Spring in the Sun

Awake, thou wintry earth –
Fling off thy sadness!
Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
Your ancient gladness!
~Thomas Blackburn, “An Easter Hymn”

I was looking for Mother Teresa’s quote, to verify that I had the words right for the header,and came across this other quote (above). So all day yesterday I was marching about saying ‘Awake thou wintry earth!’ Waving my overdressed arms in the air trying to Charm the land to Thaw.  Two pairs of gloves, three pairs of socks (grown thin from the winter washing), many many long sleeved tees and stolen (from afore mentioned teenagers) hoodies, long-johns, trousers, clown suit, jacket  and Nanna Viv’s hat. Awake!, I would call. Dinner!  Sheila would call back.  It was cold but there was sun.  Spring was in the sun. Winter was still in the earth.

Mother Teresa’s words popped into my head yesterday. I had become a little fraught, a little hemmed in bouncing my brain against the cold windows and needed the reminder to slow down and look about. Consolidate. This is no time to be distracted. Babies are coming.

Today the snow will begin to melt.  Because I said so. There is spring in the sun and winter in the shade. Soon, soon.

Daisy changed shape yesterday. The belly she has been carrying so high has dropped and she is lumbering about in a dazed off kilter kind of fashion.  No mucous yet though and her udder, though filling, is nowhere close to being full.


I have plenty of room in the barn  so I am going to separate the cows to separate pens with separate doors to the outside but still able to hang over a gate and  chat with each other.  Daisy spends a lot of time shoving Queenie away from her food.  Queenie needs the extra groceries now too.   And Queenie is not an alpha cow! Plus I am going to start giving Daisy her homeopathic immune building remedy 9 days before her due date to try and ward off the dreaded mastitis. We do not want a recurrence of that. So feeding them apart makes sense.

As well as brushing the cows I brushed Sheila yesterday. Her bristly coat has caught a winters worth of itchy particles of straw so she got a good clean up. I even brushed the tassel at the end of her tail which is quite white and getting bushier and longer.  I did stalk her with the camera trying to get an elegant shot of her tail but .. not today!


Marcel has grown out of his dog crate sleeping quarters, so the other day I transferred him and his crate into the Snug. The Snug is a  small room with nothing but an old television (with no Cable) and a big leather couch left over from John’s single man days. A TV in the living area is anathema to me so we created a small room just for the television when there were teenagers in the house so they could watch their obscure Japanese movies. Now there are no teenagers, but sometimes if the wind is right and the moon is in the appropriate quarter John can get signal for a ball game on his ancient tele and he will recline on the deeply uncomfortable leather couch with a crossword, the remote, a beer and then,  like a cat with his mouse, pretend not to care about the Game he is avidly watching from his eyes corners. At times he will leap up and throw all kinds of  lowest common denominator words at the poor little men chasing a ball about on the screen.  No-one can hear him.. not even the Ref. The snug is good for that. Nobody can see you.  Though I did spy Marcel sleeping in a beanbag the other day while John shouted at the inert television.

Anyway for Marcel’s last few days in the house I put a gate across the Snug doorway and let him loose in there with his crate sitting in the corner open for bedtime.

Last night John came into the kitchen and said, Where is the lamb? In his room, I said, when do you want to eat? He is not there, said John. He is not in his box.  I looked around the corner. His little dog gate was up. He had to be in there.

It was two hours before his next feed so (not wanting to wake the querulous endlessly hungry baby monster), we snuck up on the room and, poised with eyes open, I flicked the light on and then off. On the memory of our retinas; There was Marcel. Large as Life. Reclining on the Black Leather Couch. Nestled up against the remote. Legs tucked in, happy as a lark. For all the world like a middle aged bloke waiting for the game.

Hmm, I said. Walking back to the kitchen.  Time that lamb went out to the barn with real animals. Our John snorted. Who are you calling an animal, he said, hopefully.


The Mosh Pit… Sometimes I wonder what goes on out in the barn when I am not looking.


