So lucky that my work is what I love to do the most!

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Confucius

This is why when I am suiting up to go outside into the bitter cold on yet another day of considerable cloudiness, I don’t mind. Milking Daisy is like visiting a very large cantankerous and beloved friend. Taking the pigs for a walk is a gift because pigs say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you all the time as they love the attention so. Lambs frolic, children laugh. Mama sniffs and nibbles at my hands making sure I am clean enough.  In the middle of the night, last night, Mama and I turned as one at her gate and stared intently into the corner of the barn because we both saw something move in the shadows. A cats head peeped around and we both relaxed as one and turned back to our lambs.  I have a peacock who will sit on a fence inches from my face and watch what I am doing with studied disinterest.  Soon we will begin planting. This is my work.

I know things go wrong sometimes. They have and they will. I know that this summer you and I  will make some hard decisions. These come every summer.  I know I am on a steep learning curve because this girl from the beach is so new to farming. But aching, cracked hands and all, I love my job.yxz-008

So yesterday they said there was a storm coming and there is one thing I know,  if you lock the kids up in the house, without a good walk first, they will scrap and fight and misbehave.

So I opened the gates up and sent the Girl Band and the Shush Sisters out for a run.yxz-014

Mia and Minty walked solemnly about (taking the air) but Meadow and Sheila leapt and sped about with great determination.yxz-010

See how lucky I am! Surrounded by dancing animals!


Well, not all dancing but I know for sure that Daisy is deeply envious of the cavorting and gallivanting that she is quietly observing. yxz-015

Sheila is my treasure. On all our walks she goes everywhere twice doubling back endlessly to check that I am keeping up. Charlotte wanders off in the opposite direction as usual.

Good morning. Our school visit was a frenzied delight.  The two lambs and I had mob after mob of children coming in to the classroom to see the babies once word got around the building that there were lambs to be seen. There  was absolutely no time to take photos. Even if I had wanted to there were always at least one or two kids hanging  at my knees and another couple attached to my arms, tucking themselves in beside me as they all crowded in to tell me stories and pat lambs and shriek with horrified delight when they peed on the floor ( yes Eha!) and ooed and smiled when they drank with such gusto from their bottles, and lay their little children’s hands on little lamby hooves and scratched their heads and nibbled at their woolly backs with their fingertips.

Children adore baby animals. And the lambs sniffed and tasted  the children, the teachers,  the tables and chairs. We kept the visit short so as not to exhaust the two week old lambs, and left with promises to bring in the chickens when this years crop comes in.

The storm that was causing such a stir amongst the locals has not eventuated. How we all long for a decent drop of snow. Maybe there will be something later in the day. But so far we only have a little ice on the ground.

Milking time.

Have a lovely day.


74 Comments on “So lucky that my work is what I love to do the most!

  1. Good morning Celi glad to see (or read) that your spirits are back to norm. with the spark in your words woops cliffords gotta pea bye SAINTS

  2. Such fun pictures today! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a pig “frollick” but that certainly appears to be what was happening! I would be MORE than happy to send all of our snow your way. 😉

  3. Caught the early morning CNN feed (late night USA I suppose) and they mentioned big snow storm heading east to Chicago with temps of -7C. Oh no I groaned – poor Celi and Farmy. Pleased if it has missed you. Love Hairy watching over everybody in the background 🙂 Hope Spring comes knocking on your gate this week. Laura

    • i would not mind some snow, but it appears to be manifesting itself as heavy gloom, with the doors in the barn shut just in case.. If i could just pop into my time machine and then pop out for a nice cup of tea in your sun, I am sure that would be lovely.. c

  4. Everyone’s life should be as well connected and rich as yours, c. Warmest greetings and love to each and all. M.

  5. Happiness oozes out of every line and every picture of every post on this miraculous blog. No matter how tired and mopish I feel when I start reading, the joy seeps across the ether and I feel once.

  6. So glad the lamb trip went well. It is a good thing to teach children of all ages about the farmy and its babies. We are smack dab in the middle of the snowstorm — possibly a foot of snow by the time it stops — wish I could share it with you so the farmy could get the needed moisture. Love the photos of the happy animals.

