Tane goes for a walk

I locked up all the feed and opened the gates for Tima and Tane to go for a walk yesterday.  Tima and Tane are an old married couple (both kunekune pigs) who have lived together for years. He has bad legs  and she is a nosy fat Mama. kune5

Tima took off like a shot and ran straight up to the porch, looking in all the doors, she overturned all the buckets, she tried on all the boots, then trotted back down the steps and ran around the shed to see if there was a door open there.

It was like the Turtle and the Hare. Tima trotting about sticking her nose into everything and Tane very, very slowly and very, very surely walking out the gate, his crippled leg held above the ground, his other bad leg held out like a straight crutch, but he continued around the drive, past the shed, across the lawn and fetched up in his summer pen, where he spent the afternoon sleeping in the sunny straw left over there.

Tima found him in the summer house later in the day and they both walked back to the barn together.


By milking time they were tucked up, fast asleep in the deep straw in their sun-room in the barn. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page, past the comments and you will see them sleeping in the instagram image). Very cosy. Very cute.  It was a very slow walk for Tane dragging his bad legs behind him but he seemed more doggard and determined than usual yesterday and when he was hurrying to keep up with Tima he even seemed to gain a rhythm to his strange gait.

He takes his pills like a trooper. He sees me coming every morning at the same time, sits down throws his great head back and opens his mouth wide showing off his teeth and tusks.  All I do is throw the pills into his big wide mouth frog mouth and he swallows them without any problem. He does not care as long as there is apple going into his mouth straight after-wards.

I could throw rocks into that big mouth and he would chew them up.

I hope you have a great day,

Love celi



35 Comments on “Tane goes for a walk

  1. Ahh what a couple! I can see a white mop cap on Tima and a cloth cap on Tane. 😂

    • I love this idea about Tima and Tane being the characters in a children’s story!!! It would be a wonderful story indeed!
      Celi, yet another plan to add to your To – Do list! 😉 😉 😉

  2. How sweet! Tima and Tane’s Day Out. I still get a good chuckle thinking about Tima when she was little, wreaking havoc in your kitchen. Great characters.

    • Next time train them as pups to take pills. I know it is a long way to think ahead but in the end it is incredibly useful. BooBoo had such training thank god. c

  3. What a sweet couple. Tima could have a small hat with a flower on it and one of the carpet bag style purses! An image straight out of the 40’s. Tane of course would have a nice tweed jacket, crisp white shirt and hat on.

  4. That Tane is a Good Pig. No complaining, no whinging, takes his medicine like a man. He epitomises the catchphrase of my father’s generation: “mustn’t grumble…”. He just gets on with it.

  5. In my minds eye, I just can’t picture how he gets along. Could you maybe take some video of him and post it? Bless his sweet heart!

  6. It’s like the old couples I see in the shopping centers. He is parked on a bench watching and waiting as she dodges in one store and out the other. It’s good to see him moving a little at least. So sweet.

      • Ha ha, when my grandpa was alive we’d take him to the mall when he came to visit. He’d sit on one of the benches while we shopped and then give us a litany of comments on the people he observed, most often the women and what they wore. He was a real fashion critic but gentle. More the ‘oh my, that maybe wasn’t the most attractive outfit for her’. He was in his early 90’s then and such fun.

  7. How adorable Tane and Tima are. There are several little stories that would make a series of childrens books just with them, there there are all the other characters on the farmy. They look so comfy in their sun room.

  8. How old are they in people terms? How long do pigs normally live? I hope it’s for a good bit longer yet!

      • I am here! I’ve been told as pets they can live 12 – 15 years! Pretty amazing. Of course as food they’d be lucky to make it until they were 2.
        Percy was born in March of 2014, I believe your Tima was born just a little earlier.

  9. I was wondering why Tima kept nosing up to the doors, and then I remembered a photo in “the cast” section — Tima stretched out on her fat side, sound asleep, smiling. Next to her lies BooBoo, also asleep on his side, arm-legs crossed comfortably, breathing in the aroma of pig feet. I showed that wonderful photo to my dear but all she said was, “What must that house smell like!” So I told the story of how you train the piglets to “go” outside. No reaction. Some people, they just don’t understand about will power and repetition. Or they don’t agree with Walt Whitman about the peace that comes from living with animals. I do, having learned — not from reading Walt’s fantasies (I don’t think he ever was a farmer) — but from watching you and your many lively, colorful, responsive friends.

  10. Just like old couples I see at the store… the fella waits around and follows slowly while the woman darts around looking at everything! They’re adorable.

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