My Mother called it Crying Tired

That tired. So tired that the yawn splits your face and you forget to cover your mouth with your paw. 

So tired that you have to lie down to eat and you don’t care who sees. 

So tired that you don’t even talk to your friends anymore, you just all lay about under a tree and stare. 

So tired that even these guys cannot talk you into coming out to play.

So tired that in the middle of the day you could just cry.  Not sad cry. Just Crying Tired.

So tired that I called it a day half way through the afternoon, left my tools where they lay, walked up the back steps and  fed my tired body into the canvas swing chair on the verandah. I slid out of  my gumboots, folded my legs up under my body, curled into the canvas sling, lay my head down and within seconds I was sound asleep like a baby, gently rocked by the breeze.

Good morning. You told me to give myself a little time off and you were right.  I never sleep during the day. Of course I blame the Mothers Day champagne at lunchtime! But sometimes a body just needs extra care and rest. We need to listen to our bodies.

Today it is Monday. Which means seed sowing day. Many seeds are sown in succession so that we get continuous small crops. Today I will sow  Beans and Beetroot.  Also today I shall plant out the pickling cucumbers.

Once I have finished my usual chores the chook house is ready to clean out again. This is not a fun job.  Nor is it a job to do on a windy hot day. But it is calm and cool again today. The chook house compost takes a while to break down so it needs to get into a heap of its own down the back. I have been throwing bags of autumn leaves, grass clippings and old straw into the chook house every day for the last week or so. The chickens do all the shredding and mixing for me.  After the hen house is scooped out, and washed down, I will mix lime with water in a big bucket and whitewash the old inside walls with a mop to beat up on any bugs and lighten their room.  Then they are all set for the summer. The chooks love this day as they are free in the fields all afternoon while I work. Usually they only get out in the evening.

Have a lovely day. Most of my day will be lovely!!!




64 Comments on “My Mother called it Crying Tired

  1. I always dread cleaning out the chooks – and the silly things follow me back in there and get under foot and we have squaking girls, feathers, straw and poop everywhere!
    Hope you are feeling much revived from your time out ( the good kind not the 5 minutes on the naughty mat kind!)

  2. Everyone gets a day like that: even YOU! The kind of tired that even caffeine doesn’t help. You did the only thing possible, or you would have dragged yourself around and never accomplished much. Glad you feel better today.

  3. I’m so glad you listened to your body and allowed yourself that much needed rest. Cleaning out the chook house sounds interesting. How many hens do you have? I’d be there to help you but xxx

  4. Hey C, naps are allowed on Mondays too. Have to ask is ‘nekkid’ Hairless McLairy ever going to come out of hiding again? Good morning. Laura

  5. Glad that you take the occasional breather! We had one yesterday too; lunch with neighbours which lasted into the evening. It was horizontal rain all day anyway, not fit for much else!

  6. Oh I know that kind of tired too! So its a seed sowing day, that is always a pleasure ,I need to sow some herbs, I’m so behind! Oh well, writing about it isn’t going to make it happen now is it!

  7. I’m glad you had a rest. It the animals can snooze, it’s even more vital that you do too – you’re the one doing all the work for them.

    I planted out my runner bean seedlings yesterday – so we are in synch. The sun is shining but the wind is winding, so it’s not very warm.

  8. Love the idea of throwing the old leaves and clippings in to let the chickens do some shredding for you – will have to try that! I’m not much of a napper either – but sometimes – you just have to take that little break and re-energize! Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day!

  9. A nap in the swing sounds like a cure for most of what ails us…good for you for ‘giving in.’
    Planting seeds and trellis building today…

  10. A nap can do a body good. I’ll be taking one later today as I have a nasty cold and didn’t sleep well last night. At least I don’t have a chook house to clean.

  11. Well, if you, or any Mom for that matter, cannot take a nap on Mother’s Day, what’s the point of having the day set aside? Great little pictorial of “Tired on the Farmy.” Have a great day, Celi. Don’t let the chooks get you down!

  12. Would you look at that yawn – cats know how to yawn and sleep best!
    So pleased you listened to your body and had a well deserved snooze.
    Have a happy day.
    🙂 Mandy

  13. I love naps but don’t take them often and I agree that it is so important to listen to your body. I’m happy you had a little snooze on Mother’s Day. It is your day after all. If I’m going to have a few chickens when we move to New Hampshire it sounds like I have a lot to learn. Maybe you should come vacation at our house for a long weekend next summer and help me get it figured out! 😉

    Have a great day! ~ April

  14. My family cooked a meal and made me sit. I ended up drinking a beer, chasing the baby and playing four-square with the boys. Remember four-square? An excellent Mother’s Day! Glad you got to rest. Sounds heavenly!

