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The Survival of the Bloggest

The New Blog Renaissance is just around the corner. Blogging is on the cusp of a revival. With the slow monster emergence of AI and Chat GPT (I find the panic enormously entertaining to be honest) – there is a great hush in the… Continue Reading “The Survival of the Bloggest”

What you need to breed a cow without a bull

To breed a cow without the actual bull you need frozen semen. Well of course you do!! This gadget. The semen is in a small straw that fits into the end of this, once it gets through the cervix the semen is gently released… Continue Reading “What you need to breed a cow without a bull”

A peahens egg looks like this

Yes it is the one on the left. I was hoping for speckles or at  least something a little  distinctive but no they look just like a chickens egg though they are much bigger and even a bit pointier at the end.  Too big… Continue Reading “A peahens egg looks like this”