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The chickens are supplying us with at least three dozen eggs a day sometimes more. One dozen a day goes to the pigs and the others are sold.  Last week I sold fifteen dozen eggs. The pigs had a few less though. This week Jake… Continue Reading “EGGS GALORE”


Back at the Farm.

Sun Dogs

Is it not too early in the winter to find a sundog in our sky?  The sun and her dog. Ice crystals hanging up there? Refracting and reflecting the low rays. 



Hey Hay Day

Looks like we are baling today.  Fingers crossed as there is a shower imminent. There was a sprinkling of rain in the night too but not enough to stop us. So if the next storm goes round I will press PLAY.  The air is… Continue Reading “Hey Hay Day”

So Tired Now

Every few hours for the last few nights I have been up to check Poppy’s Sty TV but nothing. She is way past her due date now and there is milk in that udder but still no babies.  Poppy does not have a perfect udder.… Continue Reading “So Tired Now”

Toys for Piglets

All the piglets seem to have recovered from their scouring fright and are back to playing with their toys and loafing about in their garden. We still pick them lots of good weeds and grass to eat until their electric fence is finished and they… Continue Reading “Toys for Piglets”

Imperfect people

People, food, animals, laughter, and wine. The roosters trying to out do each other. The cough of big leggy grey herons trying to sleep  in the tree. (There are five roosting in there each night). The rustle of the pea-chicks in the cloak room. The… Continue Reading “Imperfect people”


When I am hand feeding a young animal like Naomi I do a lot of stroking. I am firm.  I mean; the hand that strokes is firm as I feed her. I pretend to be the licking hand of a great big cow. She always settles.… Continue Reading “Stroking”

Kids and Toys

Kids and Toys. Toys and Kids. I miss the farmy already. But I will be getting ready to go home in a week. So no time for missing. I think that our new cow will be arriving back at the farmy in the next… Continue Reading “Kids and Toys”