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Waiting Daze

Queenie is waiting. Waiting on Daisy.  Dazey Daisy. Who does not seem to be in any hurry to do terribly much. She now is (officially) a week away from calving .. they say if the calf comes earlier it is more likely to be… Continue Reading “Waiting Daze”

What you need to breed a cow without a bull

To breed a cow without the actual bull you need frozen semen. Well of course you do!! This gadget. The semen is in a small straw that fits into the end of this, once it gets through the cervix the semen is gently released… Continue Reading “What you need to breed a cow without a bull”

Red door

This is what the kiwi builder was up to. He and John put in the first of the red doors (there are three)… the inside of the door is red too so when it stands open all summer the colour is still present. The… Continue Reading “Red door”

The receding snow line

Sorry had to say it – because the snow is receding as slowly as an old man’s hair to reveal a bald man’s pate. A moonscape. Beige with a hint of sepia is still the colour of the day.     John is in… Continue Reading “The receding snow line”

Knocking holes in walls is Deeply Satisfying.

Don’t you think? Do you ever go to peoples houses to visit and silently imagine knocking walls out, reorganising doors, rearranging their furniture and redesigning their lighting.  I do. It is an affliction. I console myself with knocking holes in my own walls. I… Continue Reading “Knocking holes in walls is Deeply Satisfying.”

The Coupe Rises and a Wee Walkabout (Part One)

Yesterday was a very big day in the project to build a self contained cabin attached to the house. It is called the Coupe because I styled it on the old chicken coops that used to be in the farmyards of every farm around… Continue Reading “The Coupe Rises and a Wee Walkabout (Part One)”

Cold wind blowing

.A cold day is fine. Or should I say a fine cold day is fine. But a cold day,  though not too cold with a high of 29F (-1C),  but with low slate gray clouds and a relentless wind becomes uncomfortable. Yesterday it  snowed… Continue Reading “Cold wind blowing”

The Pigs Are in the Vegetable Garden!

But thats ok. I left the gate open for them. Queenie is not amused, but in all honesty Queenie is very seldom amused. She is a solemn cow. Have you ever looked up and realised your day is almost gone and you have not… Continue Reading “The Pigs Are in the Vegetable Garden!”

A Poll, to Vote for the Vista

This poll is for all of you to vote on the view you would most like to see every day for a year. Remember we wil always have the usual assortment of animal and farmy shots, the food and the stories and the gardens.… Continue Reading “A Poll, to Vote for the Vista”

Pigs Posing as Construction Crew

The Shush Sisters have been working hard at spreading the new soil around their front yard. What I do is – each day I sprinkle some corn about the earth and then they push  the soil around as they hoover. After that they lie… Continue Reading “Pigs Posing as Construction Crew”