All is well. And all is as it should be. I am still here and just the same.   You and I together will get used to this new format. I kind of like it actually.  I hope you do.

One more thing. Yesterday was the first sunny day since the Glass Room has been enclosed. We opened the door into the house while John was insulating in there and PILES of warm air flowed into the house. It was 12 degrees outside and 70 in the Glass Room.glassroom-003

I turned the heating off in the Coupe and let the fire die down as this little solar power house heated the living area of our home. I had hoped that this would happen. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together. It is always a slow process but that is good – I would not like to leave my guardian angel behind.

I do hope you all have a lovely, lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy,


103 Comments on “Spring in the Sun

    • Still way below freezing here too but the sun had some real warmth yesterday.. the thaw is going to slowly begin today, i command it!.. though often I think of having a coffee and croissant leaning over your big hot bread oven.. c

  1. We are starting to see signs of spring down here too, especially the daffodils, which have begun to spring up everywhere. They survived 28 degrees the other night (that’s cold here!) and I am waiting to see if they survived last night’s 32. Your class room sounds like a very nice spot!


    • We might be a few weeks away from the daffs, the ground is still frozen solid three feet down, oh I do look froward to the bulbs coming up though… c

  2. I like the new format! The pictures are so much nicer looking.

    • Thank you Pat, I am thrilled that it is working for you, I was hoping you all would feel closer and more involved if the pictures improved.. c

  3. Yes I really do like the new format and in a very short time. You deserve a gold star, no, make that warm sunshine for more than a hour or two.

    • No. The reason she has mastitis is her udder was compromised by a suckling steer before she was even pregnant. So really she has been damaged. And there are as many remedies as there are cows. The one I use has been very good at keeping her condition manageable, but I will certainly try the oils, I need to do a bit of research .. thank you.. c

  4. I am afraid I can’t see all the pictures! i can see their titles (glassroom-003) but apart from the first few pictures of Daisy and Queenie, and the one of the two roosters, the rest are not showing 😦 Oh well perhaps it is me and my slow internet and it will improve with time. Please keep shouting your command that winter be gone, snow storm yesterday and 5F this morning is just too much. Had a back garden full of Robins yesterday in the snow storm, trying to fin worms, an looking like they had realized their mistake in flying from the warm south too early!!
    Hugs Lyn

    • YEAH as I was writing my comment, all of a sudden the pictures appeared! certainly must be my slow internet and I will have to learn patience !!

      • Thank goodness Lynda, and isn’t it nice that we can see your picture in this format, it makes it more personal! Lovely to see you.. c

  5. I so look forward to your posts daily, not that I comment on them all but I do read them all with interest… I just love the things that go on there and the way you always explain them… makes me feel as though I’m part of it and I feel bad when I can’t slip off the shirt and help with some of the chores that I loved to do on our old farm…

    • How I wish you could join in, today I am scrubbing the milking parlour of its winter grime.. I could do with a hand! c

  6. The warmth of the sun is still the best, cleanest and kindest heat of all, closely followed by a wood fire (not so clean, though). I think your idea of a glass room to heat your house is very intelligent, and I’m so pleased it’s working well! We’re officially in early autumn now, but it’s not too late for cyclones, and they’re threatening a possible one over the weekend. *Sigh* Time to batten down the hatches again.

    • I call it passive solar heating, even this morning it was still warm (we have concrete floor and concrete blocks and soon a water barrel to store the warmth) and in the summer the door will be shut and draped to keep the heat OUT. We will need to work on that one. I am seriously thinking of trying to build another one off the french doors to our bedroom. It is freezing down there. But that is for another project. Not this summer. c

  7. Ooo you’ve been decorating the farmy – I haven’t seen the new layout as I usually view blogs from my not so smart phone. Your blogy farm i slooking very smart though

    • This is only day three claire.. i would be interested to know how it looks from you not so smart phone though?.. c

      • Using WordPress to read your daily post it just looks like every other blog site I visit – the pages are very paired down, the extras are removed and it’s re-sized to fit on my dinky phone – it’s a shame really as you don’t get the full on view,
        But if I click on the site it seems OK, my phone screen is small(ish) and the quote on the header doesn’t fully come into view. But the preceding posts look good – the main photo with the title all seem good to me.
        Right back to my dog sitting duties 🙂 not literally you understand !

