A little sun goes a long way

The early morning sun yesterday was a sight for sore eyes. And tired eyes. Immediately we were uplifted.zxy1-002

I opened all the doors in the barn and light flowed straight past me and into the gloom. zxy1-013

Everyone crowded for the tiny warm spaces. zxy1-029

Some are better at sharing than others.


The Duke of Kupa is very good at sharing.  More like show and tell. zxy1-039

So is Minty, though she was not thrilled to be sharing with Charlotte. zxy1-052

Good morning. Today we are back to considerable cloudiness and a band of snow but the sun yesterday went right into my bones and will sustain me for another few days.

Today I am taking Tilly and the Blue Murphy into the local school to visit with a group of 6 year olds.  It is going to be a rush as they want us there at 9am!  So I had better get going. There is a lot to do before then.  I will take Camera House and if our visit does not get too wild I will take some shots and show you their visit tomorrow.

You all have a lovely day.


38 Comments on “A little sun goes a long way

  1. Hope the visit goes well (mad woman!) The sun has come out here too today and we are painting outside (walls and woodwork, nothing artistic) and it’s a joy to be outside 🙂

    • Hi do you milk your goats? We are thinking about either milking goats, or minature types of cows, does it take much work, or not too bad? xo

  2. What fun those 6-year-olds will have. You all will be the hit of their day.

    Snowing already here in southeastern Minnesota with up to 10 inches expected. So perhaps some of this is moving your way. The boy is supposed to travel by bus from Fargo to Minneapolis Tuesday evening and then fly to Chicago and onward to Boston on Wednesday morning. I’m praying the storm is over by then.

    I know what you mean about a day of sunshine. We had that on Saturday and WOW, what a day of sunshine won’t do for a winter weary soul.

  3. What do you think those dear lambies made of their first sight (not to mention feel) of sunshine??!!! How’s Mia today? I am worried about her…especially and somehow since she shares my youngest daughter’s name.

    • Mia is slowly recovering but she will never be a strong sheep again. Two very rough miscarriages may have been too much for her i am afraid. c

  4. We had an awesome overcast and rainy day yesterday – most welcome after 15 straight days of 35*C (95F) +. Our mornings are getting cooler – we must be heading into Autumn. Love the picture of the rooster and cat sharing ! Laura

  5. Kupa is certainly a guy who knows how to make the most of good light! Stunning!

  6. Gosh, sunshine here too yesterday, although much colder and frostier than I would have liked. Some lovely crocuses and snowdrops out in the garden and everything was going along just fine till I started reading some friend’s blogs from OXON and realised they had blooming daffodils and wanted to move to France! Perhaps today I’ll paint myself some daffodils. Hope your visit went well and Tilly and the Murphy’s behaved themselves. 🙂

  7. That sun yesterday was fantastic, wasn’t it? I saw on the maps that there’s a band of snow heading your way. Hope it doesn’t make a mess of your roads while you’re traveling to-and-from the school. Kupa is such a show off! He looks incredible, though.
    Have fun with the kids and a great day, as well.

  8. We are just back from Denmark, and life returns to normal after all that a funeral involves. The house is still topsy turvey, and plaster dust rains (and reigns) over us constantly. Sunny here, too, which lifts the spirits. Hope your day is all you wish, c.

  9. Will you come and visit me and bring the lambs? Colorado has sunshine over 300 days a year–I am sending you some beams.

  10. Kupa’s response to the appearance of sun after a long absence is fantastic. He’s an incredible bird even from my distant vantage point. The rooster and cat sharing the patch of sun wins me – the farmy has a wonderful collective dynamic. If only the whole world were so 🙂

  11. Have a wonderful visit at the school! It looks like I have a lot to catch up on at the farmy! 🙂

  12. What a treat for the students! You are so kind to give of your busy day to start planting seeds in those young minds. That Kupa is a beauty. ER, handsome. Show-off and tell, maybe? 🙂 It does look like everyone was happy to see the sun.

  13. I’m glad Mia seems to be getting better. I was worried about her. I hope your presentation went well!

  14. It is so wonderful to see the sun this time of year. We have it here today, with expectations that it will be gone tomorrow.

  15. Sun? What’s that? I think we have had one sunny day since the end of January. Grrrrr. Joy

  16. Don’t believe it! Two of the lambkins at the school for ‘show and tell’ at two weeks! Don’t they get upset at all the milling kids 🙂 ? Would be kind’of funny if natural functions ensued as result of all the excitement !! [Tut, tut, Eha!]

  17. We have sun this afternoon, after morning fog. I’ve been sick for days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday), but must get on the road tomorrow to get to Seattle by Wednesday night. I’ve been babying myself, but had to go out today to do errands after the sun showed up. It will be fun to hear about lamb show-and-tell. See you tomorrow.

  18. Our sun and warmth returned today ~ I took a book outside to read. Aah . . .
    Lovely photos with all that sun.
    Hope show and tell went well.

  19. Three days of travelling to reach the first destination. 28C in Napier today…..I’m sure they can spare some sunshine for the farmy! So sad to hear about Miss Mia, I hope she is improving. E

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