Knocking holes in walls is Deeply Satisfying.

Don’t you think?baby-003

Do you ever go to peoples houses to visit and silently imagine knocking walls out, reorganising doors, rearranging their furniture and redesigning their lighting.  I do. It is an affliction. I console myself with knocking holes in my own walls. I just don’t like walls very much you see.

When I was a child I dreamed of having a house with walls made like wooden blinds and in the morning I would just roll them up.

Now the builder and I can enter the Coupe from the Cloakroom without having to climb through the window. That window is shifting by the way, it is being reused elsewhere. baby-007

The round bale of hay arrived for the animals in the back fields. I fully expected the truck to get stuck in this field with all the  swearing and growling that accompanies vehicles stuck in the mud, but I guess the ground is not that thawed yet. So it all went smoothly and the bale rolled obediently into its corner.

Not fast enough for some though. baby-010

Queenie really is very very happy to have her dinner delivered. She wishes she had a happy face in repose. She always looks stern when she is thinking. baby-017

I understand Queenie, honey. I am the same. Once a perfect stranger came up to me in a train station years ago and said “Don’t worry love, it could be twins.”  Then off he went. It took me YEARS to work that out.

Good morning. We had another day of the lightest snow yesterday. Not enough to be a  bother and just enough to keep watering the fields. It has been above freezing for three days now which means we have been able to leave the pump out in the barn.  Not having to carry that 60 pound pump in and out of the house twice a day and drag it across to the barn in the red wagon then carry it in and out of there makes life much more comfortable.

The forecast for today is for light snow and considerable cloudiness. I wonder who it is that actually writes these words, filing them into my internet weather report. These weather words that millions of us read and cling to, groan over or smile at. Who is this anonymous person. Stand up and show yourself and tell me why ‘considerable cloudiness’ was your word choice for today.

Have a lovely day.


62 Comments on “Knocking holes in walls is Deeply Satisfying.

  1. good morning Celi i woke to a dusting my self; just love it! that looks great looking into the coupe.
    the bale ( thanks for a pic that helps) is a 4×5 or a 5×5 looks like great hay ,the weather people have no class or are not blessed as you with infinite word power ; excuse the pun but you have a way with words have a Blessed day SAINTS

    • It is not too big but then it was not too expensive either and we were abloe to easily roll it into place though i am still thinking of adapting an old small trailer I have out here as a mobile hay feeder, I do like that idea… morning saints.. c

  2. I love that you are reusing the window elsewhere C and would you look at that big bale of hay!
    I would love to see the design you had in your head growing up of your “blind’s house”. Must be pretty awesome!
    Have a lovely day and thank you again for your beautiful compliment about my photo’s of my Godson.
    😉 Mandy xo

    • Your work is just lovely Mandy,esp your portrait images. Everything is reused. And putting old windows from the main house into the coupe helps the structures to blend..Morning Mandy! c

    • When i grew up my Dad built a 2000 ft room – kitchen, dining and huge living, it had a ceiling that arched right up, and huge balconies, we loved it, there were 8 of us and the room never felt crowded..Morning Jed .. i wonder where you and Liz will settle down..c

  3. I absolutely agree about the theraputic nature of knocking holes in walls…Right now, I’d dearly love to have something to swing a sledge hammer at!
    Inch and a half of rain yesterday, and the ground frost broke this weekend…along with the sump pump. It wasn’t a fun day.

    • Oh MAN! not the sump pump, that happened to us once and the basement was flooded up to the fourth step .. everything bobbing about in there, like a horror movie, poor you, i hate cleaning up after dirty water.. c

      • Only two inches this time, and it’s mostly dry now. We caught it quickly – after the last time, we got an a little battery-operated alarm that sits right by the basement door, and SCREAMS the second the water touches it…Took longer to fix than normal, since I had to stay upstairs with the Little One, instead of helping.