  7. You should re-name your place Galloping Pig Farm…that’s too cute.
    Still got my fingers crossed that you’ll get some good moisture from this storm. Have a good day!

  8. That pig running is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Hey, Celi, have you ever read Mary Poppins? There’s a great chapter about a Cow with a star stuck on her horn who can’t stop dancing. It’s great.

    • I am ashamed to say that i have never read Mary Poppins.. worse.. i have never even thought to.. I am going to find it asap! Morning charlotte (carlotta!).. c

  9. I love watching sheep gambol, they look so happy. I have never seen a pig do this, not having had much to do with pigs, so I’m glad you got that photo.
    I advised my son when he was young to find something he loved to do, become good at it and he would find his place in life. If you love what you do it isn’t work.

  10. Everyone at the farmy seems to have chosen to be there, even if that isn’t quite how they became part of “the gang.”

  11. Hello, looks like the weather is picking up there as it is here. By the way – I saw there are some vintage spong mincers on ebay at the moment.

    • I shall go and look right now, I was trying to explain the gadget to john and he was being all blank about it. I want a beast though,(In fact I want Tims one!) I have a lot of meat I could mince up myself! And freshly minced is so much better.. c

  12. We’re likely to get that snow today. The kids are thrilled. I can just imagine the fun at the school. You always paint such a great picture. It is a gift to love your work. Most days I do, but I confess I’m still searching for the path that brings out my passion.

  13. with all the ups and downs, ins and outs, isn’t it absolutely lovely to know you are where you are meant to be doing what you love. Life is a grand adventure indeed.

  14. Lovely to see the piggy gallop – I was always surprised how FAST they are on such little legs!

  15. Totally agree that your life’s work should be what you love and it will not feel like work. So few are so fortunate.

    I cannot believe the lack of snow in your landscape. We got another six inches overnight to add to the four that fell yesterday, adding to the snow already on the ground. I would gladly bus some your way, although we, too, need the snow for moisture.

    • I think you are getting a drought breaker amount, that is so good for your spring.. I do wish it was us but it will come one way or the other, fingers crossed it is this year.. c

  16. What a delightful day and appreciation of your life! Like you everything is iced over here in Southern Ontario even the snow, which can make walking dangerous. But the day is crisp and there is sun in the sky. Celi, when you express your joy at your life it enriches my day and my life also!

  17. Snow supposedly on it’s way here tonight/tomorrow. Then a warm up (YES). Although we have been lucky with hardly any snow (Bedford VA), it has been so cold and I am way behind in doing/planting. My chickens are ready for a warm up too.
    Love your blog and although my farm consists of 2 dogs, 3 cats and 8 chickens I love my work planting veggies and trying to be self-sufficient as possible. Wish I could run a farm like yours!

    • what you are doing is wonderful Lyn, you can get piles of food out of a little plot! I wish everyone could do what you are doing! c

  18. Vivinfrance said it for me this morning; no matter how I feel when I start to read your posts, I feel better (enriched, even when the posts are sad) for having read! Your posts are usually my first read in the morning. I so admire your gift for finding joy, even when things don’t go exactly as they should. What a gift, to take the lambs to school! (Running in my head: “Celi had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb . . .” Sorry! Couldn’t resist.) Have a wonderful day.

  19. You’ve learned quickly – everyone run around before the weather is bad (some human moms might think about that one, too – giggles)
    Thanks for taking the lambs to school – can you imagine what the dinner table conversations were about that night?

  20. Such a great series of shots, dancing farm animals. I bet those kids yesterday loved the lambs. What a treat for them. Heck! I would have enjoyed the visit. I hope things have changed a bit and you’ve gotten some of this white stuff. We’ve got about an inch, so far, but the worst part of the storm is still a couple hours away.

  21. at last I have found the comments box! I scrolled down for ages and ages!
    The fact that you love your work is so apparent. Anyone who stays up all night to care for sick or pregnant animals and then gets up at 4am to milk a cow but indeed be an angel in disguise. I think that you are superb! Then you go to the school and have children to your farmy…there are no words that can describe my admiration for the love and the work that you do with your animals.
    Not only that also write an absolutely fantastic blog! Wonder Woman in the flesh!!!

