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Bees, calves and fields

The bees are bringing in the pollen.   The calves, Auntie Del and the Bobby and Marcel are rousting about with dogs. Goofing about and being cool. The fields are gorgeous. I am writing and weeding. The perfect combination. Soon, soon. Have a lovely… Continue Reading “Bees, calves and fields”

Spring in the Sun

Awake, thou wintry earth – Fling off thy sadness! Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth Your ancient gladness! ~Thomas Blackburn, “An Easter Hymn” I was looking for Mother Teresa’s quote, to verify that I had the words right for the header,and came across this other… Continue Reading “Spring in the Sun”

green, the good stuff

(laughter). The Rat House paddock is  starting to show its green though the ground is still so cold it is taking its time coming up. I have had to let the stock out on the fields before they are quite ready, (I would say… Continue Reading “green, the good stuff”

Daisy was poorly yesterday

I heard a meteoroligist on the radio yesterday saying that we have another 15 days of this cold weather. Well, I thought. I am not sure I can wait THAT long. So yesterday I started spring without her.  Opened the barn doors wide even… Continue Reading “Daisy was poorly yesterday”

A little sun goes a long way

The early morning sun yesterday was a sight for sore eyes. And tired eyes. Immediately we were uplifted. I opened all the doors in the barn and light flowed straight past me and into the gloom.  Everyone crowded for the tiny warm spaces.  Some… Continue Reading “A little sun goes a long way”

The Winter Weather of Extreme Dreariness

Ice was clinging to the trees as I went out to milk yesterday morning. Not a lot though and only a little snow.  No-one minded.  There was just enough ice in the trees to fill the air with the noise of … cracking and sliding… Continue Reading “The Winter Weather of Extreme Dreariness”

The difficult answer

What the young people saw yesterday…  “Often. A little bit often”The stories are just as important as the spelling. For the latter; after the children have written their farmy stories (they have a special book) we collect the spelling words, correct them and add… Continue Reading “The difficult answer”

Lambs: A Photographic Essay

Yesterday had horrible weather.   The wind was so strong and so cold yesterday that a few times I walked backwards from the house to the barn rather than have my face blown off. But thats OK, the Kiwi builder was on the other… Continue Reading “Lambs: A Photographic Essay”

A few Farmy Highlights (in pictures) from Jan-Dec 2012

January 2012 begins with a sunset.  and so mild I was drinking a beer on the verandah.  February 2012 – got a little bit chilly though the winter of 2012 was comparatively mild.  Queenie Wineti the Hereford heifer and our darling Mary’s Cat did… Continue Reading “A few Farmy Highlights (in pictures) from Jan-Dec 2012”

Bobby Blanc goes to Day Care

I failed at making the lasagne last night. When I was checking the ingredients I  discovered that I had run out of chedder cheese for the top.  Can you believe it! The cheese in the fridge was an empty packet with only a sliver… Continue Reading “Bobby Blanc goes to Day Care”