At Last: SNOW!

And then it snowed. What a piece of joy it was. As the old Codger said this is the first real snow we have had in two years.


Only a little on the ground so far yesterday when I took the shots, (every image on this blog is from the last 24 hours remember, dawn to dusk) but there was some more snow overnight, we will see how it looks when I go out for the first feeds.

Blue Murphy has been asking in his most plaintive voice whether he can take his coat off now. No Murphy, you are the littlest, your coat stays on until after the storm.wyz-014

Cats in the light of the reflected snow, a beautiful light, a little cold but it is light!wyz-018

But not everyone can sit inside and loaf about. wyz-006

The snow we had yesterday was that delightful poignant snow that falls with delicate brush strokes through the still air. wyz-043

Softly and quietly laying itself down with minute, filings of  white.wyz-038

The beehive waits for the bees. wyz-039

Queenie waits too , though she is not entirely sure why. wyz-048

But most of all: Stalkers garden waits for spring.

Good morning. The wind picked up in the night coming out of the North so I hope that we will have some good snowdrifts. And not leaning up against the South doors with any luck. It was not too deep when I trudged out there to feed the lambs in the night but I am guessing we got about 4 or 5 inches. Just a nice amount. The sky is still dark so it is hard to tell. John has gone out to clear a path to the woodshed. The lane has disappeared. School is cancelled. And the windows are curtained with snow. Excellent! Farming is not cancelled though so I had better suit up like a moon man and off I go.

Have a lovely day. If my homeschooled kids do get through I believe that snowmen will be high on the list of tasks for the morning!


54 Comments on “At Last: SNOW!

  1. YAY SNOW!
    Do you have any idea how strange it feels to type that sentance? 😉
    Here’s to moisture that soaks gently into the earth, bringing the promise of fresh young plants…and soon!

  2. If yesterday’s post was pure joy, today’s is pure poetry.
    I have nicked the Murphy pic – watch this space!

  3. Aaaah, Blue, you are a beaut! I reckon when he outgrows his blue coat he should have a blue collar. Good morning to you all, and a happy snow day, c. xx

  4. Extraordinary picture of Blue Murphy – the light makes it looks like a montage: and the cats look lovely too. Much as I love the look of snow, I certainly prefer it in pictures. In my mind, farmers deserve medals and loads of money, neither of which they get.

  5. Stalkers garden is patiently waiting! Have you started your seeds inside? No doubt Our John has his tomatoes going, right??? xo

  6. You finally got your snow! 🙂 Snowing here too, of course! Ha! It is gorgeous when it blankets the trees and falls out of the sky though. Can’t really complain. Enjoy your kids today! ~ April

  7. Goodness! What’s Big Dog doing out there in the snow without his coat?! Maybe that’s who the Murphy is getting his idea from!

  8. How wonderful! The snow is so beautiful, but you can keep it up there! We are having what is thought to be the last of our cold snaps (we don’t really have winter just “cold snaps”. Easter is the last weekend in March and that marks the last hint of danger from a freeze. I hope you get to really enjoy your snow, with like a good book and some hot chocolate- if a farmer ever has time to sit with a book…

  9. we got about 8 inches and it is still snowing! i am one very happy winter person right now. it is going to be in the 50’s here this weekend though!

  10. As always, amazingly beautiful in word and photograph. The Blue Murphy photograph is an award winner. Really. It is so engrossing, I stared at it for several minutes. Just excellent in all aspects. HF

  11. Yay for snow and much needed moisture for the farmy! And that photo of Blue Murphy looking right at you (the camera)–oh, my goodness, how cute is that!

  12. I always find that there is a quiet peace to a snowfall such as this one. Love the photo of the cats– and, of course, love Blue Murphy. Somehow life on the farm juxtaposed against the winter snow seems perfect to me. Very nice.

