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Home again, Home again, Jiggedy Jig.

I know. I know, I say that all the time.  But it is true. Who does not want to do a Jig when you are finally delivered back Home.  Home again, Home again. Jiggedy  – Jig!  Home. Our favourite destination. Though, like  all Immigrants… Continue Reading “Home again, Home again, Jiggedy Jig.”

Hawks Love Young Chicks

When I returned from buying feed yesterday morning, the guineas were  shrieking up a storm. Imagine a highly strung young matron throwing her apron over her face and running screaming in circles, then you have a reasonable description of the guineas when they see… Continue Reading “Hawks Love Young Chicks”

Calling all Marmite Hoarders!

Lambs are natural escape artists. They have a tendency to leak through fences. Minty was winding herself around my ankles like a cat so getting her in the shot was impossible. These two were inspecting the trucks. Soon Mama started to make a racket… Continue Reading “Calling all Marmite Hoarders!”

Banty the Bantam Rooster

Did I tell you about my mother’s rock gardens? I think I did.  At the big house on the beach. You will remember that Dad said he would place a rock once then shift it once, then he was done. My Mother loved rocks.… Continue Reading “Banty the Bantam Rooster”