Did I tell you that our insurance company has taken the barn off their list and will not insure it anymore?  Is it insure or ensure? I must look that up. barn-004

They did not inspect it or anything – I saw nobody – it was just suddenly not on the list.  Unless we put a new roof and siding on it. And the moment we do that our tax rates skyrocket.  If you improve your property in this area your property taxes go up and they are already very expensive.

So looking after your old barns is not encouraged and is actually financially penalised.


We cannot afford new rooves and siding anyway.  I would have to sell hundreds of pigs and cows to come up with that kind of money then more every year to pay the tax hike. So it sits now, uninsured.  Filled with animals.   Maintained as best as I can.

Every animal has an outside door, I don’t believe in keeping them caged inside – it is not healthy. Cold but healthy.  Plus in the event of fire they have a better chance of escaping.


Funnily enough there is only one leak in the roof and it is a large area of roof.

No need for dangerous heat lamps in here this year – everyone is looking fat and ready for the cold. Wai is definitely carrying a fair amount of winter weight and has found a way to almost close his fish pond door. Even Tane is in good shape.


The kune kune are the only pigs here who do not spend part of the day making their beds.  I have to pile the straw up for them. The day time temperatures are still rising above freezing and everyone can get out of the wind if they choose to. So for the next ten days, at least, it is looking favourable for the animals.  I leave to begin my travels in four sleeps so I am happy for these temperatures.  I hate leaving hardshiip behind for other people to manage.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER:  The wind will make this an uncomfortable day.  We are having a lot of wind lately.

Wednesday 12/13 30% / < 1 in
Cloudy and windy. A few snow showers this afternoon. High 41F/5C. Winds SW at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of snow 30%. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.

Wednesday Night 12/13 20% / 0 in
Cloudy and windy this evening, becoming partly cloudy after midnight. A few flurries or snow showers possible. Low 19F/-7. Winds NNW at 20 to 30 mph.

7:09 am 4:25 pm

Waning Crescent, 20% visible 2:33 am 2:04 pm



47 Comments on “THE BARN

  1. The barn doesn’t look like it’s about to fall down and a new one can be blown away just as easily as an old one. The animals look happy regardless!

      • They have probably decided that they don’t want to take the risk. Insurance isn’t about looking after people and property, it’s about making money.

      • We had something similar happened to us this year…only it was our house…they don’t like it because it has three different roofs…one tin, on one asfalt and one shingle. Terry talked to them—but. Taxes are crazy here also…you are taxed on the type of walls you have on your house/barn/shed, the type of windows, how you heat…the list goes on and on and on.

  2. Argh, insurance companies, my pet peeve. Always first to snatch money off bank accounts (debit order only, of course) and then the biggest procrastinators to pay out claims. The competition is so great in this country we could probably be ‘covered’ by a different company each month, but their principles seem to be the same for the lot of them. Thank you Celi, my blood pressure has been suitably raised without any chemical or natural intervention 🙂 Only 4 more sleeps, these last few days are going to fly past 🙂 Laura

    • very strangely they don’t want our money to insure the barn – they are worried it really will fall over in a good wind and they will have to pay out I guess. Though it never was insured for much – you can’t build a proper barn again without some very good money

  3. Insure… ensure is to make certain.
    We have an ancient shed, set directly on the ground with no concrete slab. The uprights are a fascinating mix of ironbark tree trunks and scaffolding poles and it’s clad with randomly-nailed sheets of ancient corrugated iron, some of it so oxidised it looks like rusty lace. When Cyclone Debbie came roaring through we rubbed our hands with glee, thinking we’d get an insurance payout. The dratted thing is still standing in all its unlovely glory 😦 Old buildings can be incredibly robust despite appearances.

  4. Well that stinks, doesn’t it? But your animals all look happy and healthy and I am sure the barn is just perfect for them.

  5. Your barn looks so very warm and wonderful! Compared to our ancient, very small structure, that houses the goats, chickens, ducks, guineas, and rabbits! No way we could get insurance on ours! But thankfully it is hanging in there! You’ll need to talk your daughter and partner into coming again next year to scale the walls and fix the roof. 🙂

    • YES! Excellent idea. Though the roof is clad in very old asbestos and with that stuff the best thing is to leave it the hell alone. Never shift it. Never create dust. So we are not touching it. c

  6. Very frustrating about the insurance! Hope these last few days are smooth before you leave! Have a fantastic trip.

  7. Well that just makes me go Ha-rumph! Not insuring the barn – it is a historical building after all. Then if you do repairs – it raises your taxes. grrr.

