Calling all Marmite Hoarders!

Lambs are natural escape artists. They have a tendency to leak through fences. Minty was winding herself around my ankles like a cat so getting her in the shot was impossible. These two were inspecting the trucks. Soon Mama started to make a racket and they darted back through the fence like good little lambs. I fixed the gap.

Kupa you are not going to be able to fit that tail through the creep door when it is Up like that. 

Oh, well that works. Soon we will have to start calling that tail a train. It is getting so long. 

So I was talking to my daughter last night, giving her my grocery list for the Red Cross parcel that someone usually sends me once or twice a year  from New Zealand.

“Bad news about the Marmite.” she said.

“What do you mean?”  I said, idly dropping dirty dishes in the dishwasher. The first three items on my list were Marmite. I am down to the last few scrapes, I can make a jar last almost a year if I am frugal. A cupboard without Marmite is bare.

“The factory was in the earthquake.”

“The Christchurch earthquakes?” I said.


” Your Grandfather wrote me yesterday that they closed his church.  I guess the tremors are still happenning. The same day, they decided  Farmers was not safe anymore and halfway through the morning, with no warning, some shrieker  got on the loud speakers and  told everyone to get out immediately.  Right now! Evacuate! Curtains were yanked open  and women were running for the exits trying to pull their clothes on as they ran. Can you just see all the wobbly Farmers shoppers, pushing their arms back through their cardies, holding their pants up,  handbags in the crooks of their arms, jamming themselves through the exit doors.”  I laughed out loud at the thought. “Once they were all in the street they turned around and gathered to see what was going to happen and nothing did!”


I smother a laugh. It really is not funny.

“This is serious.” She says.

I try to be good. I put on my mother voice. “What is serious darling?”

“The Marmite Crisis. They are calling it Marmegeddon!”

“There is a crisis?” I watch John take back out the dirty dishes, rinse them and stack them properly in the dishwasher. “What kind of crisis?”

“Are you listening.?” she said.

“Course I am listening darling.”

“I can hear dishes. Stop doing the dishes and pay attention.”

I sigh, she is so strict this daughter of mine. I walk onto the verandah and stand looking at the barn.

“OK, I am all ears.”

“New Zealand is running out of Marmite.”

“Running out of marmite?” I sit slowly on the step. Life without Marmite is unthinkable. “All out. Like gone. (a terrible pause). There was only one factory?”


“Quick, go to the supermarket right now and buy the rest for me. Buy them all darling, I will send you some money.  I can’t run out. How will I make my gravy. What about my morning toast? It is the taste of New Zealand. I have to have a stock.” I try to control the panic in my voice.

“Mum. There are none left!”

“NONE? Anywhere. No jars of Marmite left?  No-one warned us? Are there hoarders, are people hoarding? Is there a black market Marmite thingy somewhere.  Wait, I used to know some guys in the Mongrel Mob, I taught their kids. They might be able to get me some.”

“Mum. The Mongrel Mob is not hoarding Marmite.”

“But darling. I cannot be without Marmite. My jar is almost empty. What will we do?”

Calling all you Marmite Hoarders!! I am willing to pay TOP DOLLAR for the Marmite. And don’t try and sell me that British imitation Marmite it is too runny.   NO Vegemite either, I can tell the difference!  Get  a hold of me any way you can.  This is serious crisis!

Good morning.  I hope you are all well this morning eating your Marmite on toast! I am rationing myself to a smear.  I cannot believe an entire country could run out of an essential food like this. They had better have it sorted out by November when I visit!

Yesterday Our John cut a small area down the back for hay. It will be grass hay. So far so good though. It is cut and today is fine, warm  and clear. Tonight he will rake it. Which will turn it over to dry the other side.  Then the next day it is raked into a hedgerow and then baled by Thursday all being well. John has never done haymaking before so it is an adventure!

I had a lot of help with the chook house compost yesterday, which meant I had to move the tractor very slowly due to hen crowding, so we are still only half way through. 