  22. Wonderful photos of your happy dancing critters. I’m sure the children cannot wait for your next visit with more animals. Hope you get some of the snow after all.

  23. I so loved your post today Celi. The joy you express is wonderful. Would all have the opportunity to do what they love. So much passes people by because they don’t have the courage to take that big extra step. You have done it and done it in spades. All I do is smile all the way through your words and photographs. You make my day. V.

  24. I have a fondness for the adage “the harder you work, the luckier you are”, and it also goes for feeling lucky, if you put the slighest bit of effort into it the rewards are huge… just like Meadow & Sheila… what hams the two of them are. I just have to think of these photos and I smile.

  25. Those action shots of those happy critters of your made my day! What a wonderful life you all have on that great farm of yours.

  26. A thoroughly happy blog! A morning delight to read here, because enthusiasm like that is definitely catching!! I bet none of the families of the kids at school got a word in edgewise yesterday dinnertime, all those wonderful tales to tell: and yours to us was so well told that the pics were not even missed 🙂 !

    • With the warmest human feelings afloat . . . I felt for but wondered about Mia . . . a household name yes, practicality on a small farm, I had wondered . . .

  27. Celi – you are such a spirit. Of course the animals are given the freedom to express theirs around you! I try to imagine their thoughts…in unique concepts as in Watership Down. If I was blindfolded and put in pens of animals, I bet I could identify yours!

  28. Oh, if only everyone cared for animals and their welfare the way you do. Vivinfrance said it for me too! Happy days!! Joy

  29. It’s always a treat to visit your Farmy and to see dancing animals is even more of a delight. I am kind of glad you didn’t take photos of the children.. for not taking them meant that you were thoroughly and completely living in the moment, enjoying those babes with your lambies. I wonder sometimes what I miss when I’m always behind the lens. Your words described the scene perfectly enough for me:) xx

  30. I am new to your blog and have been enjoying your posts so much. Please, could you tell me, the animals you speak so loving of, do they become food at some point? I am not asking to criticize you or attack you if that is the case. I just don’t want to fall in love with them too much….

    • Morning kerry .. a very good question.. the farm is designed to sustain itself and each other and the families that depend on it. we are raising food here. As a rule I do not name an animal that is destined for the freezer. That is the male lambs and the male cows. They are called either bobby or murphy. There is a natural cycle here and any animal no matter its destination is tended with the same care, and respect and thanked for his contribution. As we are so tiny sometimes an animal will have to be let go if she is not able to contribute. My big three are Daisy, Queenie and Mama. Then there are Charlotte, Sheila and Hairy MacLairy. You can fall in love with them. Meadow, and Minty are stars in the rising. It seems Mia is unable to carry lambs to term and I have to think seriously about whether I can justify the terrible misery and pain she goes through each year miscarrying .. this is one of those tough decisions i have to make this year. I hope this answers your question. We are very small and I cannot let the number of animals out flank the strength of the land. This balance is very important. Thank you for asking tho.. c

  31. Your pictures and your words ooze with that love you speak of…’s downright absorbing. Makes me want to apply for a job at your place 🙂 Truly.

  32. What joy those dancing sheep and loving pig bring! Was that Hairy watching Meadow? Probably remembering his younger days. 🙂

  33. You really need to love that work, being as hard as it is!
    The school visit seems to have been a great success. I must admit I love the opportunity of cuddling the school bunnies with the excuse of handing them to granddaughter to cuddle!

  34. Your dancing animals are just so lovely C. I’m glad you’re happy about the snow, I’m just sick of it.

  35. Truly you are happy at your job…and just look at those dancing animals. I think I’d be just like the kids if I was around those little lambies. Thrilled to see Mia out and about.

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  37. It has been just over two weeks since my last visit. This morning was a good visit! There is always so much going on here. I am glad that Daisy and your momma lamb, whose name escapes me at the moment, seem to be feeling better. (Mia?) The coupe looks fantastic, and I can’t even imagine living without heat in the house for three more weeks!!! You are a wonder…
    PS: Still shopping for a new Farmlet, and prepping for a very special visitor who arrives tomorrow!

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