I know it’s the 3rd!

The third of December. Not the best day for a retrospective of November. But yesterday was over come with Christmas stuff so poor old Camera House sat on the table. No pictures! So, lets look back at November.

I don’t do this often but it is fun. Like a night off but with pictures.





fall colours



sow and piglets









old barn




cat and pig






peahen and night




November seems to have gone past really fast – don’t you think?

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


26 Comments on “I know it’s the 3rd!

  1. oh wow what a wonderful November you must have had . . these photographs are superb. So so many favourites I can’t pick out one. Totally agree though the month went super fast.

  2. Love them all, but I’m particularly fond of the silhouette of the chicken. Wonderful. Good morning, c, and a happy weekend to you.

  3. Oh, the first one is my favourite. I love all your piggies, but Sheila is queen of all, a veritable porcine goddess of the Farmy. She’s… well, stupendous.

  4. Beautiful pictures ! Thank you for sharing. I love to start my day off with a little visit to your farm. Have a great day .

  5. Where has the whole year whizzed by to? My favourite is the two littlies ‘piggy backing’ at the the milk bar 🙂 and …. and… what the heck they are all gorgeous photos 🙂 Laura

  6. A perfect way to end November and all those Autumn days. Here it is, December 3, and we have not had our first snowfall yet. Not that I’m complaining.
    Happy Day.

  7. Fabulous…and you know, I had never realised you had a wind farm so close! Love all the shots but especially like the milk churns on the steps 😀

  8. Such lovely photos! Thank for dedicating today’s post to them. Wishing YOU a lovely day!

  9. Wonderful photos… from Sheila to shadows and all in between. I’ve looked at them all three times already… lol. November flew by, I think, because it was a stellar month weather-wise. Sure, we had a little rain and a few days of downright cold, and let’s not forget the wind for a few days, but overall it was filled with unseasonably mild and gentle weather. Usually there isn’t much good to say about November weather, but this year has been quite different on the positive side. Hope you have a lovely day too! ~ Mame 🙂

  10. To Auntie Mame’s ” . . . from Sheila to shadows and all in between. I’ve looked at them all three times already,” which speaks for me as well, I will add that I’d like to make tiny posters out of some of these pictures and paste them on the back of my grandchildren’s smart phones so that they might remember to look also at the larger world and its beautiful mysteries.

  11. What a collection! – What beautiful shots you have made! You captured the Beauty of Nature, that you are surrounded by. – Thank you so much for sharing with us.
    And yes, November passed so quickly, can’t believe it’s gone already…. End of year is near.

  12. There is classical music playing behind me and I’m scrolling through your pictures. The combined beauty is pulling at my heart strings! Celi, thank you for the effort you put into sharing your farmy with us. It is magical to recognize the pictures and remember the stories that went with them last month. Truly beautiful shots. A friend shared a quote with me a while back, “It is not what you look at … it is what you see that creates beauty.” In your hands camera house creates works of beauty. xoxo

  13. I imagine all over the world there are Fellowshippers doing just what I did…..” oh that’s lovely, it’s my favourite, no wait, *sigh* look at that one, it has to be my favourite” until the end when they’re all favourites! All a loving record of the month, thankyou. That one of Boo breaks my heart, poor baby. Love Mame’s words too…”from Sheila to shadows” says it all!

  14. Well, it seems Camerhouse and it’s owner have done an outstanding job!! The essence of the farmy shows through so beautifully, and Geraldine is the icing on the cake (or the nut with the icing – giggle! Your animals love and respect one another, which is so apparent in these shots! And you love any respect them too! Thank you for the tenderness and warmth of these photos! Sunny (the chicken lady).

  15. Some real beauties there, Celi…but the one of Boo peering through the glass from inside the house really tugged at my heart strings. xx

  16. I read you blog every day because I am living vicariously through you. I have a small 10 acre farm in central Texas but am working in a small fly-in fly-out village in Alaska and I am wishing very hard that May comes soon so I can go home to my own place and the animals. In the meantime I will be satisfied with your wonderful postings. thanks you

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