It takes a wee while because after I have filled the tractor bucket, I drive over to the hose and soak it with water, then off down the back we trundle and dump it on the new compost pile. So we will be doing more today!

Oh and I was asked yesterday how many chooks in the chook house. I tried to count but they move too fast. I would say about twenty five or thirty.

Daisy comes into the milk room for a brush and a special feed each morning and evening as a practice for milking and is being surprisingly docile and good. She is not bothered at all by the pump which is a relief.

Have a great day today.  Good morning.


104 Comments on “Calling all Marmite Hoarders!

  1. Sorry about the marmite … can’t have your toast without … yeast spread … I suppose. I am sorry, truly. It must be a link to home as much as anything.

    • I appreciate that Bill! It IS a link to home and also an hilarious situation! I mean how could they run out!! c

  2. Not getting your obsession with Marmite, loathsome stuff, but I do believe the English version was the original. Hope you get your fix soon! 🙂

  3. You could have mine, if I had any, but I hate the stuff! The most unpleasant thing in the world is kissing a girl who’s just eaten Marmite – YUCK!
    Have you seen the (British) Marmite viral ad on YouTube?

    • Ha ha !! No kissing Marmite Girls for you!! That is brilliant! no i have not seen the ad either.. is it good? c

  4. Huh?! No Marmite in the US?? We have oodles of the stuff and still sold in black glass bottles, though probably smaller volumes than your picture. Anyway you can send me the NZ version ingredients list to cross check? Also not sure if we fall into the runny UK version – hey runny Marmite may be better than none, or not? 🙂 Laura

    • Where are you Laura? I love those little black jars, they are perfect water glasses! I have not seen them in years.. c

      • Ok now seem to have lost my tag as well – RecyclerSA. South Africa. Our bottles are the same shape as the one on Uk website. Happy to post you some. I haven’t bought in years, preferring the OXO version myself. Laura

        • Thank you laura you are a doll. I am sure I can find some somewhere in the states.. but that is a wonderful offer.. do you mean bovril!? when you talk of the oxo one, i love that stuff too! it is a perfect hot drink.. c

          • Hmm similar, used to be called Fray Bentos originally – now called oxo. We have bovril too.Laura

  5. I’m just thinking if there is only one factory.. perhaps you should begin manufacturing the stuff?? Side bonus.. a lifetime, endless supply for yourselves;)

    • I think it is from a byproduct of the beer making process? I should look it up! That could be a bonus all round!! c

  6. And friend of mine found some online in the US but if you cannot find any, I will post you some with pleasure 🙂

  7. Oh No!! You just never know when natural disaster will strike……good reason to stock up and have a pantry full! Good luck in your quest to find more NZ Marmite!

  8. There’s a sustainability challenge in here somewhere, I know it! Surely there’s a recipe out there somewhere…I can see you with a pantry full of your own home made Marmite. Ceciliaite!

  9. I’ve never been a Marmite fan but you have my sympathy anyway! Now that Kupa, he’s a different kettle of fish altogether – I’m a definite fan of his!

    • fan being the operative word Christine! He is so sweet and has quieted right down now that he is used to having his girls around! c

  10. Interesting partisan view of Marmite. I can be objective because I don’t particularly like it – I know how weird that must sound to you – but the crux is that I have never heard of NZ Marmite! I have been forced on occasions to add Marmite to gravy, and the like, by my wife who has a similar passion for it as you – only British runny Marmite of course:)

    • Never heard of NZ marmite! Shock! Horror! and i am with your wife, just a wee dab of marmite in the gravy is GREAT! The British Marmite is not so bad if that is all there is! oops i have to be careful not to start a war. We will call it The Marmite Wars! c

  11. “Marmegeddon”?!?!?! Sorry, but too funny!

    I know of an import shop, open 1 weekend each quarter. I don’t recall seeing Marmite when I was there last but I will look for it the next time they’re open. In the meantime, I’ll ask around if anyone knows of another import shop that might carry the stuff.

