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The Survival of the Bloggest

The New Blog Renaissance is just around the corner. Blogging is on the cusp of a revival. With the slow monster emergence of AI and Chat GPT (I find the panic enormously entertaining to be honest) – there is a great hush in the… Continue Reading “The Survival of the Bloggest”

Pig Graffiti

Poppys Six went out to their new home in the field yesterday with a great big welcoming wallw that they very quickly turned into delicious mud.  Then seeing the pure white canvas of their new house they dragged their bodies all around it making… Continue Reading “Pig Graffiti”

Bobbys and Heifers

The big Hereford Bobby, T2 and Lady Astor’s Bobby T are now the sole occupants of the sloppy salad bar paddock. Little Bobby T3 and his best friend Sheila the big fat pig who is not really fat at all have come across to the… Continue Reading “Bobbys and Heifers”

Porcine Excitement

Poppy (the Hereford sow) has been re-located to the house of sinful pleasures also known as the West Barn. She leapt into the trailer without any enticement and the red truck towed her chariot around the corner.   If there had been a sunroof she would… Continue Reading “Porcine Excitement”