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148 Bales

Haymaking has commenced with 148 bales of rustly dry hay. Not quite all in the barn yet, but the girls and I will finish that today. The only hiccup was when the hay man and I went to push my hay rack out of… Continue Reading “148 Bales”

Knocking holes in walls is Deeply Satisfying.

Don’t you think? Do you ever go to peoples houses to visit and silently imagine knocking walls out, reorganising doors, rearranging their furniture and redesigning their lighting.  I do. It is an affliction. I console myself with knocking holes in my own walls. I… Continue Reading “Knocking holes in walls is Deeply Satisfying.”

Farm days

This morning early, I took the dogs for a walk (the two cats who come along think they are taking us for a walk) and checked the fences. In the barn, I fed Daisy( dairy cow, who I really hope is pregnant) some of… Continue Reading “Farm days”