Muffins and Mad Dogs

My friends the young students, and I made fruit and vege muffins yesterday.  muffins-grils-by-creek-

Which gave us plenty of energy for outdoor pursuits.


I found this recipe somewhere ages ago and delve into it off and on, using whatever is in the house (that recipe should read one and a half cups of flour) I have to admit that I have NO idea where I found it. So if it looks familiar to you. Own UP!


It is great.


We ate them so fast we forgot the last penultimate shot. Ah well. I always try to get  a shot of the mixture just in case.


The nice gentlemen who are putting in the insulation, came late then left early- the day before yesterday. They were having trouble with their gear. Then they did not come back At All yesterday, so I am still only able to look at corners of my doors and windows, pulling back the cardboard and peering pathetically in amongst the wrappings. Above is a peek at one of the red doors.  I am trying not to be deeply frustrated at the hold up. Misky has had an entirely new kitchen delivered and she is not allowed to look in the boxes either!


The guineas are also practising their nonchalance.


The Matriarch and John are away visiting family. So I am left with her mad dog. He loves the snow. I have put him on a diet while he is here. Though he does not at as well as my friend the Mad Dog who has my dinner over on his site today.


The view back to the house from the creek which is more of a ditch now rather than a creek.

Good morning. Today the weather forecast says abundant sunshine. I heartily approve of that kind of forecast. In the absence of my alarm clock husband I have slept in until 5.30 so I had better get busy.

Have a lovely day.


PS. I have started writing for a parenting site, as a way of firing up Potatoes are your Best Friend, the book about being a single mother with too many children and not enough food. It is such a laugh to write that book. Writing articles for the parenting site helps me to sort the work into bite-able pieces. Though writing for an internet audience is very different kind of work from writing for book readers so I am still finding my rhythm. Here is my first effort writing as nanny c. Today’s essay is about the best time of the day to feed your kids.  My aim to is to write twice a week for them. However it is a new site so I am also watching the other contributors to determine whether or not I want to be in their club long term. It is all about tone. If you get time to pop over let me know what you think.

43 Comments on “Muffins and Mad Dogs

  1. Good morning, c, and bushels of happiness to the farmie! Thank you for the mention – so very kind. I’ll pop along to the parenting site this afternoon. The electrician is about to ‘pull the plug’ again, so I’d better shut-down before my lappie goes pszzzzt!

  2. Sunshine! Good for the soul. I sure hope your insulation guys hurry back. I popped over and read your essay yesterday. My little guy likes to eat about 4-5 times a day. And when he gets done he says, “That sure can make a little guy full!” Three is such a fun age. Have a great, sunshiny day, Celi!

  3. GOOD morning Celi , we have sun on the agenda for the day as well . hope you get your alarm clock john back soon will ck out the other site at another time SAINTS

  4. I love the muffin recipe Celi!! I had to goggle the conversion to Fahrenheit, and it looks to be 350, which makes sense to me! I’m going to try them, and also Mad Dogs frittata! Thanks for the recipe and suggestion! xo

  5. I read your parenting post last night, and it was excellent! I totally agree with your approach as it was how I fed my now big and strapping sons when they were children. I could always tell when the blood sugar was getting low, and the “crabbies” would begin make an appearance. Time to break out the peanut butter and banana sandwiches! I’m so glad you are doing the book. I would like to invite you over to my blog to meet my friend Ben Hewitt who writes from Vermont. I reblogged his post from yesterday because it resonated…He is a writer, his family too, are trying to be sustainable, they’re homeschooling, and I think you will really enjoy his blog.

  6. Appealing looking recipe, Celie – I’ll give it a go. I also like the cuddly look of the mad dog. Not so keen on workmen who don’t turn up!

  7. Ugh…there’s always a snag with a Big Project…hope they turn up soon.
    Hope to have a few minutes later to read your Parenting Essay – but it’s another warm day (!) and we have to get ready for the Easter Bunny, too, so time is scarce this morning 🙂

  8. That’s always the case with the workmen here in Vancouver, having said that, these workmen who are rebuilding the laundry room have consistently shown up at 7am lately…so I better shut up…lol.

  9. I think that your Nanny’s essay is great. Unfortunately, these days you’re up against powerful advertising for all brands of junk snack food. So your idea of sitting and explaining what and WHY you’re feeding them such healthy ingredients is probably essential. I also like your ‘High Tea’ idea – it makes the whole thing sound so special!

