Red door

This is what the kiwi builder was up to. He and John put in the first of the red doors (there are three)… the inside of the door is red too so when it stands open all summer the colour is still present.


The Goldilocks windows.. these are the most extravagant of the windows but they do not open which made them cheaper and …


to my mind they are worth every cent. After I have posted this to you this morning I shall go into The Coupe with the Camera House and watch the sun rise through the windows, then you will see why Iย was so determined to have them. ย Hope we get a sunrise, it is 22F (-5C) so it will be a crispy clear one.

This is what I was up to yesterday.. the pile is slowly!-014

Minty was picking play fights with wee Murphys. They have quite a big outside area but they still love to race in and out of the barn to see what I am doing.


The pea hens were swanning about …


“Its April aren’t you supposed to be laying an egg, Tui? ย It says in the book that peahens should start laying eggs in April!”


My two Herefords. Queenie the Hereford heifer and Charlotte the Hereford Pig. This week I will start building the outside pig pen, the summer palace. They are more than ready to get outside for the summer.

Good morning. Last night I made a special milk and honey bath for my aching firewood muscles: 2 cups of warm milk straight from the cow + 1 cup of honey + 1/4 cup of epsom salts. Pour into the running warm water. Soak. It was just divine.

Have a lovely day. I see the sky lightening so I am going to go and get that photo of the sunrise for you, then off to the milking parlour. See you tomorrow!

love celi


54 Comments on “Red door

  1. The coupe is really coming on, I love the red doors! The windows look great too. A lovely rocking chair to watch the sunrise would be just my cup of tea! Hope you get a bonnie one!

  2. The coup looks amazing C, I can see why those windows really make the place. We put in a red door in our 1928 craftsman home and have loved it from day one. You were daring to have red on both sides, ours is beige on the inside.
    Yes, it’s -6C in Toronto, brutally chilly; I think I’m colder now than I’ve been all winter. My body has decided it’s Spring and alter its expectations. Brrrrrrrr!

    • I wanted red on the inside because they open outwards and latch to the walls in the covered verandah and will stay open all summer, this way we see the red in the summer too!.. c

  3. i guess tui will, like everyone wait for spring to come along. seems like it is still cold. except here (israel) it is not. i already had two sunburns and don’t even want to think about what the summer will bring…. i hope you will get some spring soon!

    • It must look cold compared to Israel! Does it get terribly hot where you are in the summer?.. c

      • yes.we get over 40C in the summer… not very nice. we already had 30C this year.
        i miss the snow sometimes. this year i did not see any at all. we fly to germany (to my family) once a year on christmas. but this year there was no snow at all. next year i guess =)

        • isn’t it funny how we all had less snow during the winter months and it came to europe and the states and even canada i think in the early spring period.. 40 is very hot, I hope you are in a settled area politically and it is not hot in more ways than one. Don’t forget your sunblock today!! c

  4. Beautiful doors! I wanted a red cooker, but the ‘men’ convinced Peder it was a no-goer. Men. What are like. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good morning, c, and warming wishes to you all!

  5. Good morning Celi; the pics of the coupe were great. my wife don’t do the wood splitting i do .
    as for your bath you enjoyed it good for you you deserved it after doing a mans job. i hope your not too sore this morning have a blessed day SAINTS

  6. Aching body aside, it’s nice to see some firewood back on the scene. Those windows are lovely- I can’t wait to see what you look at through them!

    • I am an Amazon Goddess with a hydraulic splitter attached to the tractor! It is sat out there right now waiting for me to do some more Amazoning!.. c

  7. Love the doors and windows. Glad you have sunshine. We do too…in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. Have a beautiful and productive day on the farmy.

  8. I love the coupe and it is really beginning to take shape.. how exciting.. I think the Goldilocks windows are exquisite and I love the view over the lands… can’t wait for it to get finished and to have a photo shoot of it full of furniture…

  9. Wow Celi, so much has happened while I have been MIA the last couple of weeks – LOVE the red door – just too stunning for words!
    Have a beautiful day.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Mandy xo

  10. I love that you’ve chosen the red inside-outside doors. Red is the best! There’s so much red in this house with the old velvet curtains and I love it! Looking forward to the sunrise photo, Stay warm Celi. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • This lovely deep red goes with everything, I love red too, i first fell in love with this red in the theatre in the old days when the stages had swathes of red velvet curtain! c

  11. Love the splash of red. It is going to be a beautiful space.

  12. Love the red door. I have a red door on my house, too! I am so glad that spring is finally creeping into to your neck of the woods.

  13. Won’t those red doors look happy all the time? Especially in the depths of a drab, dull winter…
    Those Murpheys aren’t so ‘wee’ anymore!

  14. There is something magical about red doors – perhaps because we just know that when we open those doors we enter into a wonderful, secure place. Ahhh Celi, you are the Queen of Sheba in your milk bath. A well deserved luxurious treat. V.

  15. The red doors are perfect, and what a great idea to paint them red on both sides so they’ll still have color when open. Those windows are fabulous, too. Is it just me, or are the murphy’s really having a growth spurt?

  16. The reflected landscape in the fabulous [and good size] red doors is great, and also through the goldliocks windows. The coupe is coming together ๐Ÿ™‚ Despite its unfortunate provenance it must feel good to be stacking up all that wood for next winter. I can imagine as well as how it would feel, your Cleopatra bath would smell delicious.

  17. Celia! Besides all your other talents, you’re an architect too. In another life, you had to be a designer. I agree with everyone else: those doors, those windows are absolutely stunning. They look like mahogany to me.

  18. Real progress is being made in the Coupe. The Matriarch will live quite comfortably there, behind the red doors. Our days are certainly getting longer. I noticed yesterday that the sky was still light and it was after 7:00 pm. Can’t wait for the weather to catch up with the calendar.
    Have a great night, Celi. “See” you in the morning!

  19. Feel like a total lazybones: we still have Summer Daylight Saving Time + a foggy morning > Was a bit of a shock to turn around and see 7.30 am on the bedroom clock! Would not make a dawn photographer or a log splitter ๐Ÿ˜‰ ! Add my + vote to both the doors and windows ๐Ÿ™‚ !

  20. I love how the space is turning out! The windows and doors are marvelous. It will be filled with so much natural light. Love it!

    • now that the weather is warming up we should think about when you would like to bring the kids down to visit! Soon there will even be grass! c

  21. Red doors are like red shoes – always bring a smile to your face. (And the windows are definitely worth it!)
    (Oh if you get time, there’s an update post on the big tree the city moved – it looks good although they cautiously optimistic for another 4-5 years. So far so good. We had a good rain last night)

  22. Things are definitely looking brighter on the farmy, and those red doors are a knock-out!

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