    Try to have a good day just the same. 🙂

  12. Also meant to ask …. Daisy does know about the cups that are attached to her right? Laura

  13. I’m on the hunt! I have a talent for finding exceptionally hard-to-find things, miss c! Will let you know the outcome.

    • That is a very useful talent! i am sure there is some out there, surely the shortage has not reached the US yet! c

  14. I’ve never heard of Marmite, but wish you luck in finding some, C. Kupa is beginning to look more and more regal all the time.

  15. You can gladly have my share of Marmite Celi. My mom is like you about the stuff! Ours is packaged a bit differently but the same product and is readily available here. I will gladly post some off to you – just email me your address and I will have you stocked up ASAP.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Mandy that is so kind, you don’t like marmite!? isn’t it amazing how much is similar in SA to NZ.

      • Nope, can’t seem to get marmite passed my lips – seems to burn my tongue. I am sure Mom would make me clarify that she eats marmite on fresh soft brown bread and bovril on toast. 😉

  16. Oh Dear! This would be me with out Greek yogurt! I do hope you come across the mother load holed up in some dark corner of the market. In some far off land, or deep in the back of a relatives pantry…or…well, I should stop.
    As Minty grows, you are going to have to brace your feet so as not to be toppled!
    One last thing..your telephone conversation sounds familiar…”Mom, really , are you even listening to me”!

  17. Don’t panic, Celi. There is a knock off that you can get here in America that tastes just like Marmite. It’s called, Marmoset. The butcher will have to get it for you. Just go to your butcher and ask him to grind some Marmoset for you. He’ll be happy to do it. Don’t monkey around. Go right now while there is still some available. HF

  18. So nice to see The Murphy…he looks so big! (I think that’s him, yes?) Next time I’m in the market I will check to see if their Marmite, which they do have on shelf all the time, is NZ or Brit and let you know if it’s the real deal. I have not tasted either, but understand these addictions! 😉

  19. I agree with you about the British marmite – very runny. Vegemite is appalling stuff though my son in Russia needed some when I visited. Promite is the way to go for me. I think the closest I can come to properly understanding how you feel is to imagine chocolate running out. Or champagne. Good luck with the hunt.

    • I have honestly never had runny British marmite, but maybe they’ve made it runny for the plastic squeezy bottles. I always buy the glass ones.

  20. Growing up in Canada with European parents I have to say that I was never a Marmite fan (I understand if you have to delete this comment). I know people who eat Marmite and it is available in our grocery stores, it’s just not something we ate; and now it’s too late. The smell does not agree with me and I couldn’t imagine eating it. You may have my rations if it ever comes to it.
    I love how your animals have personalities. I do hope you don’t actually eat them. Not sure how I could manage that.

  21. What I want to know is has the crisis been averted. I mean NZ marmite or otherwise it’s a crisis and now has international importance and effect?

  22. being so close to those Brits, we only hoard BritMite. Aussie Nana brings out the yeasty ‘V.’ I’ve not tried the NZ stuff. America can’t handle that flavor. My commiserations to you and your naked toast.

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  24. I’m very sorry for the marmite crisis my friend – ration well and hopefully for you, your lovely yeast spread will be back in store soon!
    You must miss it even more because of your links to home – soon my friend! Amazon maybe? eBay? Ok maybe not eBay 😉
    I’ll keep an eye out!

    Choc Chip Uru

  25. Oh dear, this is a VERY serious situation! Are you sure you can’t adapt to Vegemite, we still have lots of it here? My mother was hooked on Bovril for years, and then they stopped importing it for some reason, and she never quite recovered.

    Just checked for you – offer Marmite, but I’m not sure if it’s the same as your NZ version…

    • It’s OK, i am sure i will find some, when I went through with amazon they were saying Presently out of Stock!!! ha ha ha .. I will survive, a jar will turn up!! Thanks for checking Celia.. c

  26. First of all, you’re cracking me up with the marmite. Perhaps some Nutella would hold you over temporarily…the taste of chocolate can make us forget lots of pressing problems. Second of all, those look like Rhode Island Red chickens to me, so scratch my previous comment about the Production Reds.

