The clouds sat on our heads like bubbling pot lids yesterday while the winds raged beneath. sky-003

The winds were very strong at times yesterday causing me to actually struggle to open or shut barn doors. The light was dusk all day. Most of the animals just stayed in their houses.  The cold wind was biting.


I managed to gently cut Alex and her baby out from the herd and they spent last night in a straw-filled corner of the milking room (the only free secure space for them) awaiting their pick-up this morning.


I hope Alex and Abigails new owners do come this morning.  They did not answer my messages yesterday but phones are not always reliable out in the country.  And this was the plan so let us hope everything goes according to plan.

The high for today comes mid afternoon so I will milk then (the pump hates the cold so it lives in the glasshouse and I bring it across the yard at the last minute) after that I will run the hoses. The hoses are emptied of water after every use in the freezing winter so hopefully there is no ice in them to hold me up.

And today I am hoping to get some last minute shopping done before I start my packing.  (I am not a shopper – not by anyones standards  – so this part of the day will be quick, quick).  I leave on Sunday – and now there is rain or snow in the forecast for Sunday so fingers crossed!

We have sun to start our day – cold but bright. Good.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: Colder. But less wind.  19F/-7C as I write.

Thursday 12/14 0% / 0 in
Partly cloudy. High around 30F/-1C. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.

Thursday Night 12/14 0% / 0 in
A few clouds. Low 21F/-6C. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph.

7:10 am 4:25 pm

Waning Crescent, 13% visible 3:32 am 2:35 pm


25 Comments on “POT LID

  1. Abigail is so pretty with her auburn highlights. Oh nooo, no snow on Sunday. Laura

  2. Sounds so cold I makes me cold reading it. I thought we were cold here in Florida with the temps in the 40s last night; cold enough for me anyway. God bless and have a safe fun trip.

  3. No doubt that during the next few days you will be ‘tying up loose ends’ and getting everything ready for Our John to take over for you.
    So excited about your travels!!! 🙂

  4. I always have a few butterflies before loading animals into the trailer. It could be a quiet, gentle experience or a rodeo. Even my best plans can be thwarted by a wild pig or a stubborn cow. I hope all goes well this morning and it is one more check off your list before traveling.

  5. I hope all does go according to plan for your sake today but I will miss Alex and her calf; I’ve always been attracted to them. Seems too early in the season to be so cold — here too. Sending you wishes for a safe and wonderful trip ‘home’ and also for the Christmas season and new year… And would send a hug too, if only that were possible, to thank you for your wonderful blog this past year! — Mame ☺️

  6. Let there be peace on the Farmy, but wild excitement and anticipation for the traveller 🙂 Fingers and toes crossed for No Snow on your travelling days.

  7. I will miss Alex & Rainbow Abigail too. They are so special & beautiful. I hope they went off peacefully this morning to a lovely new life. I know your American family will miss you very much over Christmas, but they must know how happy it makes you & your family there to go home for a visit & renewal. Just hoping your travels & flights will be safe & on time. I also want to thank you for your blog is a must read first thing with my tea most days. Just a few more sleeps. I am looking forward to my virtual trip to beautiful summery NZ.

  8. Happy and safe journey to you, c. We leave on Tuesday for Bogota. Christmas and New Year with John and Gabi. I’m looking forward to warming up a bit, and wearing a few less layers.

  9. Celi ~ you are a great one with words!!!!: “clouds are our heads like bubbling pots!!” made me chuckle!!! strong enough winds ~ that’s for sure!!! I’m sad about Alex and Abigail leaving the farm ~ they are so beautiful!!! I just wanna hug little Miss Abbi!! have a grand one tying up loose ends!!

  10. Your photos are captivating and awesome!! Spectacular clarity and the color tones magnificent! I can’t say which one I like best, as they each have their own heart, their own soul! Thank you for that journey!

    • You are so right. Each photograph is special. And yes, it is a kind of travel experience to see what Celi’s world looks like. Well worth the trip!

  11. Had to laugh at one shot AND at myself! The photo of the two kitties…the orange and dark…looks like the dark kitty has its tail standing straight up in behind it! When I went back through the pictures, I realized it was the shadow of a rake handle in j-u-s-t the right spot! Good one!!! CHORTLE!!

  12. Oh boy! At the looks of those menacing skies, I would stay inside too! Burrrrrrrr! Just think! You won’t need your long johns after Saturday for awhile! BIG SMILE!

  13. Your photos were especailly poignant today with Alex and Abigail leaving- such lovely beautiful animals. Stay warm today-hopefully all goes
    according to plan. Have a lovely few days left before you leave!

  14. I hope that The Alex and Abigail pickup wen t well. I agree about moving animals, much better when all is calm and unrushed. The photos are awesome as usual, but I particularly love the close up of Abigail. Such a beautiful face, and their color is gorgeous. I will think positive thoughts about your weather on Sunday!

  15. Safe travelling to Aotearoa. More sunshine today and very little wind. I have planned for this lovely weather to continue for your stay. How long are you going to be here so I can advise the weather gods.

  16. Isn’t it funny how we bump along with our plans and then something bigger than us has different plans? I remember when I was flying all the time for work, Denver and Chicago always seemed to miraculously manage despite snow. And even if they didn’t, I often found a “way” to stay on plan. You will too. I feel optimistic, boiling pots, lids and all.

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