  4. Yesterday we had showers, followed by periods of heavy rain, followed by intermittent showers over night, followed by rain today. And I thought, “Yup, it’s raining. Oh no, wait, was that a shower…or maybe that was the intermittent shower?” We also had periods of cloud and sun which the weathermen didn’t even mention. Weathermen, they lie like a rug! 🙂

    • Morning veronica, i must come over and see how you are doing.. and hope that things are getting better but that rain will not be helping.. however better rain than drought I think, some time soon it MUST start to warm up and then we will be so grateful for all this precipitation.. c

  5. There is always Derek The Weather Sheep for your forecasts!

    He can get a bit naughty sometimes but it’s funny to see what he writes about the rain every day :-).

    • I bet! i shall pop in and see what he says about today.. i hope all is well with you, i need to find your site and pop in.. c

    • yes, there is a corridor for ease of movement, though in the summner we will be running along the verandahs in the winter we need a covered entrance.. c

  6. “Considerable cloudiness” what a way to describe the weather… I’m still at a that total semi or on and off… ??

  7. I guess that the bale of hay is the ultimate take-away if you’re a cow!

  8. My gosh those pictures look cold enough to shatter. It’s cold here, too, (my builder guys are singing “Stand By Me”) … and I’m off to Denmark for a few days where it’s even colder. Take care, and love to each and all.

  9. I’m sure if you wrote the weather forecast, you’d be longing for a little creativity now and then, as well as holes in the walls to see the weather. You’d like our family house, which is mostly on the open plan — the only door downstairs is on the bathroom. We have forty-six windows.

      • Yes, I love good light — I’ll miss it when I leave here (not that I am crawling into a dark hole or anything — Johnny’s kitchen has good afternoon light and looks outside to a yard).

  10. If you ever journey to Minnesota, please come to my house and explore and give me your vision. I do not possess your gift for rearranging rooms. We knocked out a brick chimney in our house several years ago and there is now a hole in our dining room/kitchen wall covered with cardboard. I don’t know what to place there. A built-in? Shift cupboards or the kitchen peninsula? Perhaps I could send photos, or should blog about this and get input.

  11. Oh yes, nothing I like better than kncking down walls or making holes for new windows (more ight, more light)! Would love to have my dinner delivered on a truck – how marvellous 🙂

  12. I can’t say that I think about knocking walls out in other people’s houses, but I’ve cut/knocked holes into walls for my own doors and windows in the past. As much as I like light coming in through windows, I think you need some walls though, or there’s nowhere to put shelves and cupboards 😉

    • or art, it is hanging the art that keeps a few walls up!! and the books. In this project i have designed a double sided floor to ceiling book shelf that doubles as a wall though not solid as you can imagine, it will even have windows!. It will be my ‘piece resistance’ .. (sorry i don’t know how to put accents in using a keyboard!) .c.

  13. I have some walls I’d like to knock down around here, and what a fabulous idea…a wall of blinds! Have you ever tried working that out? The expression on Queenie’s face is priceless! Clearly she thinks that whole bale is just for her. 🙂

  14. Glad the hay went well. Meteorologists are scientists – they don’t do simple words like cloud! After my creative writing courses, I did a meteorology course as a fill in few points to complete my degree. It was the only science I have ever studied, and I was amazed at the (almost) illiterate nature of the course materials!

    Jock must have earned a doctorate in knocking holes in walls by now, we’ve adopted/adapted/improved/built so many houses. Nice to see the coupe from the inside.

  15. If you want a laugh C. listen to George Carlin’s Hippy Dippy Weatherman routine! 🙂

  16. I do like to rearrange furniture, switch up the bedrooms and and move objects around. My poor husband is beginning to ask that maybe I curtail this creativity! It’s hard on the back! 🙂 Weather is a fascinating subject to me. I might have thought about meteorology as a career had I known a thing about the science many long years ago! BTW…I thought about your kefir bread all day yesterday! LOL!

  17. Why am I not surprised – Celi taking out walls and windows. A desire to have everything open I do understand. Perhaps we relate closed spaces to closed minds. XXOO V.