  15. Hey Celi, just love any reference to your Mom. I feel like I’ve come to know your family from the wonderful stories you’ve told. Just a quick question about the chickens. Why do they only get out in the evenings? I’m wondering if they’ll go off and eat the newly planted corn and soybeans in the fields around you if they are let out during the day? Is that why? Oh, and cleaning the chook house is one of my least favorite things to do too! 🙂

    • It is more that they go into the vege gardens and decimate the young plants and their mulch in moments. There are at least thirty of them, they are quite The Mob!! c

  16. i never sleep during the day either but sometimes you just really need one of those snoozes.

  17. Same as Viv says; we’re in synch. I planted out my Danish asher (pickling cucs) plants yesterday. I put them in growbags where they’re apt to benefit from rain, assuming it still continues as it did in April. We’re away for a few weeks, so I’m hoping that Mother Nature helps me out a bit with the water. Time for me to stuff a tin of cider (tin opened!) up my chicken’s hole for a different version of your recipe. Have a good day! xx

  18. And thanks for the reminder that it’s a cleaning day for me as well … plus make some oat bran breakfast muffins.

  19. My mama called it, “Weary.” And the word was exhaled with a deep sigh.

  20. Just one of your regular days would put me solidly asleep at night, Celi, so I’m not surprised you needed a wee nap — if you hadn’t, you wouldn’t have fallen asleep.

  21. I’m glad for the Mother’s Day champagne and the subsequent nap! If I ever knew someone who deserved an occasional mid-day rest, it would have to be you, Celi! And with today’s “cleaning schedule” I think you will benefit from at least a little extra rest. My mom called it “bone weary” and although it doesn’t come over me very often, when it does, you’re right! Time to listen! Love the pictures of even the animals taking a bit of a day off 🙂 Debra

  22. Dang, woman! You get so much out of so little. You are amazing. Seriously, when I grow up, I want to write like you! All joy. HF

    • You are a darling. My son said to me last night, so what are you writing about tomorrow, i said i am hangin it all on a yawning cat and afternoon nap.. all good he says!! morning HP.. c

  23. Dang, girl, no wonder you’re tired – we usually just take a broom to the walls to knock down the spider webs; I’ll bet your chicken house looks like a million bucks.

  24. There is evidence that an afternoon nap is ‘a good thing’ –
    google “daytime naps improve” and you’ll see!

    Take care

  25. Good morning C 🙂
    Undoubtedly, when your body says cry tiredly you listen – you deserve to kick off gumboots and relax my friend 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  26. Glad to hear you listened to your body Celi, it definitely pays off. We often ignore the signs and carry on – and pay the consequences.

  27. I can just imagine how tired you are.. aren’t those little stolen sleeps just the best?! Better than a full night of sleep, I think.. because they feel so decadent!!

  28. I’m glad you had some rest time, it sounds like you needed it! With our limited number of chickens, I don’t have a house to clean, only their arks. I move them daily, so the lawn gets continual small amounts of fertilizer through the summer (all the way up to butchering time).

    • Morning betsy, it is only allowed to happen once a year though, otherwise I will never get anything done.. c!

  29. I’m glad you listened to your body and caught a wee nap. I imagine you are glad, too. At least your body probably thanks you for it. 🙂

  30. My mum calls it being “bone tired” tired down to your core, to the bone and boy do I know what you mean!
    I am glad you listened to your body and took some time off

  31. Snoozing in the hammock sounds delicious! You sowed the seeds of rest today, as well as all the others. I’m sure we are all cheering for you, because you work very hard and work on the land is endless.

  32. I love the images (in my mind) of the chooks riffling through the to-be compost and then you whitewashing their house. I too had champagne-induced drowsiness. A swing chair to lull me would have put me out for hours.

  33. After reading your post yesterday a.m. I referred to Miss A last night as crying tired. I know that feeling too. Glad you got a rest in Celi!

  34. That’s funny. My nieces say “I’m tired” when they don’t want to do something but perk up with the promise of a treat!

  35. I’m glad you allowed yourself a rest. Life is all about balance, isn’t it?!

  36. Celia, glad you listened to your body. Some days I get overwhelmed just reading about your life! I suspect you are the Energizer Bunny in disguise, but slowing down and taking it easy once in awhile must be essential for even you.

    Peace and blessings!

  37. There is absolutely nothing better than a good time-out (most especially if it includes actual napping) when it’s needed. You are a smart woman to know it and do it.

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