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Back at the Farm.

Cows Love Snow

I did take lots of incidental pictures of the snow  yesterday, from the porch, from the barn,  in the fields, but none of them SAID anything. And if a photograph does not tell you a story or open a memory, or offer a challenge… Continue Reading “Cows Love Snow”

I know it’s the 3rd!

The third of December. Not the best day for a retrospective of November. But yesterday was over come with Christmas stuff so poor old Camera House sat on the table. No pictures! So, lets look back at November. I don’t do this often but… Continue Reading “I know it’s the 3rd!”

Catch a breath

… while I gather my words.  Isn’t it interesting how we are always having to re-configure our lives. Life is like a tide, it is always on the move either going in or coming back out but always on the move. We have to… Continue Reading “Catch a breath”