  18. It’s amazing to me how much has been accomplished on the coupe — in Winter, no less! You poured the concrete not quite 3 months ago and you’re already talking about knocking down walls. At this rate, you’ll be booking Bed & Breakfast guests by Summer.
    I think the weatherman said ‘considerable cloudiness’ because if he said what he really wanted to say to describe this weather pattern, the FCC would have thrown him off the air.
    March comes in tomorrow. Spring won’t be far behind. Hang in there, Celi!

  19. Great to see the coupe taking shape 🙂 I love going into other houses and thinking, I’d do this, move that… and for our own house I’ve offered up reconfiguation suggestions to the G.O. whose restoration baby it was, and knocking out a wall is a no go, so we will go on with compartmentalised internal rooms and the solace of open verandahs and outdoor living space. I love our old house and would be hard pressed to part with it but I have dreams of a recycled warehouse-like space, if we ever built our own.

  20. We’ve got a bit of sunshine here but it’s starting to turn overcast ready to dump its third allotment of snow, rain and sleet this week! I’ll have arms the size of a sumo wrestler if I have to shovel that drive way with the wet snow again!
    Okay spring, I’M READY FOR YA!

  21. I’ve always wanted to knock walls down – the one between the kitchen and the sitting room and then the outside one so we could have floor to celing glass, the minor problem being that it’s listed and the planners won’t play knock-down-walls with me. I suppose I could move, or of course enjoy what I have!
    I’m sure considerable cloudiness comes from the point that the weathe rperson must get so bored with the same old descriptions all the time

  22. I love knocking holes in walls too. Suddenly space jumps into the room. ‘Considerable cloudiness’ – this made me smile. I imagine a considerate forecaster who can’t bear to deliver more of the same so each day s/he thinks up a new description, to avoid saying, ‘more dreariness folks, so sorry’.

    • poor things are just as sorry as we are, having to experience it as well.. the sun must come back soon! c

  23. Knocking holes in walls IS deeply satisfying. I went to Mississippi a few months after Hurricane Katrina swept through. We were doing some work on a school there that involved removing some interior walls made from concrete block. It is tremendously cathartic.

    On another thought – you should consider permanently attaching wheels and a handle to your pump.

  24. Love the way you show us the coupe without the unwanted advertisements! Inspiring!! Yes, with me it is a forever argument twixt books/paintings and windows too 🙂 ! And am laughing about accents on words: writing letters I can quickly change to a language which does have them – on blogs don’t have a clue how to use the proverbial ‘accent acute’ or ‘accent grave’ 🙂 !

    • I am trying but a few creep in every now and then with then paper covering the windows! Ah well.. c

  25. Well, its raining again, oh yes its raining again – I think we have had one sunny day since the last week in January. Not complaining mind, its very mild with it. Much better than heatwaves that usually accompany our summers. I love re-arranging walls and windows. Joy

  26. So much activity, so much progress, and so much good hay! Love the HS kids and their pictures with writing. Takes me right back to my classroom. 😉

    I have seen many round bales of hay in our area. What I don’t understand is the netting that holds them together. I understand why they use it, but it looks like plastic and makes me think it is not good for the animals gut. However, I know nothing about feeding ruminants. (I need to get started on my education NOW, well before the goats arrive. Yes?) 😉

    • I pull the plastic off before we let them at it then roll a panel of pig fence around it to hold it all together and try and mitigate the waste.c

  27. A day without dragging the pump back and forth has to be a good day.

  28. I like a little weatherly alliteration: considerable cloudiness, a smattering of snow, a wild west wind, smidgeon of sleet. Take your pick!

    I though it was only me who took down other people’s walls and rearranged their lighting (in my mind) – when we moved to this house I couldn’t sleep for all the wall moving possibilities!

  29. Some walls should never have been, at all! I am chicken when it comes to removal, but when my wife decides one must go, I have been known to arrive home from work to find that the rats have mysteriously eaten away all the brickwork there.
    Oh, and that is actually a, ‘Hay, thanks a stack!’ expression from Queenie.

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