Bees, calves and fields


The bees are bringing in the pollen.



The calves, Auntie Del and the Bobby and Marcel are rousting about with dogs.


Goofing about and being cool.


The fields are gorgeous.


I am writing and weeding. The perfect combination.

Soon, soon.

Have a lovely day.

your friend



37 Comments on “Bees, calves and fields

  1. Marcel and Aunty Dell look to be about the same size right now. The girls and I really need to make our way out there next week.

  2. Everybody is having fun at the farmy. Writing and weeding, I’m glad they are perfect for you, I need some help with both of them. For me it is cooking and walking.

  3. Love the Bee with pollen picture!. City Girl here needs to ask what happened to the Bobby’s horns, how was it done, it looks ouchy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Temps dropped to a nasty 1C last night and icy wind finishing everything off here today. Laura

    • Wear lots of clothing, plus i have a nasal spray that i buy in NZ that works well for me in the season. nothing I can do for the itchy eyes though, but if I am wearing my contacts they are not so bad. Just sneeze a lot I guess.. it is not too bad.. c

      • Itchy eyes, try Opcon-A. My sister swears by it. She buys it in the pharmacy in US.

          • Similasan works very well too, I also wear contacts and I can put these drops in with or without my lenses being in. They have several different ‘recipes’ too and you can get them at Walmart. I like it because it’s pretty much natural ingredients.

            • Thank you.. i shall look for those, much easier when you don’t have to take the contacts out first.. wonderful.. c

  4. They still look so sweet, especially Marcel. Another city girl has to ask about that lovely last photo. What is that?

    • It is a grass but what variety I have no idea, maybe someone else will know, i am letting that field go for hay so we will get some good shots in there over the next few weeks.. c

      • Around here we call it squirrel tail and nothing will eat it.

  5. These photos tell such a different tale to the dark cold days of winter. Sunshine is manna from above!

  6. Marcel still wins the sweetest face award. Your life completely resembles the peaceable kingdom…all those animals together, side by side. So beautiful.

  7. Ah, the peaceable kingdom…love those bees with their saddlebags of pollen! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. What happy animals, and fantastic grass. The last photo is magical. Good luck with the writing.

  9. Is that Auntie Del with Marcel in the last pic………they look like they’re having an eating race…..”I can chomp more quickly than you” A beautiful day. Same here, early winter and I’m still wearing sleeveless tops and shorts……might mean we have a very cold September or a long very hot summer though, there’s always a payoff.

  10. Isn’t it lovely when the grasses grow and nibbling begins? Weeding… I don’t like it so much but it does keep a girl fit!

  11. Love the busy bees! And just can’t believe how the grasses have grown!! Have just finished a book on the Western Prairies dated 1850s – much talk about rich grasslands there . . . [probably got the name from your reading lists ๐Ÿ™‚ !]

  12. Those youngsters look like the neighborhood kids hanging out and playing games. Lots of bees!

  13. NEVER have i read your entire post without having to press ‘read more’. Such a happy looking mob! It was a long cold winter for you all. It’s so great to see you all wallowing in the warmth. Mum and Dad fending off -7degrees in the FIRST month of winter. we are praying for a breeze here in the NT. any sign of a wee package from Alice? luv ya long time. have priced the trip to your place a number of times. looking forward to telling you we are on our way. love you. cuzzy MCC

  14. I can almost feel your sunshine on my back. Warm, and kinder than ours, which has a bite and sting. Your babies are growing….

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