Waiting Daze

Queenie is waiting. Waiting on Daisy.  Dazey Daisy.

7days-002 7days-007

Who does not seem to be in any hurry to do terribly much. She now is (officially) a week away from calving .. they say if the calf comes earlier it is more likely to be a heifer, later a steer. Of course there are about a million exceptions to every rule.  But we are all waiting.

Below is a Kong toy for dogs. You put peanut butter or something in the little reservoir and your dog chews and licks it out and is amused for some time. For my dogs the Kong is a  treat. There are two but one is always lost. ‘Find Kong’  will send Ton hunting all over the house until he finds it. Perfect for his medicine then. I broke the antibiotic capsule powder into a pat of peanut butter and stuffed into the Kong. Then told Ton he could not have it ’til I said. So naturally when I said eat up, he ate it up as fast as he could.

7days-025 7days-031

Do you see the lump under his chin in the first shot? Poor Ton. Hopefully between the antibiotics and the hot compresses it will dissipate soon.


Sheila and I dug a path through the snow banks, and worked at opening the gate  so she could get out into the Dairy Mistresss field for a walk.  This pig loves to be out walking. Even when her pigs trotters get bright pink with cold, she will keep strolling along. Like me she hates ice, but snow is not a problem.


Scrapper has his own solarium. Not a stupid cat.

Marcel listening. He knows I am there somewhere.


The milking parlour is golden in the afternoon light after its scrub. Waiting days.  Waiting daze. Waiting for Daisy.


I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy


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  1. Wait! If Daisy is going to calve soon, that means it’s March! It can’t be March. I’m stuck in January somewhere. SPRING, where are you?!!

    • Yes it is March and snowing interspersed with icy rain outside, but just above freezing which is just wonderful.. c

  2. The pregnant pause. 😉 May as well be patient like Daisy!

  3. Sheila’s not stupid – going on walks and chatting to her friends is much easier than having 8 babies 😉

    • Sometimes I think she is too cever for her own good, she was very helpful with the gate lifting it so i could push it over the shovelled snow.. c

  4. Your milking parlour looks lovely. I really like when things look ‘ready’, prepared, full of potential.

  5. I am greedy with anticipation; last night was the first night not below -10C, actually not below -20C in about 3 weeks. Ton looks good but needs the front claws blunted a bit 🙂

  6. Honey once ate 3/4 of her new Kong in about an hour. She also ate the toe and half an inner sole of one of my new paddock boots in about 30 mins. Thankfully she’s not so bad these days. I hope Ton treats his Kong with a bit more respect.

    • Holely Buckets!!!! LOL When a pup or just recently? My golden Maisy stopped that behavior around two years old. Now I have the wait for Summer to get past this! uffda….LOL

    • I love your bed for your goldens! Going to order one too! My friend who has three goldens who are real chewers has one and recommended it! Glad to see you have one too!

  7. Scrapper is right, the car is a nice warm place when it’s sunny. When it’s cool here (under 24C) I set my bread to prove on the dashboard of the ute, instead of in any room without air conditioning! I can see it rising from the kitchen window, and know when it’s ready to bring in. Nice and warm, away from drafts. Ton is looking bright and alert despite his cyst. Clever idea with the peanut butter and the toy. Good night from north Queensland cyclone country.

  8. Kong’s have been lifesavers around here over the years 🙂 I hope Daisy isn’t waiting for all that white stuff to disappear first? Milking parlour looks awesome – very inviting. Laura

  9. I have booked a front row seat and in the meantime am content to relax, doze and wait for the show to begin!

  10. So good to see some water instead of snow everywhere on the farmy Celi! Our snow should be gone by today, thank goodness! And then Spring will be here!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!! And it’s coming your way super soon too!!! 🙂

    • Though not today, today we have snow AND ice falling out of the sky.. maybe spring will come this afternoon?.. c

  11. Good morning!!!
    Kong toys are great! They hold up better than the others I find! You might try the Kong Saftestix! All my friends who had dogs love them! Well,..their dogs enjoy them tremendously! I order my two from Amazon!
    We don’t have that one but we do have two of the smaller versions and a treatstix that I load up with kibble! 😉
    The kids look like they are in great shape! Will be checking in to see the new babies!!!! Sleepless nights ahead!
    Have clean up to do now that the snow is melting…lots of poop!!!! 🙂 Oh joy! LOL
    Poor Ton…but he will be well soon…hopefully!
    Taking Summer to Petsmart today for a new collar and then to Fleet Farm for the largest crate they have. Would be nice to have another for downstairs!
    Her first class in the intermediates is tomorrow! Yay! Then signing her for a frisbee class and the agility training!
    Spring where are you!!!! So sick of the snow and cold days…everyday!!!
    Hope all goes well for calving!
    Take care!
    Mere 😀

