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As the snow turns to a dogs delight: slush and mud

The day stayed well above freezing yesterday. The snow began to melt and all the animals  heads came back up. Incredibly the sparrows indulged in a bird bath. Splashing about in the melting ice. Not quite that warm I thought. But there you are,… Continue Reading “As the snow turns to a dogs delight: slush and mud”

Kupa is not better but not worse

No-one can understand how this big peacock  is still alive. Every breath is so hard won and everything I read tells me that a bird cannot survive such a  massive bacterial  attack for very long and that he should be responding to these antibiotics very quickly… Continue Reading “Kupa is not better but not worse”

The last of the summer work

Kupa resumes his role at the top of the totem pole. Speaking of poles the cats are using the resting clatter box as a pathway to the loft. No more climbing the ladder for them! The chook house was cleaned out. John took over… Continue Reading “The last of the summer work”

Good news and Lots of Sweetness

Marmalade still loves Boo Boo. But that is not the good news. We all know about the Marmalade and Boo Boo show! Everyone loves the new hay. But that is not the good news either. The Good news is that the Duke of Kupa… Continue Reading “Good news and Lots of Sweetness”

Kupa’s First Eye..

The first eye feather of the the season. We have been watching his tail feathers grow and this morning there it was, the first eye feather, it is destined to be the longest of his tail feathers and when he lifts his tail in… Continue Reading “Kupa’s First Eye..”

Yes, that is a Marmalade Kitten climbing onto a BooNanny’s head

Look at this tiny Marmalade Cat.. climbing up onto Boo Nannys head.  Boo stays very still and then very slowly turns his imploring eyes to me with a ‘how long can this go on’ look. Long time Boo, sorry buddy. The Duke of Kupa… Continue Reading “Yes, that is a Marmalade Kitten climbing onto a BooNanny’s head”

visitors, burlap bags, pigs bottoms, lightening in the skies, where do I begin

Yesterday Camera house caught Daisy showing you how she backs slowly through the burlap bags dislodging flies. Very slowly. Gently swaying through the lightest of brushes. Flies gone.  Not perfect. But she is after all. A Cow. We have a visitor come to stay.… Continue Reading “visitors, burlap bags, pigs bottoms, lightening in the skies, where do I begin”

Fly Away Home

Though his multi coloured tail is almost gone, The Duke of Kupa is still a gorgeous bird.  The tail feathers I am finding now are shorter and fluffier. The piglets are still exploring their new boundaries and threes times yesterday Ton was sent out… Continue Reading “Fly Away Home”

The Rising of the Ark

Not the 2 x 2 Ark we have had no rain for a while but the 47 Chickens On Grass Ark.  Scrapper is unimpressed. Kupa is just not the bird he used to be.  But my vase of peacock feathers is glorious. Don’t worry… Continue Reading “The Rising of the Ark”

What to do when your puppy brings you rat poison

After your heart has sunk. And you have reached into his reluctant mouth and carefully lifted the offending little brick of poison over his teeth and out of his mouth.  We were visiting a friend and it was one of those moments when you… Continue Reading “What to do when your puppy brings you rat poison”