    • I don’t know, they are gold and white, is there a gold and white rhode island red? they are terribly friendly.. as long as they lay nice big eggs it will be OK.. morning andrea!.. c

  27. Marmegeddon – that is hysterical! I adore it, but we get the British stuff, and amazingly can buy it here. I feel your pain 😦 If it gets really desperate, I´ll send you some of the hated British Marmite!

  28. Marmite is now an investment commodity – Seriously! There is a roaring black market on Trademe also …. Cause I am so nice, I have bought some for you. I have been rationing my 500g Jar, is 4/5 full.- We wont have any on shelves here again till Oct or so.

    • Well done Senior Son. Thank goodness you have found me some. If we had only known we could have invested and paid for my trip home!!! c

  29. The World Market in Nashville, TN has about 30 jars, though I have not been over there to see if it is the NZ brand or the English. If it is the NZ brand, do you want me to pick them up for you and if so, how many jars?

  30. Whoops, I got on World Markets website and it says made in the United Kingdom. So sorry!

    • That was so kind of you though, thank you for looking. When i go to California I always go shopping in the world market.. ! c

      • You guys are cracking me up! I’ve never heard of this stuff and now that it has become a black market jewel, I so want to try some!

  31. I do hope you find some marmite! Love the replay of the conversation. I can just hear it! 🙂

  32. Fun post, but what’s the deal about Marmite, everywhere i come across its name, I think I hear heavenly voices. Is it sweet? Is it caloric-high? I think it has Vitamin Bs in it; Does it taste that good? What do you put it on? Perhaps it also glues old furniture too. regards

    • It is dark, yeasty, brown well more black that brown, good in gravy and stews and on toast.. it is VERY savoury and loaded with good vitamins and iron. hard to describe actually!!! c

  33. I’m so sorry to laugh at your marmite tragedy, but I must tell you that I did. Your account is so funny. Of course, we’ve known about this for months. Not being a marmite lover, I am stress free on this issue, but I do sympathise, despite the chortles!

    • I can imagine it does look funny to the Marmite abstainers! I have to laugh also! Such a lovely crisis! c

  34. i would never have believed NZ could run out of marmite. Where was the forward-thinking? I think some is exported to Australia to satisfy all the Kiwis living here so let me know if you’d like me to source some and send to you as a mercy mission. I can’t bear to think of you eating bare toast xx

  35. P.S. Cecelia, you’ll never guess what I just saw in the newspaper, moments after posting my comment: a headline that says ‘Marmite Galore’! Before you get excited though, let me tell you where it is – in Antarctica! Turns out that Scott Base has 250 jars all stocked up for 14 staff who are wintering over. Well – the rest is up to you.

    • I will get right onto it! Are they sending boats down there to collect it! We will need guns! c

  36. I’ve heard of Marmite before but have never seen it here in the States. Is it exclusive to Australia and New Zealand?

  37. I don’t know if anyone has pointed your relatives towards trademe, but there is still plenty of (maybe overpriced) marmite there.

  38. I hope you find your Marmite. Who knew hens could be so curious? Kupa is so elegant, and fun to watch. And those little lambs, adorable!

  39. Wow … what a memory rush your post inspired. When I was growing up in England my dad used to spread Marmite on bread all the time… he got the habit during the war years, I gather … but I absolutely HATED it … I have been living in Canada for almost 40 years now and I don’t think most Canadians have ever heard of Marmite.

    • Well, even though you hate Marmite, you are most very welcome! Thank you for dropping in to The Farmy! c

  40. I hate to admit, but I’ve never tried Marmite – though I’ve wanted to for awhile. I know you could order some on-line! Isn’t it amazing how something that happened far away effects us?!

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