        • The Matriarch thinks it is the weather.. going stir crazy.. mostly it was a hankering to give the images a slicker canvas, something that reflects me a little more. Give the blog a rev up and make me work a little harder at creating better photographs. c

    • Thank fully the weather had reached the magic teens and Marcel can go out to the barn today. He is very active and strong and wreaks havoc in the house.. Time to go out and meet Sheila. c

  8. The new format is fabulous Celi! Just love it! And the glass room! To be able to heat the house with it! How wonderful!!! Good things are indeed happening!!! xo

    • It has certainly made a difference, on the sunny day anyway.. not much sun today though, so i will be interested to see how it goes.. c

  9. There is nothing like the sun appearing again to revive one’s spirits. We are still stuck in the grey, foggy just around 0°C cycle (nearly six weeks of it now) and I’m champing at the bit to see a glimpse of that elusive sun. It was so much nicer last year with -15°C and blue skies.

    Gosh it’s all about to happen now, isn’t it. With babies to look after you’ll be a busy lady. I love reading about your daily life – there’s so much to think about, plan ahead and be prepared for. I feel positively lazy when I think of everything you do. But I hear an immense love for it all through your words and I am sure that it makes it all worthwhile.

  10. That lamb, he’ll be hogging the remote next! Love your new lay-out by the way.

    • I am glad you like it christine, I would hate for you to have to put your bad hat back on! (smiley laughter) .. have a gorgeous day.. c

  11. I enjoy the new format! It’s good that the glass room has delivered the hoped-for warmth to your home. It makes up for the unhoped-for cold still outside. There is warmth in that sun, if we can get it apart from the wind!

  12. You are my morning treat before I start writing each day, thanks! This morning, for reasons that I will not explain here, I read the blog on the phone and it looked quite good, as if the entire thing had been slimmed down into a rectangle, but the background and pictures intact.

    • oh very good charlotte, thank you .. I hope you have a good writing day.. I am going to have a good scrubbing in the barn day.. c

  13. Yay, Farmy blog looks really good today 🙂 Hmm .. maybe I should invest in a real live lamby for cuddling during our upcoming winter. My luck the dog and the lamb will probably cuddle each other and leave me out in the cold. I am really hoping the sun is returning to you – let the spring in. Laura

  14. I am starting to like this too. Also like the light blue colour; very gentle and calming. You and I both have the same dislike of TV. Ours is in the library here in Van and I swear is turned on a handfull of times/yr. In E, I’m trying to evict the lathe from a small room and put the TV in there, but since R and I spend so much time apart, he has different TV habits in E and so my chances of success are slim. Hooray for the glass house; now if you could just surround the whole of the farmy with glasshouses, we’d be in business. 😀

    • Thank goodness, I am getting used to the new format too though I cannot load and launch a post in an hour anymore! I have not watched TV for .. oh.. probably 4 or 5 years, except when i am visiting my son in california then i watch the cooking channels! It is easily the least important gadget in this house.. have a great day veronica.. c

  15. The position of the sun says that spring is almost here but still not strong enough to melt our mountains of snow. I really like your new look.

  16. Precious little Marcel has certainly made himself at home. I wonder how he will take to living outside. I have visions of him waiting at the back door to be let inside at bedtime. C, I am going to do a little Spring dance for you. Your weather HAS to start warming.
    Have a beautiful day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • He will find out today, I need him to be in the barn running about and making a mess out there, and he is big enough and strong enough to live out there now.. c

  17. Thank you for this wonderful blog post! I feel transported to your sunny farm. We had about three more new inches of powdery, fluffy snow last night. It is not sunny. Spring seems VERY far away here in Wisconsin…

  18. Very smart new format…which makes your pictures look even better. Very envious of your little solar powered Coupe…our house was 14C this morning. I’m being very mean with fire wood and not lighting it until the afternoon…about now:)

  19. I will chant for spring and warmth as well, miss c. With the new format, side by side pictures are so tiny I can’t make them out since I use my phone to read your lovely blog, as I am always (it seems) on my way to work. Just wanted you to know.

