Cows Love Snow

I did take lots of incidental pictures of the snow  yesterday, from the porch, from the barn,  in the fields, but none of them SAID anything. And if a photograph does not tell you a story or open a memory, or offer a challenge – it is worthless. Perfect, pretty, technically correct photographs are not always the best ones.

The best pictures are the ones that sing the first bars of a song.

This is the one.  This one says “Cows love snow.”cows-3

So serene.  Aunty Del standing in the yards, the ground leveled by shimmering white snow flakes,the cow chewing her cud and thinking about nothing much.

The cows could have been inside the barn but they preferred to stand their huge hot bodies out in the cool gently falling snow.


When they got bored with standing in the snow, they moved a few steps  to the right and stood again in the snow, watching me over the half barn door as I cleaned and tidied in the barn.



It snowed all day. No wind. No noise. No drama. Just big soft ploppy flakes of snow falling heavily, without tears or apologies or drama, straight to the ground.

Winter has come I think.  I don’t mind the snow – I grew up on a beach in New Zealand, remember?

I hope you have a lovely day.




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  1. Isn.t that just beautiful? Your photography always tells a tale and we also love the random pictures,of nothing else,but just your life

  2. Those lovely girls know how beautiful they look sprinkled with snowflakes, especially on their eyelashes! That third photo is *wonderful*…

  3. They are lovely girls, and the snow is lovely as well. I guess I never knew that about cows, that they love the snow. Hmmm. Gorgeous shots!

  4. Very pretty and serene looking over there…. I would be happy with some snow here in Northeast Ohio. It just cold and dreary. A nice snowfall would be lovely.

  5. I love snow too. But sadly we do not get very much here. I suppose it’s just as well as everything comes to a standstill ! Your farm looks so pretty as do your cows. Have a fab day. ❄️❄️❄️☃️🌨

  6. Snow just beckons the photographer… asking for a photo shoot. Softly falling snow is the best snow. Everyone can enjoy big, wet flakes without the drama of Mr. Wind.

  7. I love the hush of a fresh snowfall. Now I can quit feeling sorry for all the animals caught out in the cold with no barn to go into. Snow actually seems to warm the world up. Feels so cozy.

  8. I woke up extra early this morning as I could see the brightness of the snow peeking around my window blinds … I am a fan of the snow once the dreary leaveless trees and grey droopy skies kick in.

    • Most large quadrupeds do the same. Wild horses certainly: the Eriskay Ponies here in, er, Eriskay!, do exactly that. The tails get swept against and under their backsides and keep their ‘essential equipment’ dry and relatively warm. Also they don’t have wind and rain driving into their ears, eyes and noses, which are thinner-skinned and lose heat more.

        • very sweet (bet you are laughing) and one has to wonder which hemisphere that all came from – the cows are giggling as they were standing with the arses to the North! and the weather was coming from the South East! If there is real bad weather coming in they will turn against the wind but only if the conditions are right, they are caught out in the open and if they can be bothered standing up! I have always thought sheep might be better weather vanes. great link – thank you! c

  9. How beautiful the farm is with the snow my dear friend. I’ve never seen any personally but it looks cold. Shivers to a great day. XOXO – Bacon

  10. The pictures you took are so beautiful! I love those soft flakes of snow. So nice before the holidays:)

  11. Is that Aunty Dell staring at me as I chew my own cud-like breakfast? No, Dear heart, you can’t have raisin bran. Miss C. will not approve. But you are welcome to stay and visit awhile. Tell me some of the gossip on the farmy.

  12. Do many of you still remember black and white TV? Your last photo, Celi, ;reminds me of just that (I find it an amazing and beautiful photo for that reason)……. the ‘old days’ of b&w tv…..but then I’m not a lover of winter and cold and snow, like so many of you seem to be. I have spent my life fighting with shovels and scarves and hats and mittens and whatever else you can find to keep warm and clear snow when it’s minus 20 c. out there! Yes, your description of yesterday’s downfall makes it seem idyllic and I do appreciate those few days that occur every now and then but, for the most part, winter stinks…. lol Okay, that’s my rant for this year. I will make every attempt to keep quiet about how I feel about winter for the duration and you’re welcome to yell at me if I go on about it again. All that being said, your close-ups of the cows are delightful and do make me feel warmer. Hope you have a lovely day too! ~ Mame 🙂

  13. And there is the ever watchful Ton, lying in the background! Looks as if he doesn’t mind the snow either! I love the dusting of snow on the bare branches above the cows…almost like big protective arms over them..
    Such beautiful, quiet photos today C.

  14. We shared your snow today. And because we come from the prairies, and snow is such a rare sight here on the lower mainland, I went outside simply to stick my tongue out and taste SNOW. It is always treacherous driving in this type of snow. It is not like the dry cold snow we are used to it. But it is snow and it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. XX Virginia

  15. Oh, how I love your photos from today’s post. And I envy you your snow a little bit: I so love how snow can change the world and bring in a deep silence while falling in stillness and covering all and everything wirh this white, wide and smooth blanket. – Here no snow yet, not even in sight…

      • Oh, Celi, thank you for asking. I have to be glad to still have that job, but it is very exhausting. Every night when coming home I’m just out of everything… Don’t feel like doing anything. Just want to sit or go to bed. Haven’t had even holidays since starting in February. Oh my, but I have to hang in there. It’s so important. But yes, I’ll be a few days off between Christmas and New Year. 🙂
        Have a nice day, Celi! Still am keen on watching your pics and reading your posts everyday! <3

  16. Snow is beautiful and I still get a thrill from seeing it as long as I don’t have to ‘deal’ with it. Big, soft, ploppy flakes with no wind are the best. I saw the best photo of Cloud Gate in Chicago in yesterday’s snow–on Instagram. I will send it to you, lovely photo, but not as lovely as Lady Astor in her element. xx

  17. The hush that comes with falling snow gives us a sense of peace and your photos of the girls enjoying it are delightful.
    I grew up in Scotland which gets lots of snow as you know, so winter was always an exciting time for us kids – finding the highest hill to slide down on our sledge and making snowmen; I do miss it living here in the sub-tropics of Australia – from one extreme to the other!

  18. Absolutely beautiful. I would love to see it actually snowing – it’s something I’ve never seen. I have seen snow, but I haven’t been around when it falls. It looks so nice, but I guess after a whole winter it must get boring! We are just coming into summer here in NZ – temperatures in the high 20s already, bodes for a hot dry summer.

  19. I’m challenging the zen… Essence of Aunty Del via the screen & keyboard across the ethers. It’s in the 30 C’s here, 90 to 100% humidity but it’s not the weather that making me hot like a cow rather a futile exercise in bureaucracy. So… moooooooooooooooooooooo!

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