Bobbys and Heifers

The big Hereford Bobby, T2 and Lady Astor’s Bobby T are now the sole occupants of the sloppy salad bar paddock. Little Bobby T3 and his best friend Sheila the big fat pig who is not really fat at all have come across to the big barn.  The salad bar is a bit of a mess. As you can see.


The mud is getting the better of us. My whole set up relies on the ground being frozen solid for January and February. But we are adapting. And it will freeze again soon, though not today.  Today we have a high of 58F/14C with more rain coming in tonight. It is so humid.  But the good thing is that the piglets have put on lots of weight in this warm weather and are much more physically prepared for the cold weather when it comes.


Sheila is definitely adapting. She likes her new house. She likes any house actually. She was digging holes in her Rat house bedroom – so she is much better in the barn for a while.

This little steer was not getting enough to eat with those two bullies over there at the Rat House and he so is also happily adapting to being back with the girls.

Though Txiki is not the sweetest heifer on the block but at least she is the same size.

The heifers do not get the high protein feed (I do not fatten  breeding animals) but I can let him grow slow with them for a while. I hope that with the girls he will at least get the volume he needs. He is a bit slow.


The tractor is back from the hospital and John has tomorrow free so we will finally be able to  clear the West Barn concrete pad that has turned into a muck heap around their feeder.


I think Alex looks pregnant.


So, I had better get up and get going. I look foward to getting that tractor working again!

Check out the snow last year – interesting how the arrangements of some of the shots from last year is very similar to this years.  And it was 18F. Tane was looking so much better.  And TWO years ago Lady Astor was due to arrive from Missouri.

I must try to remember to log the temperatures into the blog each day – it is interesting to look back. Though last winter was not a very cold winter either. Though wet,  this winter is very workable. My hands and feet are not cracking!

And fourteen eggs yesterday. The pigs got an egg each. The eggs are a very important part of their diet – feeding them well makes me happy.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

love celi


37 Comments on “Bobbys and Heifers

  1. I love the picture of Little Bobby T3 leaping out of the trunk and Tane looks like he’s guarding the farmy 🙂

  2. I hope Alex is pregnant. It is very warm here in Texas as well, 75-80 degrees today. Have fun with the tractor.

  3. Love the photos as usual. The poor little black steer getting kicked off the trunk feeder! We have a definite pecking order around here as well. I love playing the ‘watch for the baby bumps’ game! I agree, Alex does look like she’s got something going on there! Enjoy the day and the tractor!

    • I had the slightest impression about Aunty Anna too the other day. But then it was gone – it is better to NOT look at them for a few days then changes show up. But good luck with that i say to myself c

  4. The Flying Bobby would be a great calendar picture. I still remember 2014 polar vortex and I didn’t have to live through it, may it be a very long time before you have to again. Laura

  5. Love the shot of Ton-Ton and Tima going walk-about! Except that I’m guessing it’s just their daily stroll! 🙂

  6. I felt very apprehensive when I saw the photo of the Bobby jumping out of the car boot. Do cows jump? Seems to me he’s lucky he didn’t break a leg. Yes, there was a lot of snow last year and it was a mild one too. This year, although I have to admit to loving every minute of it, is very un-natural. To have a mild day, and perhaps two or three, in January is not so unusual but this long stretch is. I hope it won’t have nasty effects on the overall environment in the long term. We’re not getting as warm as you but most definitely solidly above freezing.
    Good news on the piglets fattening up… and I do love the coats on Alex’ offspring. Hope you have a lovely day too. ~ Mame 🙂

  7. Such a difference from just one year ago. It’s nice to have these occasional reminders to jog memories and stir up energies that will either allow us to be thankful that times are not quite as tough now, or that we had better get moving and take charge of what is handed to us.

  8. if its not cold there..its flipping cold here. much snow and ice. . the tractor is mended so full steam ahead..did it cost as much as John said it would

  9. I think plotting the temperature each day sounds like a great idea. You can build a real picture of the weather and mean annual temperatures from something like that, an easy bar-chart type visual reference that saves you poking through old posts. Great news about the tractor, and hopefully also about Alex, who is looking both beautiful and cosy in her golden teddy-bear coat.

    • Mercy Kate – you know I am not going to make a chart or anything – i just like popping back in and out of posts seeing what was happening so to get a temperature at the same time is a bonus! c

  10. oh my gosh- it is safe for the Bobby to jump out of the trunk? Sheila looks great- and Tane did look better last year. Poor guy!
    Have a lovely day with all your animals! It is relentlessly snowing here- I’d complain BUT we need it after 4years of drought.

  11. Have you seen “Babe”, the movie about the trials and tribulations of a piglet being raised on Hoggett’s Farm? He eventually wins the local shepherding contest, beating all of the dogs in the contest. I thought of that piglet when I saw your photo of the Bobby. He looks like he’d be a natural for the steeplechase. I’d pay rather handsomely to watch you two run the course. I’m not alone, I’m sure. Just saying … 😀
    Enjoy your Sunday, Celi.

  12. Funny you are having warmer weather where you are – here in NZ our summer is very cold. Christchurch has received another dumping of snow on the hills! Most unusual for the middle of summer. Odd weather these days.

  13. Nosey Sheila. What does she think she’s going to find in the boot? Love the pictures! And the ones from last year too. I had already forgotten about Boo and the chickens and the Bastard Mink. So many great stories here. I feel like I’m entering a different world, where animals are interesting people and The Voice reports on their doings. It’s like a new version of the old radio shows I listened to as a child.

  14. . … LOL … I think I signed on after Daisy had finished up on the farmy.

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