The receding snow line

Sorry had to say it – because the snow is receding as slowly as an old man’s hair to reveal a bald man’s pate. A moonscape. Beige with a hint of sepia is still the colour of the day.






John is in Missouri, where they have green grass under their snow by the way. Any news? he said, on the phone last night.


No, I said, just the same.


The windows and doors come today. The Goldilocks windows are so heavy it will need three men to lift them into place. The kiwi builder will need help.


These guys will not be much help. Author and Lulu are still hibernating.


Good morning.

I hope you all  have a lovely day.


PS On this day last year.

I was cleaning out the bee hives, Mama was still pregnant and look at that grass! We were green! Sigh. However I keep reminding myself that the longer it takes for the heat and the winds to come the better for the soil. I know that the pastures will grow later and grow better. At least this weather is locking in that moisture and getting it deep down into our precious earth.

43 Comments on “The receding snow line

  1. Morning,C! Good to see the melt slowly soaking the ground…
    That photo of the peahen on the hood of the old truck is a candidate for next year’s calendar, for sure… 🙂

    • Oh that calendar, I really should get to work and make one! .. and yes we should put this one in the file! c

  2. This is the time of every year when we all are impatient with the cold wetness of our surroundings and ask, “Where is spring?” But Mother Nature is such a tease; she loves to surprise us and create what we are least expecting.

    So just look around and laugh at her antics!

  3. I love your description of the receding snow line. We still have snow lingering, which seems very unseasonal here in UK. Can’t wait for some spring sunshine.

    • It does seem to be all over, this long dark winter, we are all going to be thrilled when we get to see some green.. c

  4. Like all children, the lambies appear to be enjoying the snow! We could really do with SOME form of precipitation. It’s so dry that we aren’t even getting a frost now. At least all the sparrows are enjoying some wonderful dust baths in the veg plot!

    • how odd that you are not getting rain.. I hope this is not the beginning of something ominous.. take care christine.. c

  5. Good morning, Cecilia! I for one am looking forward to a REALLY green summer because of all this snow. Happy to wait for it, at least for a little while longer…………

  6. Here too the snow is slowly melting – still white everywhere though.
    The Coupe fits nicely with the rest of the farmhouse.
    Cute kitties!

  7. For sure it’s coming Celi!!! Slowly, but I”m thinking that is good, as spring came so early last year followed by a scorching summer. So we’ll ease into spring gathering all the moisture we can along the way! And this weekend is supposed to me warmer too to give us a break! xoxoxo

  8. So glad you’re getting some moisture finally. We had several inches of snow yesterday (in which Michael and the girls had snow wars) then it all melted and we had another dusting last night. We’re hovering at about 32 this morning. Love that peahen on the truck. Did you paint the truck to match her? Michael likes that truck. Told him it’s your veggie seller. Have a great day Celi!

  9. A good morning to you Celi, the snow receding is a good sign, at least the moisture will like you said give you goodness later on when God brings forth the bounty of the earth. may you have a beautiful day SAINTS hey you did really well not saying anything negative you looked at it positively GOOD JOB

  10. I am hanging my laundry out today. Never mind the snow and the 17-degree temp. The sun is shining.

  11. I’m hours behind you C here on the West Coast but still wanted to say, (although it’s probably too late), good luck with the windows. I hope they behave and your three guys are strong enough to wrangle them into submission. 🙂

    • they are unloading as we speak veronica, but the insulation man had trouble with his equipment and has not finished so they are all being leaned against walls until tomorrow, i am trying not to feel deeply frustrated. i am desperate to see the goldilocks windows go in! c

    • they are just grateful to be out, but soon they will have to be properly locked in until the grass actually grows.. and it will grow.. sooner or later.. c

  12. Good Morning C, although most of the day has gone already for me.But when you are up at 4 to go pet sitting, this is my lunch time LOL.
    Hope your windows go in first time with no hassle. Can’t wait to see the finished project. Only been on this site a few weeks, but already you are part of my day. Stay warm and dry!

  13. I think Author and Lulu may have the right idea! “Beige with a hint of sepia” is the perfect description, Celi. When the snow line recedes MUCH further, I’ll join you in a happy dance! 🙂

  14. I wish we had a receding snow line and a receding like for cold weather as well lol. It’s freezing here. Loved these photos

  15. Oh, Celi, I do hope it warms up for you soon. I have never known it so unrelentingly cold and grey: here too. All the best to the animals on the farmy.

  16. I’m with Author and Lulu, hibernation is a good place to stay a bit longer. I LOVE those bouncing baby sheep!

  17. I bet the snow will be gone, save traces from the tallest piles, by Monday, Celi. We’re supposed to have plenty of sun for the next few days and with temps above freezing, the snow will surely soak your fields. I spent the afternoon in the front garden and most, though not all, of the bulbs have broken through the ground. Last year, by this time, most were in bloom; none have bloomed yet. They will, though, all in due time. I’m going to plant my tomato and pepper seeds this weekend. The old planters have been replaced and It will be nice to start acting like it’s Spring, regardless of what’s going on outdoors.
    Have a good evening and night.

  18. The pretty colors will come soon. For now, I am enjoying the bareness. Amazing how much more I can see since the hurricane took out so many trees and brush around here. I wonder whether the summer green cover will be much less…Have a beautiful night!

  19. Oh, cats are clever! Loulou and Author have the right idea: why bother open an eye when it is . . . still a bit winter boring . . . . 😉 !

  20. I really like that first picture, but it looks like you’ve got dust or grime on the camera chip, unless the two blobs in the sky are something on the lens. God, it looks cold. Those cats have got it right. Hope the weather changes for you soon.

  21. You guys did get some of that snow! My grandparents got dumped on. I didn’t even realize it until yesterday. I can’t believe the difference from this year to last in the weather. It’s crazy!

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