  13. Oh you lucky, lucky girl! I have to drive up a mountain to play in some snow. (mind you, that’s only 15 minutes away, but still) Your veggie garden still looks so asleep. Yesterday I turned all the soil and added the compost from the compost bin into mine and then put out the cold frame for some early greens and radishes. And sweet peas are coming up to be started on St Patrick’s day. Come to think of it, spring is only two weeks away, isn’t it? Wow. Have you started any seeds? I haven’t. Better get a move on. (me, not you) Have a lovely fun day in the show. 🙂

  14. It’s good to hear that you are so pleased with the snow – it’s gone up to 13º here today 😉

  15. Your snow was on our news as I read your blog post. I’m glad you are getting the moisture you need.

  16. Snow, beautiful snow! How dreamy and delightful the photograph of the Farmy enjoying snow. Celi, it is all quite lovely to live on West Coast and in a rain forest environment but we prairie folk miss the snow. Especially when it is that gentle snow that blankets our world and shuts out the sounds of traffic. We can look out our windows to the mountains covered with snow – and the local mountains are only a 45 minute drive away – but it isn’t the same. Hurrah for snow men and snow angels and snow ball fights and licking snow flakes as they fall on your outstretched tongue. Virginia

  17. Snow day, yay! I’m so jealous. We’ve only seen a few random flakes. I love the silence of snow blanketing the earth just after it falls or the sound of it falling. Lovely day on the farmy. Cute blue Murphy in his coat. Hope you all are staying warm and having fun.

  18. I love the poetry of your posts. “Waiting” seems to be an important word in this one…and you can see the animals sort of in hiatus…the word describes the feeling of that sort of snow perfectly. As if time has slowed down to almost stopping. I love being wrapped up in that silent, muffled waiting.

  19. I’m pleased for you and the snow you have. We have some but it’s so wet and not real cold and a lot of it melted as it was falling. Power has been out a couple of times. And I’m sitting with a sprained ankle. 😦 A beautiful Blue Murphy and a chilly looking Big Dog without his blue coat. Did he lose it again? Enjoy your snow and have a great day Celi!

  20. We didn’t get any of that storm thank goodness. The weekend is gearing up for double digits, we’re very excited! I can finally open the window and air out the house without freezing my butt off.

  21. That was such a beautiful, restful post. Although if you’re building snowmen today I doubt that the rest of the day will be like this! Blue Murphy….awwwwh, so gorgeous. I want to kiss his little nose 🙂

  22. Living in New Zealand, just out of Wellington seeing your photos is just soo different to our season as you know, Must be fun making snowmen! ENJOY

  23. I’m catching up after some busy days, and I see you’ve had sun and now snow. That sounds a lot brighter and more exciting than dreary grey. Love your description of the snow falling, and so glad you love your job!

  24. Glad to read that this storm hit you guys, too. I thought it would, judging by the projections. We got around 9 or 10 inches but it really wasn’t that bad, surprisingly. There was no wind, so, no drifts. I got out the snowblower and cleared everyone’s front walks around 7:00 pm last night. This morning, I went back out at 7:00 am and there was less than an inch on the walks. I spread some salt and that was it. Now, with the warm temps, all of the walks are completely clear. This could have been so much worse, had it come a couple weeks ago.
    I just spoke with Zia. She’s visiting her Son and Wife. She brought her postcards to show them. I sent her the latest lamb pics, making sure Tilly was pointed out. She loves hearing about how everyone is doing. Next time we talk, I’ll tell her you love your job. 😉

    • Yes do tell her, but I think she guesses. I need to make some more postcards! The swordfish on your site today looks divine! c

  25. Loved the photos today: none more than Big Dog nosing around for something with an interesting odour! And if everyone wanting to kiss Blue Murphy’s nose was able to do so it would be a very wet little one indeed with probably an icicle hanging at the end 🙂 !

  26. I’m a little envious at the thought of you spending your day making snowmen with the kids, and very likely drinking warm hot chocolate and nibbling on something yummy as well. I loved the photo of Big Dog – I have next to no experience with snow but my brief encounter was with my dogs, who loved it and turned into mad puppies, sniffing and rolling in it, and flinging it around 🙂

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  28. Oh, that little face of Blue Murphy….be still my heart! I am changing my desk top photo,,,,right now! 🙂 What a photograph….Cinders, it’s a blue ribbon winner…you have so many but that one is exquisite!!

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  30. Big Dog needs a blue coat, too – so he doesn’t disappear in the snowy scene.
    (Blue Murphy is obvious a fan favorite)
    Nice you had old codger to keep you informed and give you history – better connection to the weave of the land.
    Stay warm, y’all!

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