  20. Hey! Everything is new here! Black and gray for the posting and it all looks like you’ve renovated! So much going on! You have so much to do and how could you ever get bored this winter!
    Sure hope the winter goes out like a lamb because the bear part of it is bone weary besides bone chilling….
    Love your quote! Photos are wonderful as usual!
    Today it is supposed to be 17 degrees and Summer and I are so psyched! Finally we can go out and take a walk. Well, she loves the snow so I walk and she finds places to play in and roll in! She looks like a polar bear! LOL
    No wind chill today and that is glorious! Oh do I miss warm weather even if it means lots of work and long days again…it sure beats being locked in by snow and -45 wind chill. Change is a comin’!
    It is light when we get up in the morning and that I love! Nothing worse than getting up in the dark.
    Have been feeling like a mole! Yikes!
    Can’t wait for the babies to be born! Hope all goes well! My friend in PA has cattle and they are calving now. Losses due to the terrible storms. Heart breaking for her….sigh…
    Take care my wonderful writer friend! Always fun to read what you are up to!!!!
    Love Ya! Muah! Mere
    p.s. Training a puppy is very time consuming so this is what I have been up to! Skipping the beginning classes because I have been working with her. March 9th is our first intermediate class!!! Yay!

  21. I’m just so surprised that Boo wasn’t hanging out in the man cave on the sofa with Marcel! It’s nice to see your pics so large and lovely, and I see you worked out the colors, too! 😉 Isn’t that fun to play with…if you have the time. I, too, noticed that the header was chopped off on my iPhone 5s. That latest iPhone seems the hardest to resolve responsive on, for some reason. We had a 77 degree day on Sunday, then dropped into the 20’s last night, but a warming trend later in the week that I hope you will share. Have a great day, Celi.

    • Maybe I should just drop the header? It seems like it is a little defunct with this new format. I will take it off and see if it make a difference tomorrow morning.. c

  22. Love the new format on my iPad. Can’t wait to hear about Marcel meeting Sheila. 🙂 Here in Eastern Ontario winter shows no signs of letting up. Oh well, the sun is lovely and the kids will be able to ski during March break for a change.

    • My son is up in Canmore and they have had so little snow this winter, just the terrible cold.. Have you seen a commenter called Peter, he has a woodfired sourdough bakery somewhere in ontario, his name will take you to his site, wouldn’t it be wild if you were close by.. c

  23. Desperate to banish wicked winter I hunkered down in my atelier and began producing cards that would welcome spring. I am sending them to my dear friends and family who are suffering from the most extreme winter ever. Love, love love this new blog format Celi. V/

  24. Love the knew look and the poem is perfect. I will be slugging along today shouting Awake, thou wintry earth.
    Marcel. ha! Found just the right place to nap, didn’t he?

  25. Your new theme is not converting properly to the smart phone, not sure what happened. The snug sounds like the perfect place for Marcel, he is going to think he’s a human soon.

    • Hmm. it is an intuitive theme so it should..I am sorry.. that is certainly something i know nothing about.. though I am sure someone said something about the latest Iphone not being compatible.. i will check.. c

      • I could still see it on my phone but it defaults to a much, much smaller layout so I had to enlarge it. It’s fine but I thought you should know.

          • Yes I do. I try to do pretty much all my commenting from the reader part of the wordpress app. Do you use it? Do you find that with some blogs (not yours) you cannot use the commenting feature in the reader even though it’s a wordpress blog? I just don’t get it.

