcel…I wish there was a way to make a collage for a screensaver with all the adorable Farmy photos…I’m sure there is…I’m just too computer illerate to do so.! 🙂
    I could just kiss that lil smiling face…does he let you kiss him? 🙂

  20. Well, pinched the one of Boo tenderly licking Marcel’s nose [in red to complement his white fluffy fur] as a screensaver a few days back and tho’ this is lovely I do like the composition of what I have 🙂 ! Methinks Sheila saw what Charlotte went thru’ and has just assumed the role of a well fed maiden aunt quite happily!! No mess that way for our neat and tidy lady!!

  21. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you PhotoShopped that smile on Marcel’s face. Incredible! Hope Sheila is a bit more cooperative in the days ahead. Loved her portrayal of Oliver Twist with her bowl. “Please, Miss C. I want some more.”

  22. The photo of Marcel is a winner! And it’s great to see the milking parlour all set up ready for the flow.

  23. Thank you for sharing your photo of handsome Marcel. I can now see him on my screen every day. Love that sweet face! I may have to buy a farm and come get that fellow! 😉

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