    • Mere, I think you will find Frisbee, Flyball and definitely Agility classes can only be started after 18mths old. You need to let Summers bones harden up and set ie hips and shoulder sockets especially. Wish you would blog and post photo’s of Summer 🙂 Laura

      • yes, Boo has to be slowed down too, he wil come in limping sometimes from taking too high a jump in the barn.. c

        • Honey has had 3 cruciat ligament operations in the last 3 years (one operation failed) and the vet and surgeons all warn against frisbees as often dogs twist as they jump to catch the frisbee and land again. Of course, not all dogs have issues but had to mention it, goldens being rather big and bouncy. Our agility classes started at around 18 months and the obedience classes started around 6 months of age. Honey devoured the kong about 4 years ago, when she would have been 4 years old. Joy

          • Oh no, poor honey.. yes Boo is still on Go Long, which means I throw it while he sits and then he runs after it. He is certainly a twister, I stopped throwing it for him to catch when he tried to somersault and catch it landing very clumsily.. Labradors are big dogs too I imagine a jump, twist and heavy landing would be an issue. I have never heard of agility classes, maybe I will see if there are some here for later on. Boo is now just over 12 months.

  12. p.s. The hard red ball that has a hole in it to load up with peanut butter is great too! I fill it, toss it and she will enjoy that for a while then we play fetch and drop it! Bigger than a tennis ball and these little alligator puppy teeth haven’t done anything to it yet! Can’t wait to let the kitties out of the barn….should be fun to see Summer meet them! Hope she is as nice a your Boo!!!! 🙂 And I loved the photos today too! You are a great photographer! I am having a time of it taking photos of Summer! I have taken to making videos instead! Too much action! LOL Thanks for the visit while I have my coffee! 🙂

  13. I forgor to ask…are you still considering the goats? Looking into them myself.

  14. I keep wondering when your snow will go ansd how long it will take for the ground to thaw enough so you can start planting

    • Morning claire, I don’t think we will be planting for a while, the ground is frozen a long long way down and it is going to take a while to warm up.. and it is presently snowing with a low of 12F tonight, so I am thinking maybe the beginning of May for the brassicas and onions.. I don’t know, it might warm up but nothing can drain properly until the ground thaws.. c

  15. My dog doesn’t fall for the “hide the medicine in the treat” trick. You should have seen the filthy look I got from her when I tried it. But fortunately she’s small, so I crush her antibiotics on a spoon, mix with a little water, wedge open her jaws and pour it down her protesting throat. Followed by a nice smelly treat (she likes fried bloodpudding!). I tried her with a Kong, but she wasn’t interested in it. She prefers to tear apart stuffed toys that she then expects me to sew back together again. 🙂

    Have you picked out a name for the new calf? Or do you wait to see it before you decide what will suit the animal? I hope it all goes well for Daisy, though she seems quite serene in those pictures.

    As for Queen Shiela – there really is no stopping her, is there? What an amazing personality she has.

    • morning .. if it is a steer, he will be’ the bobby’ they are all bobbies. If it is a heifer I have some very sweet names in waiting but these will of course be revealed when she has a live calf. there are no guarantees.. I am hoping my recent bad luck will retreat. c

  16. Lovely photos, as always, and I am enjoying the changing header. Do you suppose clever Daisy will remember the routine for the milking parlor?

    • I am fairly sure that when I ring her milking bell she will saunter in and then i may have to retrain her to stand for the cups, but I cannot give her any trial runs as there is always a possibility that she really will remember and her milk is let down, then we really will be in trouble.. but I think she will do well..

  17. Glad to see TonTon in the spotlight. He is such a beautiful dog, i love feasting my eyes on him. The milking parlor is sparkling clean. Don’t know how you manage to make it SO immaculate.
    Living in the city, am grateful for a slow thaw. Yesterday the sewers were gurgling with melting snow but today it snowed. The rest of the week though will be into the 50’s. If we had nothing but 50’s so suddenly we would be flooded. Snow plowed into our yard was 6 feet high. Buried our yew bush and our birdbath.

