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Did I tell you that our insurance company has taken the barn off their list and will not insure it anymore?  Is it insure or ensure? I must look that up. 


Broke the barn door.

The positives …

… about being below freezing for so long. And there are positives, it cannot possibly be all bad. Not in Our World anyway.  There are lots of good things. The pigs get a warm breakfast of soaked alfalfa cubes, garlic, kitchen scraps  and molasses.… Continue Reading “The positives …”

The last of the summer work

Kupa resumes his role at the top of the totem pole. Speaking of poles the cats are using the resting clatter box as a pathway to the loft. No more climbing the ladder for them! The chook house was cleaned out. John took over… Continue Reading “The last of the summer work”

Getting Re-Antiquated

I know that  heading (above) makes no sense but I have a challenge that once I have written my title  I must keep it. Sometimes the weirdest phrases and re-spellings get  stuck in  my head.  I am very grateful that you are all the… Continue Reading “Getting Re-Antiquated”