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Fire in the hole!

As expected I scooped and shovelled “the proverbial” all day.  It was sunny and warmed up beautifully. I barely went inside all day. Cow manure does not smell too bad though so it was not an unpleasant task. Later while I was Across the… Continue Reading “Fire in the hole!”

Daisy was poorly yesterday

I heard a meteoroligist on the radio yesterday saying that we have another 15 days of this cold weather. Well, I thought. I am not sure I can wait THAT long. So yesterday I started spring without her.  Opened the barn doors wide even… Continue Reading “Daisy was poorly yesterday”

Getting Re-Antiquated

I know that  heading (above) makes no sense but I have a challenge that once I have written my title  I must keep it. Sometimes the weirdest phrases and re-spellings get  stuck in  my head.  I am very grateful that you are all the… Continue Reading “Getting Re-Antiquated”

Calling all Marmite Hoarders!

Lambs are natural escape artists. They have a tendency to leak through fences. Minty was winding herself around my ankles like a cat so getting her in the shot was impossible. These two were inspecting the trucks. Soon Mama started to make a racket… Continue Reading “Calling all Marmite Hoarders!”

Queenie is sent to Coventry for Picking Fights…

..With Pigs. Yes you read right.  Queenie Wineti my sweet little Hereford heifer was caught picking a fight with a small PIG. It started out as such a soft and gentle misty day. The animals all slept in. The peacock added his new found… Continue Reading “Queenie is sent to Coventry for Picking Fights…”