    Story about a friend in Gettysburg PA: He purchased a lot with two houses. One fairly new, less than 50 years old and another one that was 120+ years old. He and his wife lived in the newer home as it was well maintained. The older was not maintained. There was much mold growing in it and it had been used as a chicken & hog barn for many many years. He went to the city to have it torn down and erect a nice outbuilding for his model train hobby and HVAC side job. The city said no as the house was OLD and part of the ‘heritage’. BUT – they did say if he wanted to build his out building around the old home he could do that.

    So – now he has a large 60 x 60 outbuilding that is beautiful and he is slowly carting that house away piece by piece. The city told him he could do that once it was enclosed in another structure. Someday, I might understand the logic in this, but not today.

  8. Wow that is messed up. I don’t know how things are done there…..but insurance companies have to insure a structure if they did in the past. Maybe instead of insuring the barn you can insure the animals. I am not in any way saying I hope they die. But there are a lot of people who raise animals and insure the animals.
    That seems wrong to me that they are being that way. I have a few other suggestions …..but I don’t want to sound pushy. If u would like to chat I am here for u.
    Also your barn looks very nice. And your animals are very pretty/beautiful. You can tell you care about them and their well being. I hope that your trip is a wonderful one for u.

  9. I’d be happy to sleep in your barn – so cozy! e had our home insurance cancelled because two claims within six months. One, our tree fell on our house during a snow3storm, coming through the roof. The second was a battery-operated cart that was stolen when I had driven it to a class two miles away. They canceled us for THAT! Totally unrelated, not in the same area, and one was deemed “an act of God’, but we were considered “too risky!

  10. Don’t talk to me about insurance companies, all rogues! ohh you must be so excited about seeing your family! 😀

  11. you are going about it all wrong. Petition the State Historical Society to put it on the list of Historical Landmarks. You’ll get some university archaeologist or historian to do a doctoral thesis. The barn will get a throng of supporters and donations will pour in to “save” the landmark. And the insurer? They’d want to get good PR by supporting a historical site.(and name on a brass plaque underwriting it…)

  12. Insuring it is one thing getting a payout in the event of a claim is quite another as there are so many clauses and conditons re condition and maintenance. You have the right idea, keep it in as good order for as little cost as possible to keep its inhabitants sheltered & safe. Enjoy your holiday, the southern hemisphere & a summer respite awaits you 😎

  13. Our old house had a flat roof which had problems with leaking, as it hadn’t been built on a big enough angle – it was TOO flat and the water just sat on it. We had repaired it several times ourselves (no claim) but our insurance company finally told us they would not insure us any longer unless we replaced the whole roof, and raised the pitch. We couldn’t afford to do that, so we had to sell the house, fortunately getting a good price for it. The new owners haven’t replaced the roof, so I don’t know if it’s different company, different rules, or whether they are uninsured!

  14. My apologies to any insurance people out there but that industry is high on my list of detestables! I once had a company refuse to cover the barn because we are might store hay in it. Well duh!

  15. I work in the IT department of an insurance and financial services company. Please don’t hate me. LOL! I can’t explain underwriting decisions so I won’t even try. But I like the idea someone had about looking into seeing whether the barn could be preserved as a historic building.

  16. That your barn is suddenly no longer insured just does not seem right. But who understands insurance companies?

    As far as improvements increasing property taxes, yes, that’s true everywhere I would think. Supposedly the value of the building increases, thus the need to tax more on the higher value. I can see your point about this discouraging improvements.

  17. Your lovely pigs are smarter than the tax man and the insurance company! Glad they know how to keep warm. Have a safe trip, Celi!

  18. I once had my auto insurance cancelled by an insurance company that had covered me for 15 years (since getting my first driving license). When I called to complain I was told they did it because “I had NEVER had an accident and that statistically I was due for one.” 😯

    Their lack of logic amazes me.

    • Not about an insurance company refusal but our City Council refused to instal broken yellow lines at our street corner, which is hard to see around when there are parked cars, because there had been no accidents there. Same crazy logic or lack thereof.

      • Judith, this is not the first time I have heard of this. There is something diabolically wrong with a governing council that refuses to take a proactive stance… like putting in a stoplight where children have to cross a very busy boulevard to get to school and home again. The light eventually got put in, but not before my friend in grade school lost a sibling. 😦

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