    • Oh.. I had not thought of the sewers in a thaw, how disturbing.. yes we have snow too.. sigh.. I said to Daisy mind you keep your legs crossed miss, today is not a good day for a calf.. c

    • I appreciate a slow thaw also and I live in the country. A day or two in the 40’s followed by a day or two at or below freezing works well and tends to be less messy. I don’t care what anybody says, I’m going to start some of my veggie plants in my little greenhouse downstairs next week!

    • Lucky we do not have to hide your meds in treats Viv, Jocks imagination would run riot on that one!

  18. Great pictures, as always. Our ground is starting to thaw out and somewhere there is a broken pipe. We are keeping an eye out for a wet spot to help find it but so far no luck. This has been going on for 20 years and by now most all water lines have been replaced and dug deeper. But it was so cold this winter that we probably have frozen ground 3 feet down. (sigh). It seems like on an old place something always needs fixing. Daisy and Queenie look so good. And, I must say that Sheila is looking rather svelte from the side. I wonder if little Marcel gets lonely at night……a leather couch is so much nicer. We are all patiently waiting for the new calves.

    • As soon as the sun comes out and it warms up i will make Marcel his baby pen in the sheeps field. Then he will not be lonely, too small to be let loose with that rowdy bunch yet though.. John works with water lines a lot and agrees, the ground is frozen to at least three feet deep. And every time it thaws a little then freezes again it goes deeper.. many many houses and barns around here are out of water.. it has been a hard old winter.. c

  19. Celi, your photographs are so beautiful, with words to match. Each time I visit here, I am soothed and bathed in feelings of utter love. Thank you for that, especially this morning. ~ Lori

    • Good morning lori darling, That is the most wonderful thing to tell me, that my animals are a help to you.. that is just gold..take care my friend.. c

  20. I can feel the anticipation, and am glad to see some warm light entering your photos. The milking parlour is like the inside of a nut.

  21. I laughed at the photo of Scrapper… cats can always be relied on as signifiers of the warmest spot.

    • and that is an old junk car with all the doors and windows firmly shut, so it really will be warm, how the cat got in is a mystery, being scrapper, he probably chewed his way through the floor! c

  22. The whole world seems to be waiting ~ if only Daisy could understand 🙂 ! And this dogless gal has learned a new fact: had never heard of a Kong or its usefulness in dispensing unwanted medications!! . . . . Have just tried to open a second blog of yours – ‘When in Doubt – bake!’ which arrived a couple of hours ago our time – it says ‘oops, nothing found’ . . . . mysterious . . .

    • The bake one, i was loading some photos and pressed publish quite by mistake, absolutely unstarted, It will be published at the proper time of dawn tomorrow.. so sorry.. c

      • [biggest smile!] Why sorry, Celi? I was still half asleep and trying to figure out what I was doing wrong and how your Canadian son came into the story brought me awake pretty quick-smart!!!! Even know tomorrow’s topic now . . . . such a pity I do not bake!!!!!!!!

    • I think this means you’ve read my reply. Very nice and very kind. And happy St. Paddy’s Day to you. (Im 100% Irish. You too?)

      • Huh? Now I must have had an extra glass of wine for lunch, ’cause I thought I had to remember all my ‘Oirish’ friends on the 17th?? I better look this up since I have no Irish blood in me at all 🙂 !

      • My maiden name is Doyle…we have always been told we are are Doyle. My Mother and Brother have gone to Ireland (Someday I hope too). In doing family research I have the Doyle name back to Ohio, possibly Penn.


  23. Your girls are getting huge, Celi. It won’t be long now. Woke up to a light dusting of snow but it was pretty much gone by noon. Now, that’s the kind of snow I like this time of year! Max destroyed his Kongs, like he has every “indestructible” toy I’ve bought him. Say what you will about him, he is consistent. 🙂
    Have a great night!

  24. My puppy enjoys his Kong toys too or maybe it is the peanut butt I put inside… wishing you a super weekend. BAM

  25. We had a Kong toy here – it’s stuck up in a tree right now stuffed with peanut butter. I’ve noticed the birds have been going at it so I guess it makes a great bird feeder too.

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