  26. The new format is so wonderful. I know it takes a bit of work to make it all come together but certainly you must be pleased with the results. The pictures of your crew are lovely, as always, and the warmth of your little solar room is creeping through the pictures…….ah……I will curl up in the sunspot and maybe Marmalade will join me????

  27. Celi had a little lamb
    Its fleece was white as snow
    And everywhere that Celi went
    The lamb was sure to go.

    Am loving the new format more every day. Pictures are just beautiful. Hang on, Celi. Spring is coming. Today I heard the first of the Sandhill cranes coming back for the summer. They are early this year….maybe they know something I don’t.

  28. I love the new format on my computer screen, it comes across like a lovely magazine page, and I particularly enjoy the faces of the Commenters’ Lounge being so much clearer. I checked on my phone to see how it looked and was so-so until I remembered I had a WordPress app update that needed doing… once done the new format looked amazing 🙂
    Marcel… from very sick orphan lamb to a happy healthy adaptable little bloke – very much a success story 🙂

    • ah, there is an app, we should tell the others who have been having trouble with their phones.. I am thrilled that you like it.. have a lovely day.. c

  29. I love Daisy’s white whiskers. That little sheep think he’s a dog. Your glass room is a fabulous addition to your green credentials. Guardian angels are a GOOD thing. Encourage them.

    ViV xox

    PS Thumbs up for the new look.

  30. Love the new format! And wonderful pics of all the animals, as usual. Why is it that animal pics fascinate me so much more than “humans” pics? Hmmmm…thinking that over….
    Yes, I feel it too. Spring is definitely coming soon. 🙂

  31. Just wanted to say hello with my avatar I just figured out how to change. Lobo is taking a rest for awhile. Mornin’, Celi

  32. It doesn’t get anywhere near as cold here but I feel it and completely identify with the overdressing – layers is the only way! Once again, stunning photos, really glad I found your blog.

  33. Absolutely love Thomas Blackburn’s words to go with the lyrically beautiful heading: perhaps wishful thinking for today, but spring can’t obfuscate much longer surely! Funny about the TV – neither of my husbands dear would allow such in the livingroom either 🙂 ! On the other hand I have always done the ‘wrong’ thing as far as the medical authorities go and watched it in huge comfort from my very cosy bed!! Oft the best sleeping draft!!! Marcel seems like Sheila: already knows how to get the best out of this world . . . . and just can’t wait for the babies to start coming . . . hope you had a good feeling-world day . . .

    • the sun is warmer now, though the ground is still frozen solid, however i am feeling comforted that spring is on its way.. after tomorrow’s snow that is!.. morning mama eha.. c

  34. I think you “thaw dance” may be working. Although it isn’t as warm as it should be, it was certainly warmer today and the sun was wonderful!! It melted some of the snow. Unfortunately, someone else must be doing a “snow dance” because we have more snow in the forecast for tomorrow. But Friday is forecast to be in the 40’s. Be still my heart!!!

  35. Everything looks good on the blog today! I like the wide-open space from side to side.

  36. Solar power rushing in to warm you; a hilarious story about Marcel, and a funny scenario of you chanting ancient odes to spring as you walk the land. With all this energy, something MUST be changing. I can feel it in the air. And to affirm this, let me tell you that it’s been cold here the last two days. Mohair blanket on the bed, woollen socks on the feet. Now that warmth has to go somewhere, and I’ve asked for you to be at the top of the list. So keep expecting it!

    • My grandmother had a mohair blanket, i can see and feel it even now. I loved that blanket. I shall look out for your warm air, it surely must come and I pray that you do not have as mean a winter as we did.. this winter can just rock on back to hell from whence it came.. Have a lovely day juliet… c

  37. Such loveliness you share, Celi. Well, OK, the cold is not lovely, but your pictures always tell the best parts. We are getting the spring tease here. A day of warm weather (72 on Saturday!) and then we are thrown right back into freezing the next few days. I call this ‘make you sick weather’. But with each day of warmth the following days are a little bit less freezy.

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