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I can’t remember when she came

But I know it was way back in the beginning. Did she find me or I her?   This woman who became a cornerstone. Viv Blake who was  one of the founding members of the Fellowship  and a prolific commenter  on the Farmy blog has passed… Continue Reading “I can’t remember when she came”

Human Burial Rites

In the last two days three members of The Fellowship have lost someone they loved.  A husband, a father, an aunt.  People.  While exchanging emails with each of our friends it has become very clear to me that many of us have very different,… Continue Reading “Human Burial Rites”

Ni Ni Mama

We all get to die. This is one of the truths we try very hard not to look in the face. In fact we will say Pass Away, or Passed or Gone. But the truth is these poor bodies we wear when we are… Continue Reading “Ni Ni Mama”

Gentle afternoon

Mama is still resting comfortably, not moving much. Twitching flies off her ears, and changing position every now and then. She is still very alert, bashes the others out of the way to get to her food and even rises up onto her knees to eat.… Continue Reading “Gentle afternoon”

The Duke of Kupa

When we were children and lived at the beach on a quarter acre section, we had lots of guinea pigs. Thirty-six at one time I remember.  (We were very proud of that number) Males and females, shorthaired and long haired, all colours. The only… Continue Reading “The Duke of Kupa”

Sad news about Number Nine

Very quietly yesterday, Number Nine died,  laid between his mother’s front legs, right under her raised chin. His nose directly below hers. He was there with his siblings and his mother not moving from him.  He had not been rejected to die alone in… Continue Reading “Sad news about Number Nine”

Hawks Love Young Chicks

When I returned from buying feed yesterday morning, the guineas were  shrieking up a storm. Imagine a highly strung young matron throwing her apron over her face and running screaming in circles, then you have a reasonable description of the guineas when they see… Continue Reading “Hawks Love Young Chicks”