Yesterday was calm and though cold with little sun the animals and I chalked it up as a good day.  We have had so much wind lately that when it is still it feels both ominous and charmed all at once. better-012

Alex and her haby took their time loading yesterday which was perfectly fine with me, they unloaded beautifully at their new home and once they had checked all the boundaries they came back to their new people for treats.  Everyone is happy. better-013

How does Ton always know where I am going. no matter who I am feeding or visiting he is always there first. And I am not a creature of habit.  He has an uncanny ability this dog. And he does not dart to and fro watching me for clues then running ahead – he is already there in the corner out of sight staring intently at whoever I am visiting when I arrive. better-007better-005

Three little pigs. I have probably told you this already but as these girls are going through the winter, and they were late summer babies, they have unlimited food.  I want them fat for the cold. They are obliging. So far doing well. better-030better-031

Last night I took my night time walk to check everyone and Tima was still not in bed. Tane rose up from his deep straw and complained loudly that his hot water botte pig wife was not back from the fields. better-035

Upon seeing her empty space TonTon turned and ran for the corn field.  Before I even said “Find Tima.” So I went and brought wood a few loads of wood in for the fire and within about five minutes here came fat Tima (who is seldom allowed in the fields anymore) with Ton behind her carrying a corn husk (he always carries something when he is working) up the drive from the fields. She grunting and complaining and he silently herding her along. I opened the gate, said Bad Tima, Good TonTon and back the dogs and I went to the warm house to finish dinner. better-026

Yesterday within an hour of Alex the brood mare cow leaving, Aunty Del (above) was seen feeding both calves (below).


Inky (on the right) is sly. She waits until Del’s Girl Bobby is drinking from a front quarter then she quietly, on tiptoes, sneaks in and drains the back quarters.  The cow does not kick her off because she does not even realise tthat here are two calves there – thinking she is only feeding the one.  Being a cow and all. Clever Inky.

Aunty Del is a big dairy cow so she can feed two with no problem – for a while – but I watch her udder closely.  In fact it is good for her udder to feed a couple. better-022

The compost heap is a favourite sleeping spot for the calves. Warm, and there is always a side out of the wind.

Today I must pack in earnest. I leave for Part One of my journey to New Zealand the day after tomorrow.  So it is time. Packing is funny though – I have to wait for my packing brain to get in gear or it is just a muddled slog. When it clarifies it only takes 10 minutes.  I have a very strict order to the bags after all.  Up until my packing brain comes forth I am only throwing things AT the suitcase.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: Coming up above freezing again. Nice.  Sunset still at 4.25pm. Paused.

Friday 12/15 0% / 0 in
Partly cloudy. High 36F. Winds W at 10 to 20 mph.

Friday Night 12/15 0% / 0 in
Partly cloudy skies. Low 29F. Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph.

7:10 am 4:25 pm

Waning Crescent, 7% visible 4:31 am 3:08 pm


33 Comments on “GET READY

  1. Ton is an amazing companion and working dog. I bet he misses you when you are away. Packing brain is well put……do enjoy your holiday

  2. Yes, packing is best left until the final stage … I do all the prep making sure everything is clean, the electronics and leads handy, possibly make a packing list … but the actual packing is done at the end

  3. I wonder if Aunty Anna(?) is paying Aunty Del to feed Inky? 🙂 Picture of Tane and the chooks is calendar worthy, such vivid colours in winter. Enjoy packing, so exciting. Laura

  4. I totally understand the packing brain. Got to engage that before beginning. I do get that! Have a great trip!

  5. Lovely photo of Tima the Hot Water Bottle Pig Wife 🙂 It sounds to me as if you have everything in place, ready to go. Just a few more things to throw at the suitcase. Does Ton sit and watch you pack with sad eyes…?

  6. Oh many comments to make:
    So Ton being a herding breed watches eyes I am sure. He is watching where you look and takes that lead. He is a smart boy for sure.

    The little piggy has such bags under her eyes. I call that steamer trunks when I have them.

    Tima! Hot water bottle piggy wife! HA!!! That is an image. I have a beagle hot water bottle companion named Chloe or “Damn it give me room DOG” which is her most common name at night.

    Aunty Dell – is a true Aunty 😉

  7. I love the pictures today with the new camera. There is such depth to the color. Such a good finder is Ton. I wonder what the conversation was in the corn field between them. Come with me. No! Come with me, Tima. No! Time to go to bed Tima. Tane is waiting. Heavy sigh. Humphhh, fine. ~ Happy packing. So glad the move went well.

  8. Love your description of the packing brain! When I traveled a lot for work, I easily and quickly packed my stuff. Now I travel maybe once a month, takes me longer to get my act together! Though that may be getting older…

  9. Best of luck with the packing! I was fascinated with your pictures, giving us a look into the life you live. Thank you. 🤶🏼

  10. Ton is so special. Imagine looking at that empty spot and taking off for the hot water bottle without so much as a clearing throat from you. He is sooooo amazing—gives me goosebumps.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather Sunday for you.

  11. One of my “dumped off” cats, Andy, is like Ton. Wherever I go, he gets there first. One day I saw him far out in the field, though, and when I got to the opposite side of the yard to feed the barn cat, he was there sleeping in the hay. That’s when I realized there were two gray cats who are amazingly similar.

  12. May the flights go smoothly without delays and may a warm and sunny North Island and an eager family be awaiting . . . . a little boy who has been counting Sunday sleeps especially . . .

  13. That TonTon, so special. Have a wonderful visit with your family, just over the ditch from us! xx

  14. I do love Ton- such a smart helper. Have a lovely vacation! I’m the same way packing- doesn’t take much time. Cheers!

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