  10. That recipe, written and illustrated as it is, is SO gorgeous…who wouldn’t want to make it! Wish I’d opened up your blog a tiny bit earlier…I’d just pulled banana/walnut/choc muffies out of the oven. Oh well…next time. It must be a muffiny sort of day. Lots of love for a great day, Celi.

  11. Just been over to read Nanny C, it’s your voice/style whether you are writing for the internet or a book, it’s you. Like the at the end of sitting down and explaining why an afternoon tea-snack is a god idea – I still hate being told what to do, explain or give me a reason and I’ll join you.

  12. One silly dog picture – he’s having so much fun.
    Warm muffins on a cold day – great. (love the delightfully decorated pages)
    The essay is also delightful – readings like a commons sense mother bird wrote it. (Does that make sense? light hearted with practical info)
    But how do you find time to do all this!

  13. I love an afternoon tea/snack. Although, we don’t do one here. The whole idea is rather odd…not having an afternoon tea as Terry’s grandfather was born in England and his whole family is very, well, English. But no afternoon tea…NOW my southern grandparents always had afternoon tea…4:00 right on the dot. As soon as we got home from school.They lived as close to us as my grandchildren live to us—so a run down through the orchard to have ‘tea’ with my grandparents was every so much fun.) I love the idea, but was never able to get it done. SIGH!


    • never too late you know! and having a high tea means we don’t eat quite so much for dinner.. here it is always raw vegetables and the fresh dips, it stops john from going STRAIGHT to the bread bin! c

    • Being English myself, living in the US for the past 19 years, I still must have my 4 o’clock tea time! Even if it is only a cup of tea (English not the weak American kind) and a couple of digestive biscuits (know a great webb site for getting UK Goods). And as C says, it makes having a lighter dinner/supper that much better for you!

      • I love myself a strong cup of English tea…I have one every morning! So Thanks to the both of you…I’m for starting my own tradition!

        Since we are not old our suppers are very light…so maybe a small tide over at 4 and then the egg and biscuit at supper, which is always 6 p.m. (from all the years of milking. We were done milking at 6 therefore supper) would keep Terry from a late night snack just before bed.

        The web site for UK Goods sounds interesting, could you please send?


  14. I love that shade of red for your doors. I was thinking of painting my kitchen cabinets that color. 🙂

  15. I’ve seen that recipe (or one very similar) somewhere before and I can’t remember where right now. I’ll let you know if I think of it.

  16. Oh my gosh. On first glance at Guineas photo I thought they were all teathered by the neck…….for a future meal!

  17. Well I am a pretty big kid but still have High Tea of healthy goodies, tho’ make it my second biggest meal of the day and eat it around 4.30 pm if alone. [Work from home: early lunch is my big meal!] And my daughters were brought up all along with having their main meal after school at the same time. Then came homework, then a twilight walk anf fun! No snacks, no fast food, no lollies . . . Oh, love the red also and that beautiful view back from the creek 🙂 !

  18. Love the red door. My bach doors are painted the same colour! Good old NZ barn red I call it.

    • Perfect.. your can take the girl out of NZ but you can’t take NZ out of the girl! I am thrilled and i never even thought why I had chosen it.. c

      • And I saw one in the weekend; had a little niggle saying ‘take a photo’, but I couldn’t think why. Now I remember! That’s so right – NZ will never be taken out of you, girl!

  19. Late to the party …
    It was a sunny day today, wasn’t it? Your snow is quickly vanishing. I finally cleared the front yard but nothing is in bloom yet. This will be the first Easter that I can recall without the azaleas in bloom. Well, they’ve still got a couple days yet. Maybe they’ll surprise me. 🙂
    I hope the workers come back and get those windows in for you. Have a good morning, Celi!

  20. That Must be a Cavalier King Charles – the adorable little darling… I’ve had six – two at a time, and they are just the sweetest, most intelligent wonderful little dogs….I still melt whenever I see one…And now you’re writing another regular column – you are indefatigable, Celi.
    I still write parenting stories for a parents mag here… I’m bored after 44 years, but it does mean a bit of pocket money….Hope yours does too. Am now going to get some tips from your article !!!!

  21. The muffins look yummy! I like the journal entry for them. 🙂 Off to check out your article, good for you!

  22. nanny c, I read both articles on the parents site 🙂 I like your voice and also that you are speaking from not only parenting perspective but from a carer’s. I see parents feeling overwhelmed (or even under). Not from a parenting perspective personally but in general it is valuable to have access to experience and ideas, not instructional just kind and informative – you got it.

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